11 Problems Of CAT 299D (All In One Troubleshooting Guide)

The most common problems for your cat 299d include –Difficulty while starting, Losing power frequently, Overheating, Making loud noises, the Display going blank, Having excessive vibration, Ac not working, etc.

Usually, most of these common problems of this track loader arise due to the following reasons:

 1. Fuel-related problems

  • Faulty water separator
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Damaged DPF filter
  • Failed NOX sensor
  • Fuel tank leakage

2. Hydraulic problems

  • Low Hydraulic pressure
  • Solenoid problem
  • Damaged high-flow coupling

3. Air conditioning problems

4. Advanced display problems

At a glance, these issues might seem very difficult but if you look into things closely you will be able to fix them and save yourself a lot of bucks.

In this article, I am going to cover all of these sections with their smooth and simple solutions so that you can work out most of the issues on your own.

What is Wrong With My CAT 299D?

1. Faulty Fuel Water Separator

If there’s something wrong with the water separator the engine will have difficulty starting. And even if it starts, your cat 299d will just run for a few minutes and then slow down.

In addition, the machine will start sputtering or making weird noises.

This is surely a DEF issue. If the ‘’Driver  Alert’’ indication is turned on then you have to stop running the machine as soon as possible and check the fuel system.


When there is moisture in the tank, the engine can face frequent power losses. And this happens when the fuel gets mixed with water. So, in this case, you have to drain out the water from the fuel water separator.

For this, you have to push the lever down and let the fuel flow until you get only diesel coming through that hole and catch them in a bucket.

So, to get a more clear idea follow this video to drain out the water from the water separator.

2. Clogged Fuel Filter

Most of the time when the engine is not starting is due to clogged fuel filters.

We know that fuel filters prevent dirt and other particulates from mixing and getting into the tank. So, if these are broken or worn out then your cat 299d XPS will lose power.


The thing is, the fuel filters usually need to be replaced every once in a while. But its good side is, they are not that expensive. So, it’s best if you keep a spare set of filters in your hand for any emergency replacement.

Besides, make sure you always keep your DEF tank clean. Moreover, you can also check the fuel line from the tank and see whether it’s blocked or not. If it’s blocked then remove the debris and clear the fuel line.

3. Damaged DPF Filter

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is designed to capture the exhaust fumes and store them. This helps to reduce carbon emissions into the environment by removing the diesel particulates from the exhaust gas.


If this filter is not cleaned properly then it can get dirty and clogged. As a result, they get damaged for good. 

But according to the user’s review, the cleaning process is not easy and it doesn’t always solve the problem. So, rather than trying to clean it, it’s best to get it replaced.

4. Failed NOX Sensor

The thing is, Engine Control Unit (ECU) is unable to calculate the optimum amount of fuel to be needed and that’s where the NOX sensors come.

You see, it helps the engine to determine and supply the injector with the amount of fuel to be sprayed inside the chamber.


If the NOX sensors are damaged then the engine will not receive the quality amount of full exhaust fluid injection and as a result, the fuel consumption will rapidly increase. In this case, you have to replace the NOX sensors.

5. Fuel Tank Leakage

When your cat track loader has a leakage in the fuel tank you will see puddles of fuel on the ground. Aside from that, there will be wet and dirty spots on your vehicle from the leakage. 

In this case, you have to repair the leak as soon as possible otherwise the leaked fuel can get into many unwanted areas of the vehicle and damage the engine.


However, before starting to repair or replace the tank leak you have to find its source. You can use epoxy putty for a simple and efficient repair.

But before blocking the leak with epoxy putty clean out the area properly and make sure it’s free of dirt.

If you want to have a stronger and permanent solution for the leak then you have to weld the place of leakage.

But in this case, you have to let the engine completely cool down and also drain out the tank completely off the fuel before starting to weld.

After the repair, fill the fluid tank with the fuel to the top. This is also a good way to keep the humidity of the tank under control.

Because when the tank is half empty all the time moisture from the air vaporizes and builds up in the tank.

6. Low Hydraulic Pressure

To circulate the fluid the hydraulic pumps need to be at the correct pressure. If the pressure is not correct the fluid can escape from the system and damage the engine.

If your cat 299d xhp is facing low hydraulic pressure, it will not be able to send as much fluid as it needs to in the engine. 

And in this case, you are most likely to face power loss, overheating of the engine, and also a decrease in engine speed. In addition, the amount of noise coming from the engine will also increase. 


First off, you have to check the oil level, and if it is too low you have to add more oil. Besides you need to check if the hydraulic fluid level is at the correct level.

Then adjust the hydraulic pressure by adding more fuel to the system. 

Besides, make sure there is no debris that is clogging the whole system. Otherwise, the engine will be in a low pressure even after having the correct oil level. If there is anything blocking the flow of fuel, clean it out carefully. 

