John Deere 323e Problems (5 Reasons + Solutions)

John Deere 323e is designed in a way that it is able to carry heavy loads and work in a very rough environment.

It has a high tolerance level but can have some basic problems. Unless it is a serious mechanical problem, it can be dealt with by yourself.

Over the period you see, problems like starting the engine, suddenly getting shut down, the machine won’t rev up, wheels getting jammed, or the error codes can be handled by you. 

And to get into this you will need two things. First, the manual that comes with the machine and second the toolbox. You are good to go.

Quick Overview of John Deere 323e Issues and Solutions

Reason  Solutions
Engine Won’t Start Reconnect the wiring and put fuel
Machine Won’t Rev Up Take care of hydraulic pressure and throttle linkage
Engine Shuts Down Check fuel 
Wheel Are Jammed  Replace the bearings
John Deere 323e Trouble Codes  Identify the code indication

5 Common  John Deere 323e Problems and Solutions

1. John Deere 323e Won’t Start

Whenever you are having problems starting the engine, look at the switch. In most cases, the switch has broken or the wiring has come off.

As a result, whenever you are trying to turn on the engine it does not create any ignition to get started.  

Problems with the fuse or instrument cluster can also be the reason why the engine is not starting.

If the fuse gets decayed for some reason it will fail to establish any connection to create friction. As a  result, the engine will have difficulty. 

Also, the engine belts need to perform properly for the machine to get started. Therefore it is very important that the belt has proper girth and the belt wheel has proper movement.


  • If there is any problem with the switch then you won’t be able to initiate the starting process. This means there will be no ignition or any sound during your attempts.
  • In case of this problem with the fuse or instrument cluster, you will hear the starting sound. But it lasts only a few seconds. This means the ignition is trying to happen but failing. 
  • When it comes to the engine belt, your engine will get significant but don’t have enough energy to continue the start. Before whenever you will start to change the gear from neutral you will lose your machine.  


  • If the fuel tank is empty which is causing issues with turning on the engine, then it can be identified from the fuel indicator. The tank needs at least 25% of the total fuel capacity for the engine to start. 
  • To identify any fault in the switch I have to take a closer look. Open up the switch socket to find out if there is any wiring fault. If what you see in your wedding is not connected properly then you can just use and screwdriver and connect it. On the other hand, if your switch is broken then you will need to change it to a new one ensuring the best quality. 
  • Also in case of any problem with the fuse, instrument cluster, or engine belt then it needs a full replacement. Even if you try to mend the broken parts you are going to face problems while you are in the field. 

2. The Machine Won’t Rev Up

The machine won’t rev up, which means it is having problems with the accelerator. It can be issued with hydraulic pressure or throttle linkages. 

Whenever the hydraulic pressure goes down, it gets difficult to rev up the machine. But that is not the only reason.

It can also be an issue with throttle linkages. There are some symptoms to identify why the machine won’t rev up. 

Hydraulic Pressure

If there are issues with hydraulic pressure then it would not only affect the accelerator.

You will face a similar issue with the break and other mechanical movements that depend on the hydraulic pressure. 

This happens when there is a lack of hydraulic fluid deficiency, wrong fluids, contamination in the fluid, the filters are clogged, and the temperature is high.

Another way to recognize issues with hydraulic pressure is to look out for noises in the machine whenever you are trying to perform.    

Throttle Linkages

If these issues are with Throttle Linkages then you need to take a look at the wiring and the boom pin spring.

Whenever there will be issues with Throttle Linkages you will also find problems in Cruise control. 

Throttle Linkages establish a link between the accelerator and other special functions with the Electronic Control Module (ECM).

To identify the issue more vividly you might have to take a closer look at the device and work around it.  

Solutions: Hydraulic Pressure

The solution to deal with the hydraulic pressure is to change the hydraulic fluid.

In that case, if you’re using the wrong hydraulic fluid or contaminated hydraulic fluid the problem will be solved. With the manual determine how much hydraulic fluid you need.

Always replace your hydraulic fluid with a better-quality product. This will keep your machine parts safe and have a long-lasting performance.

In case the filters are clogged, you can clean them up with regular procedural maintenance.

Depending on which type of hydraulic fluid you use, you might have restrictions in cleaning procedures to avoid contamination. Thus try to read the manual and take action likewise. 

Solutions: Throttle Linkages

To solve your issues with Throttle Linkages, first, take out the plugging. It is wise to change the frayed or dirty cable. That way if there is any issue with the cabling it will be solved. 

You also have to look at the plugging of the computer. But please take out the plug and reinstall it. 

Move the wiring harness from the spring location. During the installation make sure that the wiring harness for the computers should not be touching the boom pin spring. This will lose the connection. 

3. Suddenly the Engine Will Shut Down

Among the heavy machinery is like John Deere 323e it is often seen that the engine shutdowns out of the blue.

In most cases, this is not a serious reason unless there are issues with the engine. 

Information runs out of fuel, the loads carried by the machine are heavier than they should be, something got stuck on the carburetor, or these problems in the wearing of the engine. 

Fuel Deficiency

After the engine has shut down all of a sudden you should first look for some basic issues. To begin with, if there is fuel deficiency.

