John Deere 155C (7 Common Problems With Solutions)

The most common issues with your John Deere 155 c are the following ones:

  • Engine overheating
  • Transmission making loud noises
  • Skid steer vibrating on ignition
  • Difficulty while steering
  • Engine losing power
  • Consuming too much oil
  • Starter not working
  • Engine not starting
  • Engine stalling etc.

To speak the truth, your john deere track loader can frequently face these issues every now and then.

So if you keep yourself aware of the reasons that create these problems then you will be easily able to handle the problems without having to send it to any repair shop.

John Deere 155c Common Problems and Solutions

Problem 1. Battery and Spark Plug Issues

Your john deere won’t start sometimes when there are spark-related issues or some battery issues. You see, sometimes when the tractor is not used for a long time, especially during the winter, your engine can sit out. 


The first thing you have to make sure is your battery is fully charged before starting any operations with your track loader.

Even when you are not using it, try to warm it up by keeping the engine running for a few minutes after every few days. This will help to prevent your batteries from sitting out in the cold.

Even after charging your battery to the full, if your engine is still making clicking sounds and won’t start then you have to check the CCA ratings (cold cranking amps) of your battery with a multimeter. (our pick)

If the CCA rating comes below 1.2 V, it means the batteries have worn out and are not charging. In this case, you have to get new batteries for your John Deere.

But if the ratings are okay and above 1.2 V then it’s time to inspect the spark plug and see how it is looking.

If it looks dark and sooty and smells like gas then you have to get some new plugs and a new coil as well. Again if the spark plug is dry and looks tanned and slightly brownish in color then it means it’s not getting enough gas. 

In this case, inspect the fuel supply line and make sure the gas supply is okay. If this part is okay then the next step is to check the carb to make sure there is nothing plugged in the passage of the carb itself. 

Problem 2. Transmission Problems

When the battery is not connected to the other parts of the engine properly then your engine can have some transmission issues.

Sometimes the clamps and cables can get detached by themselves because of sitting out for a long time.

Again, If the ignition of the fuel is not happening correctly then it won’t heat up the engine and as a result, your john deere 155c won’t start.


First, you have to take out all the cables and batteries from the tractor and let the battery warm with a heater for a few hours. But make sure you keep the heater at a certain distance. 

After that attach the cables back to the battery and charge the battery completely. 

This approach works very efficiently during the harsh winters when the batteries tend to freeze out. While attaching back the cables and clamps make sure all of them are cleaned.

After getting this part done, if the engine is still making issues while starting, you have to check the ignition coil or the solenoid valve. These things normally need a replacement with the correct model after a few years anyways. 

Problem 3. Engine Overheating Issues

If your john deere engine is overheating then it can indicate the radiator is clogged up with dirt and is not passing enough cold air through the engine. 

Fixing this issue is very important because after a few hours of running the engine can become extremely heated and this will lower the engine performance as well.

Moreover, this can cause an explosion by catching fire due to too much heat.


Start by inspecting the radiator. You can disassemble the radiator parts to clean up and then reassemble them back.

The radiator usually has sticky dirt adhering to the surface. In this case, wash it with a good cleaning product instead of just using plain water.

After cleaning the radiator if the engine is still overheating then you have to move to the water pump.

If it’s not functioning properly your engine isn’t going to cool down at any cost. In this case, you have to replace it with a new one. 

Also, make sure there is no leakage in the engine cooling system. And if there is, you will see coolant products dripping from the engine on the ground.

For this, you have to find out the place of the leak and get it fixed as soon as possible. 

Problem 4. Hydraulic System Problems

Your john deere 155c can have hydraulic problems after running for a couple of years.

The engine can overheat, make loud noises and even stop from starting as well. Again, if there is leakage in the hydraulic valves then your engine will have problems while running.

If there is any damage to the fittings of the hydraulic system it can cause complete failure of truck operations.

