John Deere 2555 Problems (5 Main Reasons + Solutions)

John Deere 2555 is used for multipurpose activities. Thus owners try to avoid problems that can be solved by themselves.

Problems like the machine won’t start, the machine won’t rev up, fuel running out, the battery getting down, and lastly dealing with error codes are some that can be solved on your own.

All these John Deere 2555 problems arise from several reasons. And it gets easy to deal with them when you know the symptoms and solutions.

Quick Glimpse on John Deere 2555 Issues and Solutions

Reason  Solutions
The Machine Won’t Start Reconnect the wiring of the switch.
Battery Getting Down Change the battery fluid.
The Machine Won’t Rev Up Change the throttle linkages.
Error Decodes Decode them and deal with the issue.
The Fuel Runs Out Take care of pipes and tanks.

John Deere 2555 Problems (Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions)

Problem 1. The Machine Won’t Start

It is very common in both new and old machines. Reasons like, problems in the switch, fuel deficiency, blockage on the fuel pipe, and carburettors are the most common ones. 

Reason 1: Problems in the Switch

  • In case of a broken switch, the wire can have partial sparks. As a result, whenever you will be trying to turn on the engine, it will make trouble ignition. 
  • When the wiring is totally detached from the switch, it won’t respond to any action. Therefore, you won’t be hearing any sound. 
  • The symptoms of the broken switch, similar to the broken switch. It will also have trouble ignition with intervals. To differentiate it from the broken switch is the physical appearance. 


The best answer for a messed up switch is to totally change the switch of the vehicle.

In the event that you are in a circumstance, where it is a bit challenging to change the switch quickly then, at that point, you can involve scotch tape as an initial arrangement. Yet, change the switch at the earliest opportunity.

Reason 2: Fuel Deficiency

  • The principal way to detect field efficiency is the full meter. 
  • In case of a defective fuel meter, you can use a steel stick. Use cotton cloth to clean the stick and then put it in the focal length to determine the level.


Continuously keep additional fuel in a fuel container. This will help you in a crisis or on the other hand on the off chance that you are working in a far-off region away from a service station.

Prior to beginning your day with the machine, look at the degree of fuel.

Reason 3: Blockage on the Pipe

  • At the point when there will be any blockage, the air stream from the external will get obstructed. There is likewise an opportunity that the oil pipes are additionally impeded.
  • All things considered, the oil won’t come to the ignition part. Thus the motor will neglect to get everything rolling.
  • Blockage in both fuel and air line will be the explanation that the motor will not get everything rolling. In this situation, every time you attempt to turn over the motor, it will make an air-polishing sound.


The solution to the recovery of blockages will take lots of messy splits of fuel. You have to open the engine carburetor to take the blockage out.

If the blockage is near the joints then it can be a bit easy to take out. During this process there can be lots of oil splits, so wear your work cloth and gloves 

Problem 2. The Machine Won’t Rev Up

There are two essential reasons for the machine not accelerating up. One is a hydraulic pressure problem and the other is an issue with the throttle linkage.

The linkage interfaces the machines with the Electronic Computer Module (ECM).

Reason 1: Issues with the Hydraulic Pressure

  • The side effect of defilement in hydraulic fuel is the tension in the valve will not be lower. Likewise, inevitably, every time you attempt to work with water-powered pressure, it will utter mechanical sound.
  • With regard to the breakage of the valve, there will be a breaking sound. Comparative sounds will occur in the event of any wrecked parts. Issues in the stopping brakes are a significant sign of the issue in water-driven pressure.


  • The valves in the water-powered parts should be sand pollution for the best presentation. Generally, the convergence of the fuel will change. Accordingly, the tension won’t work as expected.
  • The best hydraulic-powered fuel for John Deere 2555 is Rego2Oil by Castor. Its fixation works completely in making strain for the presentation.
  • Each time you do the maintenance work on the machine, attempt to actually look at the water driven pressure. This will assist with staying away from mishaps like breakfail.

Reason 2: Throttle Linkages Breaks

  • The symptoms of issues with throttle are vivid when you will see that there is no problem in the hydraulic pressure but acceleration won’t work. It will also have effects on cruise control.
  • Sometimes you will have to open up the machine and take a closer look to detect any breakage or tearing in the throttle linkage.


  • To tackle the issue with throttle linkage, first reconnect the spring and the blast pin. In the event that any of the parts are broken, changing the entire thing at a time is a preferable ideal.
  • In some cases of throttle linkage simply removing the pin and replugging it, will tackle the issue. It is an exceptionally sensitive part, which could require some consideration from master proprietors. In the event that you are absolutely new to this, best to talk with a specialist.

Problem 3. The Fuel Running Out

Reason 1: Leakage in Pipe

Because of the spillage in the fuel pipe, the oil utilization of the machine increases. Contingent upon the seriousness of the spillage, the fuel limit will fluctuate.

With regards to the spillage of the line, the fuel level can drop out of nowhere for the line being broken. Additionally, a similar situation occurs on the off chance that the line gets disengaged from the line.


Assuming the line or tank gets released or broken the most ideal way to go is replacing them. Attempt to have the most ideal quality item. If not, the issue will return.