The fuel indicator is enough to tell you if you have run out of gas. In case you think it is giving the wrong info, use a stick to check the fuel level.


The Basic operating with that of John Deere 323e can carry 3302.6 lbs (1,498 kg). It should never operate with anything more than this.

Otherwise, it will create pressure in the engine and the machine will respond by shutting down the engine.

Faulty Wiring

On the other hand, to identify any issues with the wringing of the engine, you must have to open the engine cover and take a closer look.

In some issues, you will also hear a cracking noise coming from the engine every time you start it. 

Blockage in Carburetor and Fuel Pipe

If everything is ok and still you cannot start your engine then try to look if there is something in the carburetor or something in the fuel pipe blocking the flow.

Sometimes there will be fuel in the tank but the clog in the pipe doesn’t allow the movement of the fuel from the tank to the engine.

Blockage in the carburetor hampers the airflow that is necessary for the engine ignition. Before taking a look down there for any blockage.

This is also identifiable through the sound of the engine. With time you will get to know the sound that your machine is making. 


  • After identifying what is causing the issue you will be able to solve those problems accordingly. In the case of field efficiency, always have extra fuel in your workplace. That way you do not have to run to the gas station every time and lose work time.
  • Never carry any extra load on the machine. You might think that it will get your jobs done easily but in reality, it will create more problems. Even if the engine doesn’t shut down, it will cause problems for the machine in the long run.
  • If you have some basic knowledge about engine wiring then you can take care of a faulty engine by yourself. In that case, the manual that comes with the machine will help you to understand the Indian and to check the wiring system.
  • Blockage and clogging in the fuel pipe are actually more severe problems than you might think. Sometimes we can hurt the engine so much that it will break a small spring in your engine and make it difficult to identify. Also, the engine will suffer from fuel deficiency.
  • For an engine to work properly, the carburetor is a very important part. It ensures a real supply of fuel for ignition. Therefore always take good care of it and make sure there is no blockage. Clear out the blockage as soon as you realize it.

4. The Wheel Are Jammed

Machines like John Deere 323e are used in heavy-duty works. They often have to work through tough environments. In such cases, it is very common for the wheels to get jammed. 

If the wheels get jammed and are not moving, then there can be two reasons.

First, the wheel is stuck either in the mud or something has got into the bearing. The wheels of the John Deere 323e are not like the sire tire. They are made in a way to get into tough places. 


The first thing to do if the wheels are not moving is to check all the bearings. Identify which of the bearing has to perform to move the wheels. Also, the arms that help in the rotation of the wheels to provide full efficiency. 

If the bearing is working fine then find out if something got stuck between the plates of the wheel. If something has got between the plates then it might stop the will from moving forward or backward. 


With any wheel-related problem if you are not an expert then try to contact an expert.  Try to replace the bearings and the plates if needed.

It is best to replace them with original products from John Deere 323e customer service.

Otherwise, if something got stuck between the threshold try to pick it up and your machine will be good to go. 

5. John Deere 323e Trouble Codes

The manual of John Deere 323e comes with several trouble codes. To read these quotes you will need a code reader or you can read on the LED screen.

Each of these codes indicates a different problem like your pressure on the engine, hydraulic pressure, speed limits, excess weight, disruption in the engine, etc.

Maximum problems in the codes can be dealt with with the help of just the toolbox. Otherwise, if something is broken or something needs to be replaced and you don’t know how to do it then you can just mechanic.


Every time your ECM detects a problem, it sends a signal via a beeping sound. To read the codes you will have to use a code reader.

Then matching the code with the given manual you can identify which problem is bothering your machine. 


Once you identify and resolve the problem the code won’t bother you. It will stop giving signals to your screen. Sometimes just reading the code can stop the beeping sound.

In some cases, it has been reported that even after resolving the problems the monitor keeps beeping. In such a situation you will need to reset the resetting. Rebooting the monitor can help with resetting.

Sometimes the code reader can give a false reading. This means you have to deal with ECM. Check for any faulty wiring and take care of it as soon as possible. 


Are John Deere Skid Steers Good?

John Deere is generally trusted and considered dependable. It has slip controls that are worked for heavier connections and have a lot of drive. John Deere offers enormous and minimized machines in haggled models like reduced track loaders.

How Much Can A 323e Lift?

Boom breakout force                         6600 lbs (2,994 kg)
Breakout Force                       13887 lbs (6,299 kg)
Operating Load                       3302.6 lbs (1,498 kg)
Tipping Load                       9433.6 lbs (4,279 kg)

What Engine is in A John Deere Skid Steer?

John Deere slip steer is utilized for more prominent reach than ordinary pallet steers, for exact focus load position, and for fast, productive truck stacking. 64-hp John Deere 3029T high-force, the turbocharged motor with direct infusion has an elite wet-sleeve configuration, high-ring cylinders, and accuracy joint-associating bars.

Final Words

John Deere 323e Problems can be of various types. All the problems are not possible to be dealt with by you in your garage. But the problems mentioned here are quite easy to deal with. 

For this with the given symptoms try to identify why the problems are happening, then apply the solutions. In some cases, you might need to take care of two to three issues at a time to resolve the problem.

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