9 Common Bobcat T300 Problems (Reasons and Solutions)

The most common problems of the Bobcat t300 are its drive motor issues, fuel problems, electrical problems, and hydraulic problems.

If you look into the problems closely, you will see that most of these problems can be solved very easily and without having to spend much money.

However, the thing is, the issue mentioned above can happen because of so many reasons and in this article.

Quick Overview of Bobcat T300 Problems and Easy Fixes



Premature bearing failure  Replace the bearing and change the lubricating oil it every 500 hours.
Clogged case drain filter Get a new case drain filter when it’s clogged.
Fuel problems Change the faulty suction tube and make sure the clumps are tightly closed in the fuel line.
ACS Problems Fix the leakage in the hydraulic valve, reconnect the battery and change the solenoid.
Battery connection problem Make sure the wires are correctly connected.
Hall sensor failure Check the voltage of the hall sensor and replace is the reading comes below 5V.
Joystick problem Check all the wirings and calibrate the joystick otherwise replace the whole joystick control.
Charge pump problems Replace the charge pump and change the drive belt.
Hydraulic pump problems Replace the hydraulic pumps and stop fuel leakage.

Now, without making any delay let’s get this show on the road.

Reasons and Solutions for Bobcat T300 Not Starting

1. Premature Bearing Failure

One of the most common problems in bobcat drive motors is bearing failure. This is because bearings are not supposed to last forever.

But if you follow some tricks you can definitely increase the lifespan of the bearings. 


Get the correct bearing for your bobcat skid steer and make sure it is installed properly. After that, lubricate the bearing by following the manufacturer’s guidelines accordingly.

If you fail to check the bearing oil status in the main hub frequently and also don’t change it for a long time the bearings will fail earlier than usual. So, remember that you have to change the oil every 500 hours. 

Again, if you let the oil level stay too low, the bearings will still fail because of a lack of enough fluid. You can also find out the bearing condition by inspecting the oil.

If it has a lot of tiny metal flecks in it, that means the bearings are slowly disintegrating into pieces and mixing themselves with oil.

However, If the main seal is broken then the bearing oil will leak and we already know that any kind of oil leakage also means there is internal damage in the engine.

So, if you have found any oil spill around your Bobcat skid steer then you have to find out the source and repair the leakage as soon as possible. 

2. Clogged Case Drain Filter

When the case drain filters have clogged up, the flow of hydraulic fluids is blocked into the final drive motor.

As a result, pressure builds up and the oil seal gets opened. This is how the hydraulic fluid and gear oil are mixed together and cause problems. 


A clean case drain filter stays bronze color in appearance but if it looks darker in shade then it means it is dirty and it needs to be replaced.

You can stop this problem from happening very frequently by replacing the case drain filters every time you replace the other filters. 

Cleaning is not recommended because it doesn’t really solve the problem. However, when you are having a final drive failure or even a pump failure issue you can change the case drain filter too just as a precaution.

3. Fuel Problems

When the engine is having fuel-related issues it will run for some time but lose power immediately after starting.

It will also vibrate and make noises. Fuel problems can be due to many issues, It’s best to check one after another fuel components and figure out what exactly is the problem.

The fuel pickup tube damage is one of the most faced fuel problems. You see, it pulls the fuel during hard launches when all the fuel has gone to the bottom of the tank. 

Thus, it saves the engine from fuel starvation. So, if there is anything wrong with it the engine will not get enough fuel to launch. 


If the fuel suction tube is faulty then the fuel will be used faster than the air entering the tank to replace the fuel. In this case, you have to change the suction tube and install a new one in the tank. 

Also, make sure there are no loose clumps on the fuel line. Inspect if the fuel pick-up line is cracked and replace it with a new one.

Again there is a small vent at the center of the gas cap that gets clogged frequently. As a result, the air cannot go through the cap and create pressure.

You have to make sure to clean it out and if possible change the caps once every year.

You see, the primer bulb is used to create a suction force through the fuel line and fill the carburetor with the correct amount of fuel. If this is damaged then your Bobcat isn’t going to start. 

You have to either get it fixed or simply replace it with a new one. Also, to be on the safe side you can get a new fuel filter and change the old one every year.

4. ACS Problems

The Advanced Control System or ACS of your bobcat t300 lets the operator switch instantly between advanced hand control and advanced foot control to perform lift and tilt functions.

If there is any problem with it then your bobcat won’t be able to tilt or lift anything. When you see there is a 32-34 error code showing on your display, it means the lift valve is not okay.


You can try disconnecting the battery for a few hours and then reconnecting it again. This can cause your control panel to restart and clear the error code. Thus it can sometimes fix the problem itself. 

Sometimes if the hydraulic valve is leaking fluids past the seal and flowing to the tilt cylinders then it can cause the same problem too. In this case, you have to fix the leakage by replacing the valve.

On the other hand, the solenoids can have electrical problems or wear out after a certain period of time, and replacing it with a new one will just solve the problem.

