John Deere 5115m Problems (The 360 Guideline)

The John Deere tractor is one of the most durable tractors in the world. It rarely causes problems. Occasionally, however, you may encounter issues with this tractor as well, especially as it ages. 

You may find some common problems in the John Deere 5115m since it’s an edition 1994.

In the John Deere 5115m engine, you may find problems like the engine won’t start, engine losing power, and overheating. However, there are also some fuel issues, such as oil leaks and excessive fuel consumption. Aside from that, there are some throttle issues, such as poor acceleration and stiff steering.

The above is just a brief summary of what we’ll cover in this article; continue reading for more information.

John Deere 5115m Engine Problems

There is estimated durability for John Deere engines. It is possible that your machine will develop some problems after driving the estimated amount of hours.

Problem Reason Solution
The engine won’t start Dead/drained battery Jumpstart or replace the battery
Ignition switch failure Replace ignition switch
Engine losing power Blown head gasket Replace/Repair the Head Gasket
Clogged fuel filter Unclog Fuel Filter
Engine overheating Blown head gasket Replace/Repair the Head Gasket
Low engine oil Refuel
Radiator malfunction Clean radiator

Problem 1: The Engine Won’t Start 

The engine failing to start is one of the most common problems with the John Deere 5115m. There are several reasons behind this issue. Let’s see what causes the John Deere 5115m engine not to start.

Reason 1: Dead/ Drained Battery

A dead or drained battery is one of the main reasons why a John Deere engine won’t start. To start the engine, the battery supplies electricity to the spark plugs. 

The battery can’t produce the power needed to start the engine if it’s damaged or drained. As a result, the engine won’t start.  

Solution: Jumpstart/Replace the Battery

A jumpstart may be necessary if your John Deere 5115m battery is completely depleted. It is possible for you to do it on your own. You will, however, need assistance from another person.

A fully charged vehicle battery is the first thing you need to arrange. The following tools are needed for a jumpstart.

  • Fully charged vehicle
  • Jumper cable

Follow these steps to complete the process:

Step 1:

Unlock the battery trunks of both vehicles (John Deere and the vehicle with a charged battery).

Step 2:

The jumper wire should be connected to both batteries at this point. Verify that the positive wire is connected to the positives and the negative wire is connected to the negatives.

Step 3:

Jiggling the ignitor after attaching both batteries is the final step. Afterward, you’ll fix it.

Jumpstarting your John Deere 5115m is only possible if the battery is not completely damaged. You will need to replace the battery to resolve this issue if it is completely dead.

John Deere 5115m battery has a 12-volt battery. It’ll cost $100 to $400 depending on the battery quality. 

Reason 2: Ignition Switch Failure

If the ignition switch fails, the starter motor, ignition system, or other engine controls will not receive power, which prevents the engine from starting.

This is another reason why you may not be able to start your John Deere 5115m engine. 

Solution: Replace the Ignition Switch 

The only solution for the faulty ignition switch is replacing it. You must contact a mechanic to replace it. The switch will cost $18- $20.

Problem 2: Engine Losing Power

We’ve found some cases where the John Deere 5115m engine loses power. There are several reasons behind this problem. Let’s see what mainly causes the John Deere engine power loss. 

Reason 1: Blown Head Gasket

One of the main reasons why the John Deere 5115m engine loses power is a blown head gasket. Extended compressed air/fuel reduces cylinder compression when the head gasket fails.

The engine runs rough due to this decrease in compression, which significantly reduces engine power.

Solution: Replace/Repair the Head Gasket

If the gasket is blown badly, you may need to replace it with the help of an expert. But the minimal blown head gasket can be repaired. And you can do it without the help of a professional. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for repairing a blown head gasket:

Step 1:

First, locate and disconnect the negative battery terminal on the tractor battery. Then remove the air box and water pump hose using a screwdriver.

Step 2:

The second step is to remove the alternator. Instead of removing the entire alternator harness, simply remove the bolts. In the next step, remove the radiator hoses and drain the radiator.

Step 3:

You should now be able to see the head gasket. Refer to your service manual for the exact sequence of tightening and loosening the head bolts that hold the gasket in place.

Step 4:

Lastly, remove the blown gasket and clean the cylinder thoroughly so that the gasket can be placed correctly. Reassemble all the parts as they were after placing the gasket.

Reason 2: Clogged Fuel Filter

Clogged fuel filter is another reason why the John Deere 5115m engine can lose power. A clogged fuel filter blocks the fuel from reaching the engine. A lack of fuel often causes the engine to lose power.

Solution: Unclog Fuel Filter

You can unclog the John Deere fuel filter by following simple steps. Let’s get started:

Step 1:

Before unclogging the fuel filter, disconnect the battery to avoid any kind of risk. 

Step 2:

Next, remove the fuel filter from the fuel line. After that, spray the solvent cleaner on it. Allow it to dry for around an hour after that.

Step 3:

Set the fuel filter as it was. And you’re now done with unclogging the fuel filter.

Problem 3: Engine Overheating

There is a possibility of an engine overheating for any type of engine. It is also possible for the John Deere 5115m engine to overheat for various reasons. Here are some reasons why engines overheat.

Reason 1: Blown Head Gasket

Blown gasket is the major reason behind John Deere 5115m engine overheating. A blown head gasket increases the operating temperature of an engine. 

After starting the tractor, the engine gauge reaches its maximum temperature after a few minutes. When idling, white smoke or exhaust gasses emerge from the tailpipe. This indicates coolant is leaking under the head gasket.

Solution: Repair/ Replace Head Gasket

Replacing the blown head gasket is not so difficult.

