John Deere 6105E Problems (Troubleshooting Guide)

It has been reported that the John Deere 6105e has severe issues. If you experience those issues, I am here today with an entire article on the subject.

John Deere 6105e suffers mostly from engine run irregularity, overheating, and diesel motor cranking issues. The transmission shifts hard, the front axle rattle and the drive axle loud noises are also common in this tractor. Moreover, some steering problems occur as well. 

Identifying the cause of your problem and taking the necessary steps to resolve it is the core of this article.

John Deere 6105e Engine Problems

Engine of John Deere 6105e goes through multiple problems throughout its lifetime. So, we’ll know about the common engine issues here.   

Problem  Reason  Solution 
Diesel motor won’t crank Using the wrong grade of fuel or having a faulty fuel injection pump or the wrong timing of the fuel pump   Use the right fuel grade, or replace the injection pump, or adjust the fuel pump timing.
Engine runs irregularly Going through a lack of fuel Or, having broken piston rings  Refill a sufficient amount of fuel or, replace piston rings.
Diesel cranks but not start  Having clogged fuel tank or, having defective injection pump  Clean the fuel tank or, replace injection pump.
Engine doesn’t start  Going through a lack of fuel or, having damaged piston rings Pour sufficient fuel or replace piston rings.
Diesel engine constantly overheats Having a lack of coolant or, a faulty thermostat or, excessive load or, damaged fan belt Add coolant r, replace the thermostat, or, reduce the load, replace the damaged fan belt.

Problem 1: Diesel Motor Won’t Crank

John Deere 6105e tractor’s diesel motor cannot crank, which is its biggest problem. The whole vehicle will stop functioning if it happens. So, you need to figure out the reasons to fix the issue.

John Deere 6105e Engine Problems

Reason 1:

It’s probably because you’re not using the recommended grade of fuel. Issues like this arise when fuel does not meet the required quality.


Make sure you’re using the right grade of fuel. You should use octane, which has an 87 or higher rating. Moreover, you can follow the service manual of John Deere 6105e to know about the recommended fuel grade.

Reason 2:

The next possible reason for this problem is a faulty fuel injection pump. This kind of cause can initiate other serious problems along with this particular problem. You must seek the solution immediately. 


The solution is very simple, but it would be quite costly.  You should first check your fuel injection pump. If you find it faulty, you must replace it.

Reason 3:

An incorrect timing of the fuel pump would be the next possible cause. As a result, the engine can’t perform well, and malfunctions occur. 

Moreover, the engine begins to lose power, consumes excessive fuel, and produces heavy smoke due to the wrong timing of the fuel pump.


This situation can be resolved by adjusting the timing of the fuel pump. Following these steps will help you do it very successfully.

  • First, move the camshaft relative to the crankshaft. 
  • Engines with adjustable cams can adjust their timing by individual fuel pumps.
  • It is necessary to check and adjust the timing on a movable cam-type engine.
  • For solid camshaft, it is recommended to check only on unit No. 1.

Problem 2: Engine Runs Irregularly

If you’re a user of John Deere 6105e, you may experience that the engine runs irregularly sometimes. You better stay away from running your vehicle while happening this. Let’s find out the probable causes of this problem. 

Reason 1:

The main possible cause is not having the proper amount of fuel. Lack of fuel invites other serious problems, including irregular engine running. 


You should fill the fuel tank and bleed off the fuel system accurately to get over this situation. 

Reason 2:

Then, broken piston rings are also responsible for irregular engine running. If the piston rings are slightly worn or stuck, the same issue may arise along with other problems. 


It’s nearly impossible to repair broken and worn-out piston rings. Therefore, you must replace the piston rings to eliminate this situation. 

You should take professional assistance to perform the replacement job. If you want to do it personally, you may find this video helpful:

One note here, to ensure the rings will ‘seat’ properly, you need to level up the upper section of the cylinder walls and cut off the glaze (a honing process).

Problem 3: Diesel Cranks But Not Start

Sometimes, the users of John Deere 6105e notice that the diesel cranks, but the engine doesn’t start. This problem can ruin your whole farming day. So get the reason as early as possible. 

Reason 1:

Having a clog in the fuel tank line is mainly responsible for arising this kind of inconvenience. If any block is found in the line, excessive pressure can be created in the fuel tank. Let’s figure out the fix for it.


You need to clean the fuel line properly to solve this problem. Let’s focus on an easy method to do so:

  • First, turn off your John Deere 6105e and disconnect the battery.
  • Now remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse box.
  • Then, turn on the engine and keep it running until the pressure in the fuel line is reduced.
  • At this point, turn off the engine and disconnect the fuel line from the filter and the tank.
  • Now shoot air through the line with the compressed air until the line is open again. Then, reattach the fuel line to the filter and the tank.
  • Then, put the fuel pump fuse back in the fuse box.
  • Now, start the engine to increase the pressure in the fuel line.   

Reason 2:

The next possible cause is running the car with a defective injection pump drive shaft. An injection pump is a mechanism that pumps fuel into a diesel engine’s cylinders.