When the lift and tilt are not working you can solve the issue by following this video.

If the actuator has gone bad the bobcat will also have control issues. In this case, you have to calibrate the actuator. Also, remember that every time you replace the actuator this calibration process needs to be done. 

So, to calibrate, you have to push the left handle down all the way. After that you have to hold it there and meanwhile push the right handle down in the same way. 

Now hold the both handles in the same position for a few seconds and then release them. Finally, turn on the key but don’t just start it yet. You have to check now whether the lift and tilt operation is okay.

5. Battery Connection Issues

For electrical problems, the first thing you need to do is check whether the battery connections are okay along with all the wiring on both terminals of the battery.


You have to follow the cable that is red from the positive terminal of the battery. It will lead you to master the fuse. You have to check if there is power going through the fuse with the help of a multimeter.

The thing is, the Bobcat t300 has its own alarm system. When you start the power you will hear a long beep and that means everything is working pretty well. 

And when you start working with the machine, if there is something wrong with the electrical connection, you will hear three short beeps.

6. Hall Sensor Failure

If the hall effect sensors fail your bobcat will run but all its controls will be locked and the machine will stumble at the time of starting. Even it can run for some time and suddenly stop. 


First of all, you have to check whether the wiring is correct. And before doing anything,  you have to verify if the sensor is at the correct voltage. The thing is, hall effect sensors work on low voltages like 3V or 5V. 

You can use a voltmeter to check the voltage. If the signal is too low, that means the electrical circuit has gone bad or there is a problem with the signal wire.

Then make sure all the wires are separate from each other and not open at any places. If this doesn’t work you have to replace the hall effect sensor that is particularly designed for your bobcat t300

7. Joystick Problem

The bobcat t300 has selectable joystick controls that sometimes show some error codes like 39-28 or 38-53. When these error codes are shown the machine can stop operating. 


You can start by checking out all the wirings of the joystick on the electronic Diesel Control (EDC) unit.

Sometimes when it’s too hot the wire loses electric connection, again when it’s too cold the wires hold the connection at places. 

In this case, pull out the wires and see if there is any damage and repair those places. Then reattach the wires accordingly. 

After that, if still the problem isn’t solved, you have to calibrate your joystick. If there is no problem with the joystick or wiring then just a simple calibration will resolve the issue.

For calibration, you have to lower the safety bar first and then push the right joystick forward as far as it goes and hold it there. 

Now, put the ignition into the RUN position with your left hand and then press the Operate Loader button (green button). And finally, let go of the joystick that you were holding before.

If your display bar is showing the code “32-24”, it means your joystick calibration was successful. If it’s not then you have to replace the whole joystick control.

8. Charge Pump Issues

There can be a number of hydraulic problems in your bobcat. It can show intermittent charge pressure warning lights coming on and off with an error code 05-09.

If your charge pumps are not working completely then your Bobcat machine will seem weak. A weak charge pump won’t release the brakes properly and as a result, it will cause damage to the final drive of your loader. 


For the charge pressure warning replace the belt tensioner and drive belt. Because the belts can be worn out, get loose or get soaked in oil and start slipping. 

Sometimes the charge pumps can also get worn out and fail to maintain the pressure. In addition, a damaged charge pump will not let the brakes fully release and damage the skid steer.

This is why it’s best to replace the charger pump as soon as possible maintaining the bobcat specifications.

9. Hydraulic Pump Problems

Again, when your bobcat has been used for a long time, the hydraulic pumps usually start to deteriorate.

In this case, the engine starts to leak hydraulic fluid from both the interior and exterior parts of the pump. This leakage causes gradual damage to the other parts of the machine.


You have to find out the source of the leakage and stop the fuel from leaking as soon as you can, otherwise your engine is going to get damaged faster than normal.

So replace the hydraulic pump with the correct model before it ruins your machine for good.

If the fuel filters are clogged then contaminated fuel will enter the system and cause damage to the engine so you have to clean the fuel filters every once in a while. 

And when the hydro filter gets worn out you have to replace it nearly every year. Always try to refill your tank with new fuel after the replacement of pumps and filters for the best performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lift capacity of a T300 Bobcat?

The t300 bobcat track loader has an operating capacity of 3000 pounds and tipping load of 8600 pounds. Moreover, it can lift up to 126 inches.

How much horsepower does a T300 Bobcat have?

It has four-cylinder engines with 81 horsepower and 217 torque.

How often should you change the oil in a bobcat?

You need to change both the filter and engine oil every year. To be more specific, change them every 250 hours of standard operation or 100 hours of severe operating conditions.


Bobcat t300 is a very reliable machine with an exceptional loading capacity of 3000 pounds. But like all the other machines it faces some issues that need your immediate attention. 

Otherwise, a simple problem that is overlooked for a long time can cause greater damage to the skid steer and cost you a lot.

In this article, I have discussed all the problems that your bobcat frequently encounters with their easy fixes.

I hope this article helped you to solve these problems without any hassle.

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