But before starting to address the hydraulic issues check the temperature of the hydraulic fluid. If it’s over 180°F (82°C) then your hydraulic system is defective and this is causing your engine to overheat.


First off, you have to check if the hydraulic filters are clogged because in that case the engine will get contaminated fluid and lose its efficiency.

You need to take out the filters and clean them up. If the filters seem damaged then get them replaced. 

After replacing the filters make sure you get the unfiltered fuel out of the engine system.

Besides, make sure you have hydraulic fluid in your engine up to a certain level according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, your hydraulic system can get corroded.

If replacing the filters doesn’t work then check the hydraulic pumps. After getting them repaired or replaced, connect it back to the engine and start the tractor.

However, when you replace the pumps make sure you maintain john deere’s correct model specification.

Problem 5. Fuel Problems

When there is an issue with the fuel system then your track loader will definitely not start. And even if it does, it will lose power very frequently. 

There are many parts of the fuel system and each of the parts has equal importance in order to run the engine. 

You see, when the fuel filter gets clogged it cannot clean the fuel properly and as a result, the engine gets dirty fuel in its system and starts getting damaged. 


Clean the fuel filters or you can just get some new ones as these things are not that costly. (our pick) since fuel filters are very important for your track loader you can keep a spare set just to be prepared.

Now you need to check the fuel line and if it’s blocked you have to clear the passageway. Besides, make sure the fuel tank is clean and make sure there is no leakage in the fuel tank. 

To check for the leakage you have to check the fluid level frequently after filling it up.

If the fluid level keeps falling too much that means there is a leak somewhere. Trace back the point of leakage and block the leak with some epoxy putty. 

Problem 6. Steering Problems

With time your john deere 155c can become a little difficult when it comes to steering. Sometimes this problem arises when a bolt has come loose or any parts that have worn out.

You see if these problems occur it prevents the gear from engaging and as a result, there come steering problems.


You see there are two steering gears that are held in position by some sector plates and bushings.

But sadly as time goes by, the bushing holding the pinion gear starts to wear out. And this causes mismatch and friction between the two functioning gears. 

In this case, you have to replace the bushing and the gears. If you leave it unattended for too long then friction will damage the steering system completely and you may have to replace the whole sector plate too. 

Problem 7. Worn Out Engine Parts

When your engine parts are worn out then it can have transmission problems and as a result, the engine will shake or jump during shifting the gears. Moreover, it will stop within a few seconds more frequently. 


If the engine is making some grinding sounds and shaking along with it then the clutch is worn out and needs to be replaced. 

Again, if the starter is damaged then obviously the tractor won’t take start. You can adjust the starter rightly or get a new one placed instead to steer clear of this issue.

With time the gears also get damaged and become unable to function properly creating problems while starting. 

If the cables are corroded from inside it will stop sending connection with the engine. So, make sure you change all the damaged cables every few years or repair them. 

Again, if the gas cap vent is plugged you have to clean it with a pocket knife and make sure the gas cap hole is clear to pass enough air through it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Blades Engage on My John Deere?

If your bearings and spindle pockets have stopped from working your john deere blades won’t engage. The blades can be stuck somewhere and you can put some grease over that stuck area and carefully move the blades back and forth with your hands till they can move on their own.

Why Does My Hydrostatic Transmission Won’t Move?

If there is any mechanical component failure or if a hose is broken or any filters are clogged, then your hydrostatic transmission won’t move at all. Sometimes lack of enough transmission oil can cause the same problem too. 

How Often Should You Change Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid?

Normally any hydrostatic transmission fluid provides a long-lasting drive system but it needs to be changed once every 1000 hours. However, it can also be 500 hours depending on the workload and condition of the engine as well as its age. 


In this article, I have tried to explain the most common problems your john deere 155 c engine can face with a guide to fix them up very easily. I hope you found it handy while navigating the issues of your tractor.

If you have any further queries you can leave it in the comment box just below the article and I’ll be sure to get back to you with the answer.

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