Does Spectracide Triazicide Kill Grubs (Application)

Spectracide Triazicide is a very effective insecticide. It has a multi-purpose use which makes it very much effective in killing grubs. Therefore the answer to your question of, does Spectracide Triazicide kill grubs is yes.

To make it more effective you must apply it with proper precautions. The product has a multipurpose effectivity on several types of pest control. 

As Spectracide Triazicide is a very active pesticide,  this post will help you to understand how Spectracide Triazicide works on grubs. You will also get to know how to apply it with proper caution.

How Grubs Are Killed by Spectracide Triazicide?

One of the main active ingredients of Spectracide Triazicide is Gamma-Cyhalothrin. The concentration of Gamma-Cyhalothrin in Spectracide Triazicide is only 0.05%. 

Gamma-Cyhalothrin active Cyhalothrin. It works as a pyrethroid ester insecticide. The chemical has low aqueous solubility and is volatile in nature. It is vastly used in killing about 100 species of insects and pests. 

Grubs are one of those 100 species of insects. Whenever it falls on the applied place, it contaminates the food of the grubs. The product works very fast that’s why it is prominent as an insecticide in the agricultural sector. 

Also, make sure that it is not consumed by any pets or children because this is daily for animals too. It can cause serious neurotoxic effects in the body of insects and pests. 

How to Apply Spectracide to Kill Grubs?

Applying Spectracide contains only 8 steps. To use them you don’t need to be an expert. Just be safe not to intake it. 

Step 1: Mix the Product

Sometimes the fluids in Spectracide sit down in layers. Therefore it needs a good shaking before applying the product. Thus safely shake the bottle sidewise.

It is wise not to shake them upside down. Otherwise, you can drop some liquid if the lid is not tight enough.

Step 2: Connecting the Nossel

There is a nozzle on the bottle. The water hose has to be connected to the sprayer nozzle. The nozzle comes with the product.

Well connecting the nozzle is very easy. You just need to follow the screw direction. It is necessary that you make sure the switch is on the offside. 

Step 3: Establish Water Connection

After connecting the water hose to the spray nozzle, you must connect it to a water tap. To control the water pressure try to connect it with a tab where you can move the water nozzle.

This way you can adjust the water pressure and also switch off the water connection if needed. When needed just switch on the water supply.

Step 4: Remove Safety Tag

There is a safety tab on the spray nozzle. The tag is white in color. Before spraying the product you need to remove the tag. Just pull out the tag and it will come off.

The tag is actually reusable. If you don’t want to use the whole bottle at a time then to preserve it for the future you can react as the tag. This way the outlet of the bottle will stay sealed without any contamination. 

Step 5: Spraying

At the place from which you have removed the tag, there is a white key. Taking the key backward will start spraying.

Before opening the key, direct the spring nozzle towards the place you want to spray and apply the Spectracide.

The water will automatically mix with the product and you won’t have to worry about how much water to add or not.

Step 6: Ensuring Proper Application

To ensure that the product is applied properly make sure where you are applying, the place gets wet. Spray Spectracide in a spewing motion. It helps to get the product in all places. 

Also, apply and walk back. This way you won’t have to step on the Spectracide. 

Step 7: Stop Spraying

To stop spraying first push the white key forward. When the spraying stops completely, stop the water supply.

Before detaching the water hose from the spray nozzle, pull the white key backward one last time and wait for the last drop to fall. This ensures no residue in the nozzle. 

Step 8: Store the Remaining Product

If there is any product left then it needs to be stored safely. First, ensure that the white key is in the safe direction. Then lock the key with the safe tag. 

Store the product in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Make sure it is out of children’s and pets’ reach. 

Precautions While Using Spectracide Triazicide

  • Make sure it doesn’t get in contact with your eyes. Try to wear protective glass. If it does then water your eyes at least for 15 to 20 minutes. And rush to the nearest hospital.
  • In case of having a lens in the eyes, remove it before applying the product. 
  • After application, wash your hands thoroughly and get a change of your clothes. 
  • Spectracide Triazicide is a very volatile product. Therefore after application do not do any Barbecue or fire activity near the applied zone. 
  • Put a danger sign on your lawn. This will ensure that your neighbors’ pets or children do not roam around your lawn or Garden. 

Benefits of Spectracide Triazicide

1. Touch Effect

Spectracide Triazicide kills insects just by touching the insects and pests. Therefore you do not need to wait long after the application.

You will just have to apply it and give it an hour. But it is wise to wait at least 24 hours before expecting any full coverage. 

2. Multipurpose

With Spectracide Triazicide you can take care of more than a hundred plus species at the same time.

Therefore if you apply this on your lawn you can get rid of any other small bugs. Once the product is applied it becomes safe for your garden from any pest attack. 

3. Easy to Wash off

After application, if you apply water to clean the product and let it dry for 24 hours then it becomes safe for children and pets again.

This means, unlike any other insecticides you do not have to work hard to get rid of the residues.

4. Also Works Above the Ground

When you work with insecticides they do not work on the insects above the ground. But it is not the case with Spectracide Triazicide.

It takes care of the flying insects in the lawn, garden, or agricultural field. This makes it more versatile than most insecticides. 

Drawbacks of Spectracide Triazicide in Gurbs Killing

  • Spectracide Triazicide is very toxic to fish and aquatic animals. 
  • It can kill necessary worms in your garden or agricultural field
  • The product must not wash off into the drain or any sort of water surface. 
  • Before applying the product you need to check the weather so that it doesn’t rain for 24 hours.
  • Heavy wind can also affect the effect of Spectracide Triazicide.

Why Choose Spectracide Triazicide?

Spectracide Triazicide is a very versatile product. Here are some pointers that will make you understand why you can choose it.

No Extra Equipment

With Spectracide Triazicide comes a spraying nozzle. Therefore you do not have to worry about buying any extra utensils for the application.

No Pre-mixing

Once the spring nozzle is connected with the water supply, there is no worry to make it manually with the water. Therefore it is very easy to apply without worrying about contamination through the skin. 

Can Create Barrier

It can be applied as insect treatment for home loans and can also be used as a barrier around the home so that no insects can get inside. 

Easy Packs

A 10lbs pack can cover 12500 sq. feet. It also comes in packs of 1lbs and 20 lbs. The product is available in liquid form and in granules form.


You can get Spectracide Triazicide both in the online and offline markets. You can find it at any nearest garden products store or pesticide store. 


What Is the Best Time to Treat Grubs?

Treating in early or late summer is great, as that is the point at which the more modest, youthful grubs are generally helpless to nematodes. There is likewise normally a short window for application in late winter before the grubs get too large and pupate, however that is a smaller window and can be challenging to the appropriate time.

Should Triazicide Be Watered In?

Indeed per the item name for Spectracide Triazicide Bug Executioner for Yards, you ought to water grass softly following application for certain bugs and others water grass completely with ¼ to ½ inch of water following application.

Will Spectracide Triazicide Hurt Grass?

The Spectracide Triazicide will control them effectively. As well as an overall host of other normal yard bug issues. Furthermore, since it is an insect poison, there is no issue about holding on to seed – it affects grass seed germination (in contrast to a few weed executioners).

Final Words

As you have got your answer on does Spectracide Triazicide kill grubs, it is time to start the application process. Here you get all your answers for the application.  

If you are looking forward to ordering the product online it is available on most online drug websites.

Just make sure that you have proper precautions, and that you are ready to go.

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