Reason 2: Low Engine Oil

Overheating can also be caused by low engine oil levels. The engine cannot get enough fuel during operation due to a low fuel level. As a result, the engine heats up due to a low fuel level

Solution: Refill Fuel

You just need to refill fuel into your John Deere 5115m to resolve this issue.

Reason 3: Malfunctioning Radiator

Radiators become rusty or oily as they age due to impurities. Without regular flushing, this unclean coolant will become sludge. If it turns into sludge, it won’t cool the engine properly and could cause overheating.

Solution: Clean Radiator

You can get rid of the radiator issue easily by cleaning it unless it is broken or burned out.

Follow these steps to clean the radiator:

Step 1:

Unscrew and remove the radiator. 

Step 2:

Clean all the dirt by using a soft bristle brush. And then set the radiator as it was. 

John Deere 5115m Fuel Problems

You may find some fuel issues common in your John Deere 5115m. These will be discussed here. 

Problem Reason Solution
Oil leaks Deficiency of engine gaskets Replace the Engine Gasket
Heavy fuel consumption  Tyre pressure Keep Appropriate Type of Pressure

Problem 1: Oil Leaks

Leaking oil from the engine is a usual scenario. There is a certain reason behind the leaking oil from the John Deere 5115m engine. Let’s discuss the reason here. 

Reason: Deficiency of Engine Gaskets

Gaskets prevent all sorts of leakage of the engine cylinder. If the gasket is damaged, then oil can leak from it. A damaged gasket can’t prevent all sorts of leakage.

Solution: Replace the Engine Gasket 

The only solution for the oil leakage is replacing the engine gasket. We’ve already discussed the procedure to replace the gasket. 

Problem 2: Heavy Fuel Consumption

Heavy fuel consumption is another severe problem for John Deere 5115m. For some specific reason, you may face heavy fuel consumption issues. Below are the reasons for heavy fuel consumption.

Reason: Tyre Pressure

Your tire pressure is the most important factor influencing your fuel consumption.

It will require more engine power to compensate for the loss of grip and better transfer tractive energy to the ground if the tires are overinflated in the field.

Solution: Keep the Appropriate Type of Pressure

You can easily check the tire pressure by using a pressure gauge. The appropriate tire pressure for the John Deere 5115m is 32 to 35 PSI ( Pressure per square inch).

Let’s see how to measure tire pressure by using a pressure gauge:

Step 1:

Remove the valve cap from the tire. And then, place the pressure gauge on the valve. 

Step 2:

After placing the gauge, look at the meter. See if the pressure is between 32- 35 PSI. If lower than 32, then pump your tire. Similarly, release the air if it’s higher than 35 PSI. 

John Deere 5115 Throttle Problems

There are some noticeable issues in the John Deere 5115m tractor. Here we’ll discuss those problems.

Problem Reason Solution
Poor Acceleration Clutch Worn Out Refill the Hydraulic Fluid 
The Steering Wheel Rotates Tight Bad/low Hydraulic Fluid Replace the Clutch pack

Problem 1: Poor Acceleration

You can encounter issues like poor acceleration in your John Deere 5115m tractor. Here we’ll discuss the reason behind poor acceleration. 

Reason: Clutch Worn Out

The worn-out clutch is the reason behind poor acceleration. It is common for a worn-out clutch to fail to catch, resulting in acceleration issues.

There will be a lot of revving, but your tractor won’t move. The clutch may not be fully engaged, and you may not be in first gear.

Solution: Replace the Clutch Pack

Most vehicles need a clutch replacement if the clutch is worn out. The transmission must be removed and disassembled to access the clutch, which is a labor-intensive and complex process.

Because of that, we recommend visiting a pro shop to replace the clutch pack.

Problem 2: The Steering Wheel Rotates Tight

You may find your John Deere 5115m steering wheel hard to rotate. This issue has a reason, which we will discuss here.

Reason: Bad/low Hydraulic Fluid

The steering wheel and other throttles rotate with the assistance of hydraulic fluid. If it goes low, then the rotation becomes stiff. Sometimes contamination in the fluid makes the steering rotation hard. 

Solution: Refill the Hydraulic Fluid 

The only solution to the stiff rotation of the steering wheel is filling the fluid at an optimum level.

Below are the steps for refilling hydraulic fluid:

Step 1:

Remove any contaminated fluid from the system.

Step 2:

Ensure the hydraulic fluid tank is topped off gradually to prevent overflow.


What is the Difference Between the M and R Series John Deere?

The difference is M series tractors are heavy-duty tractors, while R series tractors are high-end tractors.  John Deere tractors come in three types. Economy, moderate, and high-end. Ultimately, it comes down to how many bells and whistles the tractor has.

What is the Best John Deere Transmission?

John Deere’s eHydro transmission is the best transmission for tractors. Since the gears and axles are driven by hydraulic fluid, this gearbox eliminates the need for clutching. However, all the models of John Deere don’t have this type of transmission.

What Are the Signs of a Failing Injector Pump?

The major sign of a failing injector pump is an engine misfire. There are some other minor signs of a failing injector, such as; the engine won’t start, idling getting rough, and the RPM needle jerking. 


Well, this is all about the John Deere 5115m problems. It’s hopefully now clear to you.

Besides the problem and its reason, we’ve all discussed the solution for you. If you still don’t get a remedy, you may need to contact an expert. 

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  1. My 5115M JD tractor transmission shaft wore a hole in the top of the fuel tank about the size of my index finger 3 inches long and half inch wide, how and why did this happen

    1. The hole in the fuel tank of your 5115M JD tractor likely occurred due to vibration and contact between the transmission shaft and the fuel tank. Continuous friction and movement over time caused the metal shaft to wear through the tank’s surface, creating the hole. Regular maintenance and inspection can help prevent such issues in the future.

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