John Deere 4630 Problems (Let’s Find the Best Solutions)

John Deere 4630 has been a common name among tractor users. Undoubtedly, this particular range has stood out for its decent performance. However, no vehicle is free from common mechanical defects.

So what are the John Deere 4630 problems?

Common problems with John Deere 4630 are no low-end torque, the motor not turning over, unexpected engine noise, or steering while moving without resistance. However, these problems are solvable by making adjustments in the switch, changing the top-end fuel rpm, repairing the steering linkage socket, etc. 

Every problem has its own reason, symptoms, and solution. Want to know in detail about this? Just go through this article for all the detailed explanations on common John Deere 4630 problems.

John Deere 4630
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John Deere 4630 Problems, Reasons and Solutions

Here are some common issues one might face with John Deere 4630, with the possible reasons, symptoms, and solutions of the problem. 

Problem Reasons Symptom Solution
Motor Not Turning Over Switch Issue.

Wrong fuel type or broken fuel pump.

The tractor refuses to start suddenly or a few whiles back after parking.  Find the switch out and make necessary adjustments. 

Get the broken fuel pump repaired and use the correct fuel.

No Low-End Torque No specific reason for this manufacturer specification. Less engine power access in the lower gear. Take the expert’s help to change the top-end fuel rpm setting. 
Abnormal Engine Noise Excessive backlash.

Unlubricated turbocharger bearing.

Excessive valve clearance.

Abnormal noise occurring while starting or running the vehicle.  Check on the steering linkage socket and make necessary adjustments.

Make necessary lubrication where needed and check the valve clearance regularly.

Steering Wheel Spinning Without Resistance Loose steering linkage socket.

The broken reaction spring inside the steering gearbox. 

The steering wheel feels loose while moving it.  If the steering linkage is broken or loose, repair it. 

If a broken reaction spring is a reason, replace the spring inside the steering. 

Problem 1: Motor Not Turning Over

It is not uncommon for John Deere 4630 users to face the motor not starting issue at any point in using the tractor. The symptoms are pretty straightforward. All of a sudden, the tractor is not starting. 

Sometimes the situation is a while back; after parking the tractor, it is not starting again. There are two possible reasons for this to happen. 

Reason 1:

The motor is not turning over because the safety switch is not activated. For John Deere, the safety switch is usually located on the floorboard.

The purpose of this switch is to prevent the motor from starting while the vehicle is resting or you from falling out of the vehicle. 

So if you find the safety switch is not activated, your vehicle will refuse to start because the circuit is incomplete. 


All you have to do is find the switch and see if anything is wedged in there. That is what refrains the tractor from starting. Just fixing the wedge would help to get rid of the problem. 

Reason 2:

Incorrect fuel type can also cause the same issue. In fact, in some cases, you might find a broken high-pressure fuel pump. Either of these reasons can cause the motor not to turn over the issue. 


Diesel is the right fuel for John Deere 4630. Check whether the fuel type is appropriate if your engine is not starting. If that is not the issue, then check if the fuel pump is broken. 

If you find a broken fuel pump, get it repaired in no time before it creates any further problems. 

Problem 2: No Low-End Torque

Low-end torque means a relaxed and smooth driving experience. Especially when your vehicle has low-end torque, you will have more engine power access even in the lower gear.

So, accelerating from low speed, you don’t need to downshift more often. 


As this is a built-in problem, there is no specific reason for this issue. However, you can make changes in your vehicle to create low-end torque. 


To solve the issue, first, you have to take off the injection pump. You need to take your vehicle to an expert who can change the torque capsule, giving you more torque. 

Let them set the top-end fuel setting to 10%over the stock setting and also set the maximum torque, which would come at 1900 rpm.

So by turning the pump up, you are letting more fuel out at high rpm where you are not doing anything for the low end. 

Problem 3: Abnormal Engine Noise

An abnormal noise from the engine is another common issue with the John Deere tractor series. John Deere 4630 is not out of that zone.

