5 Common Case 580 Super E Problems (How to Solve)

If you are a new user then Case 580 Super E Problems can make you frightened. But in reality, you have nothing to worry about.

Unless some major parts are broken you can easily take care of these problems with your toolbox.

Some of the common problems that you might find in the machine are the engine on startup, it won’t accelerate, frozen steering, jammed wheels, and error codes. 

To deal with this problem you will need some basic knowledge about the machine and the manual.

Quick Overview of Case 580 Super E Won’t Start

Reasons Solutions
Won’t Start Reconnect the wiring and put fuel
Won’t Rev Up Take care of hydraulic pressure and throttle linkage
Frozen Steering Change the valve 
Wheel Are Jammed  Replace the bearings
Trouble Codes  Identify the code indication

Case 580 Super E Problems (Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions)

1. Engine Doesn’t Start

There can be several reasons why your Case 580 Super E  is not taking a start. Here are some of them, discussed briefly for your convenience. 

Shortage of Fuel

The total fuel capacity of Case 580 Super E is 98 liters. For the machine to get a start and run, it needs about 25% of the total capacity.

Even for the machine to start the ignition, it needs to have fuel. Otherwise, it won’t be able to proceed with the ignition. 


In the machine, there is an LED screen that will tell you about the existing fuel level on your machine.

The indicator is the best way to identify if your full level is lower than required. But in case there is any bug with the indicator you might have a wrong reading.  

You can also use a stick to check the will level from the tank. In the toolbox, you will find a long stick of metal. Clean it with a cotton cloth and put it in the fuel tank. This way you can identify the level of fill in the tank.


After every job is done it is best to fill the fuel tank before parking it in the garage. This way the next time you start working it doesn’t bother you that there is no fuel in the tank. 

It is always wise to give a jar full of fuel to run out any sort of running out.  This Jar of fuel will also help if you run out of fuel in the middle of your work.

Issues with Starting Switch

Starting switch is broken or has loose wiring, then you will have problems with getting the engine started.

In heavy machinery, due to workloads and rough environments, it is very common thing to face loose wearing or breaking switches. 


If the wiring is loose or the switch is broken, then there is a possibility that the engine will try to get started, but couldn’t.

It will try to hold on to the ignition but lose it. As a result, it will form sound. That sound is the main indication.

If the wire has completely come off the new will not hear any ignition sound. The switch will get loose. The strength you need to use will tell you if this is ok or broken. 


If the switch is broken then try to replace it with the new one. In case of loose wiring, you can just use a screwdriver and type it up.

Never try to repair a broken switch because you will have issues in the middle of your job. 

Blockage in the Fuel Pipe Or Carburettor

Whenever there is a blockage in the fuel pipe or the carburetor the ratio of air will get disrupted.

This is to get combined in the right amount and ignition fails. As a result, the engine couldn’t get started.


If there is a blockage in the fuel pipe or the carburetor then every time you try to start the engine it will have a sound of friction. Also, you will feel pressure if you try to accelerate the engine. 


The best way to clear the blockage in the carburetor or fuel pipe is to open up the path and get rid of the blockage.

This needs to be done as soon as possible otherwise it can harm the engine and temper and contaminate the fuel. 

2. The Engine Won’t Accelerate

Most of the time when engines don’t accelerate there are actually two reasons. There are two main reasons and if you identify them you can deal with them.

Hydraulic Pressure

Hydraulic pressure is actually the main process of accelerating the engine. The hydraulic pressure arises mainly when there is a deficiency of hydraulic fuel.

Case 580 Super E has a capacity of 45 liters of hydraulic fuel. Hydraulic fuel to work properly, needs at least 80% of the total capacity.

If you input the wrong type of hydraulic fuel then also it won’t work properly. The same situation goes for contaminated hydraulics fuel.

Working in mud or forest, it is very common for the hydraulic feel to get contaminated. 


If there are issues with hydraulic pressure then the break and other jobs related to hydraulic pressure won’t work properly. So in the case of hydraulic pressure, you will hear sound related to air pressure. 

This sound in Hydraulic pressure happens when there is a lack of hydraulic fuel and air takes up the space. 


Every time you start your day with the machine check the level of Hydraulic fuel and do the refill if needed.

Also always use the right fuel in your machine. For this reason, read the manual properly.  

To avoid the contamination of the hydraulic fuel,  close the lid of the hydraulic tank properly so that nothing gets inside the tank.

Throttle Linkages

Throttle Linkages is a connection between the Electric Control Module and the accelerator. Therefore if there is a problem then it won’t rev up, 

This is a very delicate part of the machine. Anything beyond the capacity of the machine can ruin the linkage and the only solution will be to replace it.


Anytime you feel that there is a problem with Throttle Linkages, you need to take the Boom pin and the connection of the wiring. Any issues with the Throttle Linkages also arise problems in Cruise control.


To identify and solve the problem with Throttle Linkages you need to open up the machine and take a closer look. 

