John Deere 5510 Problems, Reasons, and Solutions

Like other automobiles, John Deere 5510 experienced many problems throughout its lifetime.

As a user, you may find this situation very inconvenient. Hold on! You’re not alone. And this article has come to your rescue. 

Here I’ll discuss John Deere 5510 problems in a broader manner. 

The most common issues the John  Deere 5510 encounters are the engine loss of power, the diesel motor won’t start, and the diesel exhaust white smoke. Moreover, the constant front axle howling and the steering wheel operating seem heavy. It happens due to faulty fuel liners, piston rings, and worn-out cylinders

Though the problems sound tricky, the best thing is that the solutions won’t exhaust you. Because they are simple enough, find out what’s causing the problem and take steps to solve it.

John Deere 5510 Engine Issues

Here are some John Deere 5510 Engine problems, reasons, and solutions in a table:

Problem  Reason  Solution
Engine loses power  Uneven fuel injection Or, too much oil in the engine Replace fuel injection pump Or, lessen engine oil
Engine Start is intermittent Dirt in the injectors Or fuel pump doesn’t function Clean the dirt Or, replace the injection pump

Problem 1: Engine Loses Power 

Engine power is an indicator of how much effort is necessary to turn an object. Nevertheless, John Deere 5510 faces many issues.

One of the significant problems is that the engine runs out of power quite often.  

John Deere 5510 Engine Loses Power

Reason 1:

The most potential reason behind running out of engine power has uneven fuel injection.

Due to uneven injection rates, some holes with high injection rates have long fuel spray penetration times, allowing the fuel to mix with the air before ignition begins.


Solving this situation is an emergency. Otherwise, it can cause serious engine issues, which would be unfixable. Therefore, you must replace the fuel injection pump to eliminate this situation. 

Reason 2:

Another possible reason for having low engine power is too much oil in the engine. The engine needs oil, undoubtedly, but the portion has been adequate. Too much oil won’t function in the engine.


The solution is pretty obvious for this reason. Let’s get to know how you can lessen engine oil. 

Required Tool: Wrench

  • First, loosen the oil plug with the help of a socket wrench.
  • Now, the oil begins to drip out slowly. 
  • Once you feel the oil has been drained enough, stop the drip.
  • Finish the process by tightening the oil plug again.  

Problem 2: Engine Start Is Intermittent

Engine intermittent is defined by irregular ignition of air and fuel. So, the engine of John Deere 5510  often experiences intermittent while starting.

It happens when distinct amounts of air and fuel are mixed in a circular manner. 

Reason 1:

Engine start intermittent happens if the fuel injector is occupied with dirt and debris. Too much dirt can clog the fuel injectors.  


To discard the situation, you need to clean the dirt from the injectors. Follow the method below to do so.

Required Tools: Air compressor, cleaning fluid & cleaning tool 

  • The cleaning fluid should be filled into the fuel injector cleaning tool as instructed on the container.
  • Clean the hood and outlet pipe with the cleaning tool. And unplug the fuel pump switch.
  • Connect the cleaning tool to your air compressor. And let the car run until the cleaning fluid is gone.
  • Finally, attach the fuse box to the fuel pump again. 

Reason 2:

Engine start is intermittent and also can happen due to a malfunctioning fuel pump. If the fuel pump doesn’t work, then engine intermittent occurs. 


Any kind of repair can fix the issue of engine intermittent. You need to replace the injection pump in this situation. 

John Deere 5510 Fuel Issues

Problem  Reason  Solution 
Diesel won’t crank over Wrong type of fuel Or, faulty fuel injector pump Use the right type of fuel Or, replace the faulty part
Diesel motor won’t start  Fuel line clogged Clean the dirt from the fuel line

Problem 1: Diesel Won’t Crank Over

John Deere 5510 faces many issues. Diesel won’t crank over is one of the common problems among all of them. 

Reason 1:

The main reason would be that you’re using the wrong fuel type. If the fuel doesn’t possess proper quality, issues like it arise. 


If the problem happens due to having the wrong kind of fuel. You must change the fuel with the correct one. You can use octane, which possesses a rating of 87 or more. 

Reason 2:

Next, you can also face these diesel not cranking issues if there is any fault occurring in the fuel injection pump. 


The solution to this issue may seem tricky. But it’s very easy but would be expensive.  First of all, go to check the fuel injection pump. If you find any part worn out, you must replace that part. 

Because the seal and gasket kit in the injection pump is not rebuildable. Don’t try to fix it at home; if you do, some unexpected occurrences happen.    