The solution is easy peasy in this situation. You need to change the injection pump drive shaft. Don’t waste your time with the thought of repairing the shaft.

Because it’s not possible, replacing the injection pump drive shaft is the only solution here.  

Problem 4: Engine Doesn’t Start 

This is another prominent problem that occurs in John Deere 6105e. The reason for this issue isn’t particular.

Reason 1: 

The most common reason is the wrong timing of the valve. Valve timing relates to the precise timing of valve openings and closings.

Therefore, if this timing gets wrong, the engine won’t start. So, let’s focus on the solution quickly. 


The solution is pretty obvious in this kind of situation. You need to adjust the valve timing. You can easily adjust the valve timing by following the step given below:

  • First, take off the idler gear completely. Locate the numbers 2,3 and 1 on the idler gear.
  • Now attach number 1 of the idler gear with the camshaft number 1; then number 2 also needs to be attached with the number 2 of the camshaft. 
  • And then, number 3 has to be attached with the second idler. 

Reason 2:

The wear of cylinder bores can prevent the engine from starting. The cylinder bores seals work against burning gasses and fluids entering the combustion chamber.


The situation can be handled by reboring the cylinder. It may be possible to bore and fit a cylinder liner to bring the cylinder bore back to the standard size. However, the whole process should be done by a professional. 

Problem 5: Diesel Constantly Overheats

Overheating diesel is a common issue you face if you’re a user of John Deere 6105e. 

However, this is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Because you may suffer a permanent loss if you don’t take this into consideration immediately.

Reason 1:

Having a lack of coolant in the cooling system is leading to this problem. If the cooling system struggles with sufficient coolant, diesel can get overheated.  


It is important to add sufficient amounts of coolant to the cooling system to tackle this kind of situation. 

Reason 2:

Having a faulty thermostat is the second possible reason. If the thermostat contains any fault, diesel overheating is a common circumstance. 


It’s sad to tell you that a failing thermostat should be replaced with a new one. There’s no other way to troubleshoot this situation. 

Nevertheless, if you want to do it yourself to cut extra expenses, you can do it. This video is going to help you to perform the replacement job.

Reason 3: 

Tractors with excessive loads can sometimes cause their diesel to overheat. Let’s figure out a way to solve this.


It’s quite simple to solve the problem. If the load or speed is too high, you need to reduce it. The diesel will generate no excessive heat if you cut off the extra load. 

Reason 4:

Damaged fan belts can also lead to diesel overheating. Find a solution as soon as possible if it occurs. 


Fan belts that have been damaged cannot be repaired. In this case, the fan belt must be replaced.

John Deere 6105e Transmission Issues

At this point, transmission issues should be discussed. A few common transmission problems are listed here: 

Problem  Reason  Solution 
Transmission shifting hard  Damaged shifter rods and forks  Replace shifter rods and forks.
Front axle rattle instantly  Crumbling gear teeth or, defective ball bearings  Replace the gear teeth or, replace ball bearings. 
Differential lock assembly doesn’t work instantly  Worn out disks of friction clutch  Replace the clutch. 
Drive axle makes loud knocking  Defective ball bearings  Replace ball bearings. 

Problem 1: Transmission Shifting Hard

Transmission shifting hard is one of the most common problems not only for John Deere 6105e tractors but for all models.

Shifting the transmission properly is essential for your to run your vehicle. To solve the issue, find out the reason as soon as possible. 


Damaged transmission components could be the main cause. Transmission gear selection components, such as shifter rods and forks, can be damaged, which leads to the transmission’s hard shifting.


It is pretty evident what needs to be done in this case. It is first crucial to find out which component of the transmission gear is damaged, shifter rods or forks. Then, you should go for replacing that particular component.  

Problem 2: Front Axle Rattle Instantly

In your John Deere 6105e, the front axle is located on the front of the vehicle. This front axle can give you a hard time while driving.

Many of the users complain that the front axle starts rattling instantly after starting the vehicle. 

john deere 6105e front axle rattle

Reason 1:

The front axle rattles due to crumbling gear teeth. While operating your John Deere 6105e, you may hear sharp popping sounds if your front axle rattles. 


Unless the teeth of the gears are replaced, nothing can be done about cramped teeth. It’s not possible to fix them yourself. Replacing the gears is the best solution for that.

Reason 2: 

Having defective ball bearings is the next prominent cause of front axle rattling issues. An axle that rattles frequently may have damaged ball bearings. 


You must replace the ball bearings without wasting your time. If you go to repair that damage, the problem might increase. So it’s better if you change the ball bearings.

Problem 3: Differential Lock Assembly Doesn’t Work Instantly

Though this is not a frequent problem, some of the users experienced that. With a differential lock, the tractor’s front axle is connected to the other half axle. 

john deere 6105e differential lock assembly


The worn-out discs of the friction clutch are mainly responsible for arising this kind of situation. The clutch becomes spongy, sticks, or vibrates when worn out. Also, the pedal clicks or groans when you press it down.


The only way to fix this issue is a replacement. The disks of the friction clutch need to be replaced.