If you hear any abnormal noise coming from your vehicle, that most likely can occur from the engine.

John Deere 4630 Abnormal Engine Noise
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Reason 1:

Worn timing gear or excess backlash is one of the common reasons for the noise. 


To solve this issue, check the timing gear backlash. You should ask for the expert’s help to do that. They can easily check the fault and resolve the issue. 

Reason 2:

Unlubricated turbocharger bearing. 


First, you must figure out why the lubrication is less and take the necessary steps accordingly. Once you can find the exact place where there is a lack of lubrication, you can create lubrication in that place to avoid noise. 

Reason 3:

Immoderate valve clearance can be one of the reasons for the noise. 


You have to check and adjust the valve clearance from time to time. In the manual, it is mentioned to check the valve clearance every 36 months. If you maintain the timing, you shall definitely avoid having that problem. 

Reason 4:

Loose main bearing cap is another reason which can lead to unwanted noise from the engine. 


If you regularly check the bearing clearance, this issue cannot arise immediately. If you adjust the issue in the bearing caps screw and, if necessary, then replace the whole bearing. 

If you are confused about the process, consult your John Deere dealer for clarification. 

Problem 4: Steering Wheel Spinning Without Resistance

Another common issue with John Deere 4630 is the automatic spinning of the steering wheel without any resistance. Which means free spinning of the steering wheel. 

John Deere 4630 Steering Wheel
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Reason 1:

Loose steering gear or loose steering linkage socket is a common issue for free spinning of the steering wheel spinning.

The linkage connection from the steering box to the wheel assembling the front wheel allows the steering wheel to move back and forth. 

If there is any linkage issue, your steering wheel loses control and becomes sloppy. 


In the cases of steering issues, it is better to consult an expert first, who will conduct a dry park test on your vehicle.

Someone should wiggle the steering wheel from side to side, while the other person should look at the steering linkage socket. 

Once the source of the problem is found, it can be solved easily. 

Reason 2:

Broken reaction spring inside the steering gear box can be another possible reason for the free spinning of the steering wheel. 


Sometimes, a broken reaction pin inside the steering gear can make the steering lose. Again you need to take the help of a mechanic, and if you find the spring broken, you have to replace the spring to stop the free spinning. 

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Using John Deere 4630

Every vehicle requires regular maintenance to give its best performance. John Deere 4630 is not different from that. Let us know a few maintenance tips for John Deere 4630:

  • If your vehicle goes through excess heat, dust, or rush driving, get the servicing done by mechanics regularly. 
  • Check the coolant level before starting.
  • Make sure you are using the correct type of fuel.
  • Do not forget to check the fuel level before the ride.
  • Do check the electrolyte level of the battery cells. 
  • Get your vehicle checked with the expert regularly to avoid any kind of unwanted issue. 


Why does the John Deere 4630 engine stall irregularly?

Some of the reasons for the sudden stall of the John Deere 4630 engine are low coolant temperature, clogged fuel filter, dirt or water in the fuel system, dirty injection nozzle, etc. however, you can resolve such issues by replacing the fuel filter, removing the thermostat, and drain the system properly. 

How much horsepower is John Deere 4630?

The PTO of the John Deere 4630 is 150 hp, and Drawbar is 127.92 hp. This series of John Deere tractors is undoubtedly quite good in terms of their performance. You can make your pick according to the models and specifications of the models. 

What is the engine type of the John Deere 4630?

The engine type of John Deere 4630 is aftercooled turbocharged diesel, 6 cylinders, 404 ci. The stroke is around 4.25×4.75 inches, the compression is 16.0:1, and the rated rpm is 2200. This is one of the well-known tractors available in the market, and you are getting standard engine features with this vehicle.


We can provide you with all the information regarding John Deere 4630 problems.

We not only mention the problems but also provide you with the possible solution so that you can take necessary steps while needed. So if you find any kind of issue in your tractor, get it fixed as soon as possible 

That is it for now. Have a great ride!

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