Problem 2: Diesel Motor Won’t Start 

A diesel motor is placed inside the engine’s combustion chamber and heated by the high temperatures generated as the pistons compress the gas. 

However, this model John Deere 5510  suffers from diesel motor won’t start issues.  

Reason 1:

The first potential reason would be the clogged fuel line. If the fuel line gets clogged, the diesel motor may face difficulty while starting. Or it may start at all. 


To fix this issue, you must wash and clean the dirt from the fuel line. Follow the instructions discussed below.

Required Tools: Fuel system cleaner & safety gloves.

  • First, reduce fuel by running the engine. However, make sure the engine is not fully empty.
  • Now, wear gloves and pour the fuel system cleaner into the fuel line.
  • Then, ensure that the cleaner is spread all over the line. And it’ll also make it easier for the pump to start collecting fuel immediately with the cleaner in it.
  • Now, refill the fuel pump with new fuel.
  • At this point, the engine should be started and left idling for a while.

Problem 3: Diesel Exhaust White Smoke

You’re familiar with this issue if you’re a user of John Deere 5510. If there is white smoke coming from the diesel engine, it means the fuel is not burning properly. 

However, diesel fuel that is not burned will pass through the exhaust entirely undetected. You should avoid white smoke because it can burn your eyes and skin badly.


When white gas comes out of the exhaust pipe, remain sure the problem lies within the piston rings. 

Also, the cylinder may be worn out or get stuck, which is why white smoke is coming from the exhaust pipe. 


If the situation is created because of the piston rings. You must go for the replacement of the piston rings. 

On the other hand, if the problem occurs due to having a worn-out cylinder, in this case, you should change the cylinder as well. 

But if you’re not ready to replace it because of the expenses, you can repair it. However, you need to go to an expert to repair the cylinder properly and safely.    

John Deere 5510 Transmission Problems

Problem  Reason  Solution
Transmission shift hard in reverse  Having excessive lubricant  Drain the excessive fluid 
Front axle to howls constantly  Defective gears Or, destroyed roller bearings  Replace gears Or, fit new 

Problem 1: Transmission Shift Hard in Reverse

John Deere 5510 users face a number of transmission problems throughout the lifetime of this tractor. Among them, transmission shifting hard in reverse is most common. 

Actually, transmission shifting properly is important because it regulates the circulation of transmission lubricant.  

John Deere 5510 Transmission Shift Hard in Reverse


Mainly, hard transmission shifting in reverse happens if the amount of lubricant is excessive in the transmission shift solenoid. 


To fix this issue, you need to drain the excessive fluid. And need to ensure that the fluid comes with the level of filler plug. If you don’t know the process of fluid drainage, you’ll find the video helpful.

Problem 2: Front Axle to Howls Constantly

This is another serious issue you may experience if you have John Deere 5510. This problem is really irritating and calls for an urgent fix. To fix this issue, first, find out the reason. 

Reason 1:

This happens if your vehicle has detective gears. Deactivating gears invent many more problems other than that. 


The fix is pretty obvious in this case. Defective gears can’t be functional at all in any sector. Therefore you need to replace the defective gears as soon as possible. It’ll help you to get rid of the disturbing howling. 

Reason 2:

Another reason can be the roller bearings got destroyed. The front axle makes loud howls if the bearings are erased firmly. 


You should get new bearings for your John Deere 5510. Fit those new bearings properly to destroy the howls of the front axle.  

John Deere 5510 Steering Issues

Problem  Reason  Solution 
Steering wheel rotates easily  Low oil rating Or, defective steering cylinder  Add oil Or, change the seal 
Steering wheel operates heavy  Minimum oil rating Or, clogged power steering  Give sufficient oil Or, repair power steering 

Problem 1: Steering Wheel Rotates Easily 

Your John Deere 5510 goes through steering issues. The steering wheel rotates easily is quite common. It’s a delicate problem. You must fix this if you don’t want to keep your vehicle idle. 

John Deere 5510 Steering Wheel Rotates Easily

Reason 1:

The main reason behind this problem could be having a low oil rating. This cause is easily fixable. 


It is recommended to add oil if the steering wheel rotates easily due to possessing a lower oiling rate. 

Reason 2:

The next latent reason for easily moving the steering wheel has a defective steering cylinder. This cause is quite dangerous. You should fix that as early as possible. 


It is necessary to change the seal to resolve this issue. You can’t solve this problem other than changing the seal. So go for changing this as soon as you find out.