Reason 2: Leakage in Tank

It is likewise conceivable that the spillage is in the tank. Then the distress of fuel will be outrageous.

Because of mishaps or comparable incidents, it is likewise conceivable that the fuel line and tank will have a break. In such cases, you will find the oil is draining quickly and the level indicator is evolving quickly.


Then again in the event that the line is separated from the tank, you can determine it by simply fixing the screw joints. For this, you will find the wrench in the tool compartment.

Reason 3: Due to Aging

Likewise, when the machine goes downhill, it begins consuming more fuel than it used to. Thus you will neglect to foresee the fuel required. Subsequently, the gas tank will get unfilled at an unconventional time.

Then again, on the off chance that the fuel utilization increases gradually, you can be guaranteed that it is because of maturing. The mechanical parts rot with time. Subsequently, the utilization of fuel increases.


In the event of expanded oil use because of the advanced age of the machine, the arrangement is well upkeep. In the event that the motor parts are rotting, it is astute to replace them with original items from client support.

Additionally, this maintenance interaction ought to be finished all along. Like that, you will not need to stress over an abundant fuel cost in the short run. It is additionally useful for different issues in the machine.

Problem 4. John Deere 2555 Trouble Codes


In the event that the machine isn’t starting, and there is an error code that is blaring on the screen, you really want to recognize the code. Here is the most common way of recognizing the codes.

Step 1: Put the key in the power switch and keep it in the off-motor resistance. It will simply power up the led screen and the battery of the vehicle.

Step 2: Now press the right button and turn on the motor simultaneously. When the framework is on the run, discharge the button.

Step 3: Now with the down blunder go to the ‘Upkeep’ choice.

Step 4: From the choices on the led screen, pick ‘Disappointment Recode’ and afterward pick the ‘Dynamic’ choice.

This will provide you with the first arrangement of blunder codes. These mistake codes will let you know what’s going on with your motor.

Step 5: Press the enter button. One more arrangement of mistake codes will show up. They will show the machine’s shortcoming that was feasible to distinguish.


The manual of John Deere 2555 accompanies a few difficulty codes. To peruse these statements you will require a code decoder or you can decode on the LED screen.

Every one of these codes shows an alternate issue like your strain on the motor, hydraulic pressure, speed limits, overabundance weight, disturbance in the motor, and so forth.

The greatest issues in the codes can be managed with the assistance of simply the tool stash. In any case, assuming that something is broken or something should be supplanted and you don’t have any idea how to do it then you can simply get the help of a specialist.


  • The answer for the blunder code is just conceivable once you recognize what the issue is. In the manual book, there are a few error codes accessible that potentially show up on the LED screen. Contingent upon the issue should make a move.
  • Assuming that the issue is extreme, particularly in the event of a motor issue, you would have to take your John Deere 2555 to the Technician or customer care. A portion of the issues like fuel issues or network issues can be settled by you.
  • In the event that you are purchasing a recycled item, visiting the previous error code will likewise assist you with distinguishing in the event that a comparative issue occurred before and make a move in likewise manner.

Problem 5. Battery Gets Down


  • On the off chance that the motor isn’t turning over because of the battery then it doesn’t empower the LED screen or the headlights.
  • Regardless of whether the lights and the screen are on, they will be exceptionally diminished.
  • Likewise, the motor’s sound is an obvious sign that the battery is down. It will make low pitched noise.


  • In the event that John Deere 2555 hasn’t been utilized in quite a while, then, at that point, there is the likelihood that the battery in the machine isn’t sufficiently charged. Accordingly, there will be no start to turn over the motor.
  • This likewise happens when the machine is kept outside on an extreme winter night with snowfall. It shuts down the battery.
  • Likewise on the off chance that the battery water isn’t topped off from now onward, especially if for quite a while, the issue can emerge.


  • Except if the battery isn’t seriously harmed you don’t have to transform it for another one. You can talk with a specialist and re-energize the battery.
  • Prior to looking for help from a specialist, attempt to straighten out the handles of a battery and see the association is deeply grounded. 
  • In standard support, fill the battery with particle fluid. Attempt to do this regardless of whether you are not involving the machine for quite a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hours Will a John Deere 2555 Last?

A tractor will normally keep going for no less than 4,000 hours. A few models could endure as long as 10,000 hours of work! Yet, the farm truck’s working experience will in general change as the farm truck ages.

Why Does My Tractor Start And Then Stop?

Assuming you’ve confirmed that there are no strain issues with your farm hauler that would make it start and afterward unexpectedly shut off, now is the ideal time to continue on toward potential fuel issues. On the off chance that your farm vehicle’s motor isn’t getting sufficient fuel, it might begin, however, it won’t keep on running.

What is a Vacuum Fuel Pump in John Deere?

A vacuum fuel siphon conveys diesel or gas from the tank to the motor. The siphon makes a fractional vacuum in the line and sucks up fluid by making the strain on one side of it. This causes an expansion in volume, which powers the fluid into a line and onto the motor.

Final Words

John Deere 2555 problems are not that difficult to deal with if you know what you are working with. After reading the post, get ready with your toolbox. And always give importance to the manual of the machine.

Also, try to look for all the possible problems redirecting from one symptom. That way it gets easier to take proper care of the machine in general.

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