Removing the transmission assembly is the first requirement to perform the replacement, which is a complex and laborious process. So it’s better to seek help from a professional.  

Problem 4: Drive Axle Makes Loud Knocking

Another axle-related issue happens in this particular tractor. Your John Deere 1605e drive axle can make a loud knocking noise. If you are a user of 1605e, you must’ve gone through this kind of situation. 


A defective ball bearing is the most potential cause for knocking the drive axle loud.


Ball bearings must be replaced if they are damaged. The problem cannot be fixed by DIY methods. Replacing the ball bearings is a delicate job that needs professional guidance. 

John Deere 6105e Steering Issues

In addition, the John Deere 6030 is known to have some steering issues. Some of the most common issues you may encounter are listed below:

Problem  Reason  Solution 
Steering wheel turns around very easily  Low level of hydraulic oil or, a defective steering cylinder or, a defective power steering pump  Add a sufficient amount of hydraulic oil or change the steering cylinder or replace the power steering pump. 
Steering doesn’t operate at all  Air formed in the hydraulic oil or the suction filter gets clogged or, defective steering pump Drain the air from the hydraulic oil, clean the suction filter or, replace Steering pump.

Problem 1: Steering Wheel Turns Around Very Easy

What if the steering wheel is turning with just a touch of your hand? Disturbing, I know! The users of John Deere 1605e often go through this kind of atmosphere.

Reason 1:

The main reason behind this problem could be having a low level of hydraulic oil in the tank. Now, let’s move to the solution to this. 


It is recommended to fill the tank with sufficient hydraulic oil to eliminate this problem. Since the solution is not tricky, you should implement it as soon as you encounter this issue.    

Reason 2:

A defective steering cylinder is another latent cause of an easy-turning steering wheel. There are quite a few dangers associated with this cause. That needs to be fixed quickly. 


This issue can be resolved by changing the seal of the cylinder.  So go for changing this as soon as you find out. Brand-new seals are required for changing the cylinder. 

Hence, buy the proper new seal kit based on your hydraulic cylinder type-wire ring or threaded gland.

Reason 3:

Next, a defective power steering pump can lead to this situation. The steering cannot function properly when the pump is defective.


It is impossible to do anything except replace the steering pump. You might need an automotive expert to perform the replacement task efficiently.  

Problem 2: Steering Doesn’t Operate at All

Another problem you may encounter is if you have a John Deere 6105e tractor. Occasionally, the steering doesn’t operate at all, which you can’t overlook. 

Reason 1:

It is possible for air to enter the hydraulic system, causing the steering to malfunction. The solution is not tricky.  


This problem can be resolved by draining the hydraulic system of air. Now let’s take a look at how you can do it.

  • First, you’ll need to open the top bleed valve to let out the air.
  • It should be kept completely open as long as the hydraulic fluid circulates smoothly through the valve. It symbolizes air freeness. 
  • Now, restore new hydraulic fluid to the system after passing the foamy fluid through gauze. 

Reason 2:

Another possible reason is having the suction filter clogged. Both suction filters and strainers protect downstream equipment from damage and improve the efficiency of systems by removing solid contaminants. 

Therefore, if they get clogged, steering issues may arrive. 


You need to clean the suction filters. And you can do it easily by following the steps given below:

Required tools: All-purpose cleaner, a small size bowl, a microfiber towel, air-drying rack, and a soft brush. 

  • At first, disconnect the suction filter to avoid any accidental injuries. 
  • Now mix the all-purpose cleaner with hot water in that bowl.
  • Gently squeeze the filter to circulate the cleaning solution through its pores.
  • Then, run clear water through the filter until it is clear of suds.
  • Absorb the water by gently rolling the filter in a microfiber towel. Now keep the filter for air drying, which will take one day.

Reason 3:

Defective steering pump may also cause this problem. In order to turn the steering wheel, the power-steering pump compresses the hydraulic fluid. So if it gets defective, the steering can malfunction. 


A defective steering pump needs to be replaced to solve this issue. And the replacement task has to be performed by a professional. 

Hope these help you with your struggles.


How Do I Know If My John Deere 6105e Needs Maintenance? 

Your John Deere 6105e user guide will tell you if it requires maintenance. Your vehicle should be serviced regularly to detect potential problems. Symptoms such as unusual noises, poor performance, and warning lights may indicate that it needs maintenance.

What is the E-series of John Deere tractors?

John Deere’s new E-series provides 22-135 horsepower and value-spec compacts. Users have been choosing the E-series from John Deere for many years now. This product’s convenience, comfort, and reliability have made it so popular. Furthermore, it is very affordable.

What is the horsepower of the 6105e?

The horsepower of the 6105e is 77 kW(105) hp. The rotation of the engine speed is 2200rpm. And the PTO operating speed is 2100 rpm


The article was all about John Deere 6105e problems. Hopefully, you will get overall guidelines from the article to solve your problem. However, for some issues, you must visit an automobile expert.

And try not to attempt anything without a proper understanding; it could cause even more damage.

Have a happy farming time!

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