8 Common John Deere 2630 Problems And Solutions

When it comes to heavy machinery, small problems lead to bigger problems in no time. This happens due to their circumstantial environment. John Deere 2630 problems are nothing different than that.

The basic problems can be categorized into three main problems. And the whole post will help you to deal with this problem by informing you about reasons and symptoms and then leading to solutions. 

Problem Of Engine :

  • Faulty Wiring System
  • Issues In The Ignition
  • Fuel Runs Out

Mechanical Problems: 

  • Hydraulic Pressure 
  • Throttle Linkage
  • The Boom Arm Is Jammed

Technical Problems:

  • Display And Recording Not Working
  • Monitor Being Unresponsive to Touch Command

John Deere 2630 Problems (Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions)

1. Faulty Wiring System


The wiring got detached from the connections which is very common for heavy-duty machinery. Especially if the machine has aged more than 3 to 5 years.

Often when the machine works in a difficult environment like excess mud, or dust, there is a probability that dust and debris will accumulate. This makes the wiring weak.

The formation of rust due to low maintenance is also a reason for faulty wiring. It happens when the machine works for a long time in a wet environment and regular maintenance is avoided.


The hazing sound is one of the major symptoms. It shows that the wiring of the engine is not totally off, but it is somehow not properly connected as it needs to be. 

But when it comes to totally wear off there will be no sound formation in the engine. As there is no connection in the wearing so there will be no sound.

In the case of debris formation, there can be either situation. Sound can or cannot form depending on the level of debris accumulation. This is also true for rust accumulation. 


The solutions are easier than detecting the problem. When it comes to rust, you can get rid of it just by using some rubbing alcohol.

But if the rusting has caused the wiring to be too fragile, then replace the wiring with the new one. 

The solution is also similar to the formation of dust and Debris on the wiring system. To clean them you also don’t have to use any alcohol, just use a cotton cloth and try to get rid of the accumulation. 

The solution is easier if the weather has got detached from the connection. Evening there is a tear there long enough to reattach them.

But if it has been reattached several times already then change the wire. This will ensure the same thing doesn’t happen in the middle of your work.

2. Issues in the Ignition


To begin with there are basically two reasons behind the problem with the ignition. The first one is issued in the ignition switch.

Sometimes the choke gets decayed and it doesn’t have enough friction to start the ignition. 

The other reason is the weather. Whenever the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, owners have reported that they feel problems starting the ignition in the engine.

This might be because the engine doesn’t have enough energy to start the ignition process. 


Whenever you have a problem with the ignition the first thing to do is if the engine has enough warmth especially if it is a cold season.

It is easily detectable by the hazing noise you get from the engine every time you try to start it. 

In case of cold weather, the sound will be a continuous one, but if there is a problem with the starting switch or decayed choke then the sound will be like bluffing noise.

It means the chalk doesn’t have enough elements to create friction. 


The solution to cold weather is to one of the engines just wrapping in with some woolen clothes if possible. But the best preventive solution is to put the John Deere 2630 into our garage during the cold Nights.  

On the other hand in case of a problem with the switch or the choke you might need to replace them with a new one.

Try to replace them with authentic branded ones so that you do not face a similar problem in the middle of your work. 

3. Fuels Running Out


The full run out is basically when you have less than capacity. But when it suddenly runs out then you might be having issues with connectivity like leakage in the fuel pipes. 

Or there can be a blockage in the fuel pipe which is tampering with the flow of the fuel. In this case, you can’t even detect the lack of fuel in the engine by the oil indicator.


If you have run out of fuel in the tank, then try to detect it at an indicator. If the indicator is working properly then even if the tank gets empty suddenly then also it will be visible. 

When it comes to detecting any blockage in the fuel pipe you will have to rely on the sound every time you start the engine and take a deeper look.

It is quite impossible to find the blockage without opening the pipeline. 

The best way is to look for the other problem’s symptoms. Once you nullify them, then go look at any blockage in the pipe. 


The first solution is preventive. Always check the fuel level on your tank before starting your job for the day. In case your indicator is not working then also you can use a stick to check the level of the fuel.  

If you are running out of fuel often then you should then look for any leakage in the pipes of the connection. Change them with new ones.

And if the indicator is showing that there is fuel in the tank but the engine is buffering then check for blockage and take the blockage out. This whole situation can get messy due to oil getting all over the place.

4. Problems with Hydraulic Pressure


Problems with hydraulic pressure are more common than people can think. The reasons behind them are also very common. Any contamination in the Hydraulic fuel, wrong hydraulics fuel, problem in the pump, etc. 

The reason behind the hydraulic pressure problem is not something that you can’t deal with in your garage. 

Any issues with the hydraulic disc will cause problems in the hydraulic pressure level. Sometimes the hydraulic disc can be broken in a way that won’t work to create the pressure you need.  


Whenever there will be any issues with the hydraulic pressure you will see it in all the hydraulic parts of the machine.

With this, you don’t have enough pressure to rev up your accelerator. Also, there will be issues with a double break. Also controlling the boom arm will be difficult. 

To detect the problem with hydraulic pressure you need to have issues with all these. Otherwise, a problem with one part indicates the problem in them.


The first thing to do is to use proper hydraulic fluid in the machine. Try to collect your hydraulic fluid from the John Deere dealers. 

After ensuring that you have used the proper fluid, it is time to keep it away from any kind of contamination.