To start with you will need to take out the plaque and change the faulty wiring. You also need to take out the plugging of the computer and reinstall it. So moved the hardness from the Boom spring.

During the installation make sure the wiring doesn’t touch the spring pin otherwise the connection will still have problems. If you are familiar with heavy machines you can do it just by using your toolbox. 

3. Frozen Steering

In heavy machinery, it is very common to have frozen steering wheels. This can happen for silly reasons like cold weather. In severe cases, there is a technical problem with the machine.  

Sometimes when a worn control valve bypasses pressure internally the problem can arise. Otherwise, there can be issues with the Kingpin or the hydraulic cylinder.


To recognize the problem with the control valve or kingpin, the Frozen well doesn’t move in any direction. Also, check the front axle. It will also help to find the problem. 

In case of hydraulic problems, you will have issues with the accelerator and brake. 


To solve the problem of frozen steering you will have to take the machine to the garage and open up the steering. In case of a broken valve or kingpin to be exchanged. 

Otherwise, if it is happening due to the cold temperature, then try to start the engine and leave it like that for a while. That way the machine warms up and the steering wheel moves freely in both directions. 

If the wheel is broken, then you will have to change the wheel as a whole. 

4. Error Codes

Error codes are one of the best ways to identify any issues with your Case 580 Super E.

The ECM  of the machine is well-qualified to identify engine problems and mechanical problems. There are several reasons why the error codes will pop up on the screen. 

  • Problem with the hydraulic pressure
  • Problem with the wiring in the ECM
  • Issues with airflow, etc.

All of these problems are easy to deal with. 


Every time the ECM detects a problem it will give a sensor alarm. Once you identify the problem and take care of it, the alarm will go off.

It is very easy to decode the error codes. You will find the codes in the manual of the machine or you can just google them. Each code has a different indication. 


The solution to the error codes is to take care of the problem. Once you take care of the issue the codes get removed automatically.

Otherwise, after taking care of the issue, switch off the engine and again turn it on. This will be a reboot of the ECM. If the code is still beeping, then it is wise to look for the problems again.

Sometimes you can get error codes due to the malfunction in the ECM. In that case, you need to check the wiring of the LED screen. 

5. The Wheels Are Jammed

Heavy-duty Machines like Case 580 Super E  are very less maintained. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need your attention at all. 

In most cases due to the accumulation of mud and Debris, the wheels get stuck. It fails to move on either side. Also sometimes the excess water can form a rustic situation in the wheels and barrels. 

As a result, it becomes difficult for the wheels to move freely. Sometimes due to the lack of lubricant, it can cause problems in the movement.  


You will find that your will is jammed when you apply acceleration but it will not move forward or backward.

If rusts are forming in the wheel, then every time the wheel moves you will hear irritating sounds. 

Also, check the bearing and barrels for any rust.


The best way to get rid of wheel jams is to lubricant the barrel and bearings properly. To prevent the jam, it is very important to clean out any mud accumulation after the job is done. 

Best ways to use water pressure to clean up properly. In case a bearing has been broken, then change it with the best quality product. 

How to Do Maintenance of Case 580 Super E

Even though Case 580 Super E  is a heavy machine that doesn’t mean that the maintenance will be difficult. Here is some basic maintenance that you can do which will keep you away from problems in the middle of work. 

  • Every time you are back from work, try to clean up the machine as much as possible.
  • Air pressure is always a great way to remove dirt from the machine. 
  • Before going to work, check the level of fuel in the fuel tank. 
  • Do proper maintenance of the hydraulic pressure from time to time. 
  • Check the air pressure on the tires and use lubricants in the joints. 


How much weight can a case 580 lift?

Breakout Force 9164 lbs (4,157 kg)
Bucket Breakout Force 9164 lbs (4,157 kg)
Bucket Capacity 0.9 cu yds (0 m)
Bucket Width 82 in (208 cm)
Clearance at Max Dump Height 8.9 ft (2 m)
Dig Depth 5.9 in (13 cm)
Lift Capacity 1350 lbs (612 kg)
Reach at Max Dump Height 2.5 ft (1 m)
SAE – Net 90 hp (67 kW)

What causes E power steering failure?

The present electronic power guiding frameworks might flop because of issues with the mounted electric engine. Specifically, inordinate intensity on the engine is probably going to cause disappointment modes. Invasion of the framework climate by water, soil, or different foreign substances will likewise logically lead to EPS disappointment.

How do I reset my electric power steering?

You should simply switch off your motor, then, at that point, restart it so the light can reset. As a rule, it ought to return on, and this just demonstrates that it might have thought it was an issue because of a mix-up in the PC framework.

Final Words

Here in the post, we tried to enlighten you with the possible symptoms and solutions to some basic problems that arise in Case 580 Super E.

It is a heavy-duty machine that needs to be taken care of from time to time otherwise rust and mud will create a necessary problem.

Always remember two or three problems can arise at the same time. So if one solution is not working then look for other symptoms and take care of them.

In some cases, you will have to seek help from a mechanic and it is very normal to do so. 

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