“Taylor Galla” is an American website author, product spokesman, mechanical engineer, automotive enthusiast, and automotive modifier. His enthusiasm turned into his passion and profession in 2010 when he acquired his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Along with being passionate about automotive, he is also a gardening hobbyist at the same time. Taylor Galla is in gardening and has been trying to ease the cultivation of planting and gardening with the combination of modern automation and human participation for a long time.

So, with his hobby and profession, Taylor Galla has been writing on hundreds of topics related to gardening he has experienced since he started. His core knowledge of automotive and gardening has revolutionized many people.

As a public speaker and expert in planting and problem-solving in the same area, “Taylor Galla” delivers lectures in many institutes, including the Northern Nevada Horticulture Society, Center for Urban Horticulture and Water Conservation, etc.

When “Taylor Galla” first started with gardening and related things, he made a lot of mistakes. The perfect bedding, cutting, composting, mixture, and plowing, were all not done perfectly. He also wasted a lot of money on the wrong tools.

Currently being one of Nevada’s best gardening professionals, he knows how to do the stuff. He develops his gardening tools. He is an expert in modifying gardening Automotives, like tractors, lawnmowers, and others and bringing the best outcome.

For over a decade, “Taylor Galla” gained much experience and knowledge. His passion is to share his knowledge and experience with people who want to start their gardening, professionally or just as a hobby. His attempt will help people to solve their issues easily.

To bring life alive, you just need to mix some love with the compost, bedding, and gardening machines and follow tips from “Taylor” with passion.