For this, you need to close up the knobs properly. Also never mix two fluids to get them and always take a look if there is enough to create pressure. 

In the case of Broken hydraulic discs try to replace them as soon as possible otherwise you can face severe accidents like brake failure. Also, the Boom arm can cause harm by losing control.

5. Broken Throttle Linkage


A broken throttle linkage will disrupt the accessibility of the machine with ECM. Due to heavy-duty work, the linkage can break. 

Throttle linkage is a sensitive part of heavy machinery. Due to heavy work, there is a slight possibility that the linkage will break the connection.

Also sometimes due to the formation of rust and other tough metal the linkage gets weak over time. 

Excess heat can also temple the size of the linkage as a result the connection will break. 


Whenever you will have a problem with a broken throttle linkage you won’t be able to rev up the acceleration. There will be a disruption in the connectivity of the Electronic Computer Module.  

The most common symptom is a problem with cruise control. Even a loose throttle linkage will create similar symptoms in the connectivity of the wiring. 


To begin with, you should disconnect the plaque and change the broken wiring. You likewise need to take out the connection of the PC and reinstall it. So moved the hardness from the Blast spring.

During the establishment ensure the wiring doesn’t contact the spring pin if not the association will, in any case, have issues. Assuming you know about heavy machines you can do it by simply utilizing your toolbox.

6. The Boom Arm Is Jammed


The Boom arm of John Deere 2630 works to carry heavy loads especially sand, garbage, or alike items.

It has several joining parts that work together to move and carry out its job. If any parts of these joints don’t work properly then the army will be jammed. 

Along with the issues in ECM, accumulation of dust and Debris can jump them and jam up the arm. The hydraulic pressure can also be related to the origin of the problem.  


In case of issues in the ECM, they will be reflected in the accelerator and the display module. You can get the wrong codes from the machine. 

Again if the problem is due to the breakage of parts in the joints or accumulation of rust, you will hear cracking sounds. It will be making a noise like two iron bars rubbing together. 

Otherwise, you can also take a closer look at the joints. This will be like a physical check.


To resolve issues with ECM check the connectivity. It is better to look for loose connections and take necessary actions. Sometimes just rewiring them works just fine.

In the case of rust, accumulation does cleaning maintenance. Doing this maintenance regularly works as a preventive measure. ApplyingApplying oil-based lubricant in the joints helps a lot in the cleaning of the rust.

7. Display and Recording Not Working


Most of the time when the display is not working, it is either the display itself disrupted or the wiring of the display gets disconnected. All these probabilities have a similar effect on the recording system.

Also, the display and recording system needs regular updates. Every time the software falls behind the updating, it causes issues and gives you an error message.   

It is also possible that the whole recording and the display system are just suffering from technical bugs. Whenever the system doesn’t synchronize with updates a problem can arise. 


If the display systems and recording system are not working properly due to an update issue you will get an error message randomly on the screen.

On the other hand, if there is a wiring problem then it won’t show any error code.  

In some cases, you will just have no visibility in the display. This primarily indicates you are having hardware problems.  


Before looking forward to hardware issues, try to restart and update the whole system. This won’t delete the existing data. Rather it will help to synchronize any information that was already recorded.  

If rebooting doesn’t resolve the issue look for the wiring problems like disconnection. In some cases, you also have to take care of the motherboard. It is wise to take the whole system to the technician to deal with. 

8. Monitor Being Unresponsive to Touch Command


The touch command on the monitor depends on a small chip. Being everything in place if by any chance the chip gets detached the touch command won’t work.

As John Deere 2630 is heavy-duty machinery so it is a very common phenomenon. 

Also, the disruption in the touching comment indicates that there are issues with the update. Either the update is behind or the recent update is not synchronizing with the system. 


If the chip is disconnected then the touch will not work at all. There will be no response. This is also true for contaminated chips.    

On the other hand, you will have a bugged touch command in case of an update issue. In this case, the touch will have the wrong command or after touching the screen repeatedly the touch will work. 


With the problem in the chip, the chip needs to be replaced. It is not contaminated and just got disconnected then establishing the connection again will resolve the problem. 

In case of update and synchronization issues, first, try to restart the processing system. if that doesn’t work try to update the system.

By this time the problem should have been resolved or otherwise take the problem to mechanics and take a closer look. 


What Horsepower is a 2630 John Deere Tractor?

The John Deere 2630 tractor vehicle has a 4-chamber Diesel Motor that produces 57 strength at the drawbar. The machine has a classification 2 three-point hitch and it’s pto tried at 70 hp.

How Much Does a John Deere 2630 Weigh?

Wheelbase 85.75 inches
217 cm
Weight 5,800 lbs
2630 kg
Front tire 6.00-16
Rear tire 16.9-28

What is the Best Oil for Hydrostatic Transmission?

The liquid suggested for Hydro-Stuff transmissions and siphons is a 20W-50 engine oil or 15W-50 manufactured engine oil. Assuming the machine has oil supplies, they are mounted to the casing behind the seat, for simple access and oil level actually take a look at openness.

Final Words

John Deere 2630 problems are not something that you can not deal with if you have the basic knowledge of the machine.

It is always suggested to read the manual thoroughly before getting started with the machine. 

After reading the whole post here you will get a basic idea about the symptoms and solutions of the reasoning problems. A

ll the solutions are possible to apply with just the toolbox in your hand.

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