Reason 3: 

Next, this situation may arise if the pump steering is broken. A broken pump hinders the steering from functioning properly. 


Don’t think too much about this. Because you can’t do anything except install a new steering pump. So, it’s time to install a brand-new steering pump if you’re sure the problem is due to this. 

Problem 2: Steering Wheel Operates Heavy

This is considered another significant problem of steering. Sometimes your steering wheel seems really heavy while operating. 

Reason 1:

The main cause could be having a minimum oil rating. If the oil rating is insufficient, the steering wheel can be heavy when operating the car. 


The oil rating should be sufficient. You need to examine the hydraulic pump filters and suction line and ensure that the steering wheel delivers sufficient oil from the hydraulic pump. 

Reason 2:

Power steering can be clogged as well. If the power steering is not fair enough and remains clogged, the steering wheel seems heavy while turning.


You need to repair the power steering. Follow the steps discussed below:

Required Tool:  Old turkey baster and glass.

  • Go to the power steering reservoir, take the top off and suck some of the fluid out.
  • Then put it on the container, get your bottle of trans tune, and put half of it in. 
  • Now start the car and turn the steering wheel back and forth. Then, let the car idle for about 15-20 minutes. Do it three to four times. 
  • Now put fluid back into the system, get your turkey baster and suck the fluid out of the reservoir, then refill it with power steering fluid. 

 John Deere 5510 Motor Issues

Problem  Reason  Solution
Motor doesn’t work at all  Clogged fuel filter Clean the clogged filter 
Motor overheats  Coolant level lowered Or, faulty radiator screen or fins Or, damaged fan belt Pour enough coolant Or, change radiator Or, change the fan belt

Problem 1: Motor Doesn’t Work at All

The Engine of John Deere 5510 often goes through some issues. Sometimes you may face that the motor isn’t functioning at all. Don’t panic; the situation is easy to resolve. 


The most potential reason would be the fuel filter. If the fuel filter gets clogged, then the motor can give you a hard time. 


To solve this issue, you need to follow stepwise methods. Let’s get started:

Required Tool: Spray device and cleaning liquid

  • First, remove the clamp at the end of the fuel line and tuck it in at a distance of 4 inches. You need to ensure that the fuel is safe.
  • Now place a container under the fuel filter. When you open and close the clamp, the fuel can be let out by pulling the hose on the filter. After removing all the hoses, let the unused fuel flow out freely.
  • At this point, clean the filter using a special cleaning liquid. Install the nozzle into the other end of the spray section that enters into the filter and spray. Allow everything to enter and exit the bottle.
  • Now tap the fuel filter surface all over to make sure all circles are tapped.
  • Then, spray again with the spray device. Now let the fuel filter be dried.
  • Now finish the process by installing the fuel filter back.  

Problem 2: Motor Overheats

This overheating issue is another prominent problem of the John Deere 5510 model. Driving your vehicle with an overheated motor can cause permanent damage. So figure out the reason and resolve that quickly. 

Reason 1:

There would not be a single reason for engine overheating. It can overheat for many reasons. The possible reason would be the lowered coolant level. 


Though the problem is tricky, you can fix the issue easily. You need to check and pour enough coolant into the cooling system. 

Reason 2:

The radiator screen or fins can be faulty, leading the engine to get overheated. This cause is also easily fixable. 


The faulty radiator screen and fins must be replaced if you want to get over this situation. 

Reason 3:

The next potential cause is a damaged fan belt responsible for overheating the engine.


You can’t fix the damaged fan belt. So, you must go to replace the fan belt. So, without wasting time, you should replace that.  


What is Considered a Lot of Hours on a John Deere Tractor?

Usually, 35,000 hours is considered a lot of hours on a John Deere 5510. But it is only possible when you replace the transmission, clutch, hydraulics, and others when needed. 

What is the Life Expectancy of a John Deere Tractor

The usual life expectancy of a John Deere tractor is 4,000 hours. But some particular models can go up to 10,000 hours of work. However,  as tractors age, their operating experiences change.

What is the Horsepower of the John Deere 5510?

John Deere 5510 has an 89 hp (66.4 kW) engine and 82.24 hp 61.3 kW PTO. With hydraulic wet disc brakes and power steering, this tractor can take on the toughest tasks.   


Thank you for reading this article about John Deere 5510 problems. I hope you found it helpful. Avoid further problems by keeping up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance and not delaying any small issues. 

For now, that’s all I have to say. I hope your John Deere 5510 does not encounter any unexpected circumstances in the future!

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