7. Damaged Hydraulic Pump

It’s a very common problem for the auxiliary cat 299d hydraulic pump. It starts to make noises after a certain period of time.

Moreover, with a damaged hydraulic pump, the tractor has problems when starting and the hitch cannot be raised properly.


No matter the issues, this auxiliary hydraulic pump is very efficient so you have to replace it or fix it as soon as you can. Start with disassembling the whole hydraulic pump and investigate what part is responsible for the noise.

If the particular part of the pump is not repairable then you have to replace it with a new one. After that, assemble the pump and put it back. 

If necessary identify the other almost worn-out parts and replace them when you are assessing the issue.

But if you are unable to figure this out then it’s best if you replace the whole hydraulic pump itself with the correct CAT specification.

8. Solenoid Problem

The engine will face a complete shutdown if the solenoid is damaged. In addition, the engine will also have problems while shifting gears. In this case, the check engine light will also be turned on by your vehicle. 


First off. Check the connections or wiring with the solenoid. If they are damaged or broken in places then repair the points or replace the wirings and make sure they are connected securely.

You can use a multimeter to get the voltage and if you get a reading below 12 volts then this means the solenoid is damaged and you have to replace it immediately.

9. Damaged High Flow Couplings

In the hydraulic system of your cat 299d, high-flow couplers are used to maintain the control of fluid requirements.

Moreover, it provides quick and easy connection and disconnection of the fluid lines along with maintaining a maximum flow rate.

When the high-flow couplers have gone bad your engine will make excessive noise and vibrate even more strongly. In addition, the power consumption will increase, and even bearing failure can occur.


In this case, there is nothing much to do except for changing the couplers. In the skid steers like your cat 299d xhp, flat-face couplers are used. So make sure you get the correct one for your track loader.

10. Air Conditioning Problem

When your track loader’s ac is not working you have to inspect a few things before you replace the whole air conditioning system.

The condenser can be blocked with dirt or even there can be blown fuses causing the ac not to blow cold air in your skid steer.


First off, you have to check the condenser and clean all the mud and dirt from it.

If you work in a more duty environment then your tractor’s condenser will get clogged more frequently than normal and that means you have to clean it every once in a while.

In addition, you will also find a radiator fan under the cover of the condenser. For best results, you have to clean both of them together.

After that, check the air filter that is above the left of the suspension seat. You have to remove the screws and clean out all the debris. In a dusty environment, your air filters need to be changed once or twice every year.

After cleaning the condenser and filters if your skid steer is still having trouble starting the ac then you have to check for blown fuses.

You can use a multimeter to figure out the blown fuse which is fixed under the control board in the lower compartment behind the access panel.

Touch the two probes at the same time with the multimeter. If there is no initial reading along with no audible sound that means the fuses are blown somewhere.

It’s important to replace the fuses with the correct volt ratings because otherwise, the air conditioning will not work.

Now, toggle the air conditioning speed at different levels, and if the amount of cold air increases with the speed the system is okay.

But if it’s not increasing with the speed even after fixing the fuses then you have to install a new motor for the air conditioning system. 

11. Advanced Display Not Working

You see, the advanced display screen (ADS) in your cat 299d gives you ultimate control over the vehicle and it shows much information like engine temperature, machine hour, voltage, etc.

One of the coolest features of Cats ADS is, it lets you modify the machine’s performance according to your type or desire for work.

Evidently, if the advanced display is not working, it will be hard for the operator to navigate through the engine. 


According to the members of heavy equipment forums, To turn your advanced display back to work you need to do the following steps:

First, turn off the key on the engine. Then disconnect the battery and after a few minutes reconnect it back.

Now turn on the key and continue to press the two outermost buttons on the display for 15 -20 seconds. And your advanced display will start to work.

But if this doesn’t work for you then you have to call a mechanic and check the internal condition of the board. You might need to change the whole display system as a last resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Horsepower Is A Cat 299D?

The cat 299d xhp produces 94 hydraulic horsepower while the hydraulic system delivers 40 GPM of flow rate at 4061 psi. 

How Much Can A Cat 299d Skid Steer Pick Up?

When it comes to carrying capacity the cat skid steer can lift 3100 lbs with superior stability and work speed in a wide range of environments.

Should I keep My Cat’s 299d DEF Tank Full?

You have to fill your DEF tank once every 3 or 4 times refueling with diesel fuel. If the tank of the DEF contains 5% of the capacity, the engine power can de-rate. 


CAT 299d is a very trustworthy engine when it comes to working with heavy loads and in harsh environments. But it doesn’t always perform the same.

There are many issues that lower its work efficiency while some other issues stop the machine from working at all. The good news here is, the problems are not beyond your control.

I hope this article was informative enough to help you to resolve the problems of your cat 299d on your own. And if there is any confusion about this skid steer you can ask in the comment section. 

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