John Deere F725 Problems (A Comprehensive Guide)

It’s been a while since you bought your John Deere F725 and you’re worried about its performance. It’s true that tractors tend to show problems with age. But there’s nothing to worry about.

The John Deere F725 problems are related to fuel pump, engine, blade, shifting issues, performance, blowout issues, and starting problems.

Mainly these problems arise because of damaged components, dirty compartments, and low-quality fuel. This happens when the tractor isn’t maintained properly.

But you can easily solve these problems at home. Take a look at the article below to learn all the procedures.   

John Deere F725 Fuel Pump Problems

There are 2 types of John Deere F725 fuel pump problems. One is lower performance of the engine and another is fuel pump leakage.

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Fuel pump not working after refilling the tank Clogged fuel lines and fuel filters.

Low-quality fuel.

Engine is not getting enough fuel.

Inspect the fuel lines and clean them.

Use high-quality fuel for the engine.

Use the correct levels of fuel in the engine.

Fuel pump is leaking Holes in the fuel pump.

Damaged fuel pump.

Drained plug. 

Check the fuel pump for any damaged components. Replace them immediately. 

Problem 1: Poor Engine Performance

A lot of the time you’ll see the fuel pump of John Deere F725 isn’t working properly. You have refilled the tank but still see pump issues.  


There are 3 reasons the John Deere F725 fuel pump isn’t performing well. These are dirty fuel lines and fuel filters, using low-quality fuel, and not using the right amount of fuel. 


To solve this issue, you must inspect the fuel pump properly. If you notice the fuel lines and filters clogged with any stick, dust, or debris, immediately clean it thoroughly. 

Then, pour down high-quality fuel. It’ll help the fuel pump to use the fuel efficiently. Also, make sure you have met the required amount of fuel in the tractor. 

Problem 2: Fuel Pump Leakage

Another dangerous issue is when the fuel pump starts leaking. It’s an early sign that the lawn mower can catch on fire. So, if this is the case, you must stop riding the tractor right away.


John Deere F725 will have a fuel leakage issue if you leave the tractor in an open area with extreme weather. It creates a hole in the fuel pump which leads to oil leakage. 

Again, this issue will arise if the fuel pump components are worn out or damaged. Problematic or drained-out plugs also motivate such an issue. 


So, to stop fuel from leaking in the John Deere F725, first, you have to ensure that the tractor isn’t exposed to extreme weather for a long time.

Then, check the fuel pump thoroughly to detect any kinds of cracked or damaged components. If you find any part damaged, you should replace it immediately. 

Again, check the plugs if they’re drained or not. If you see they’re drained, you should change them and install them securely. 

John Deere F725 Engine Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Engine cycles down Damaged plugs or plug wires. Remove faulty plug wires.
Engine stalls out Dirty spark plug and carburetor.

Cylinders not firing.

Clean the spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and carburetor.

Plug the cylinders properly.

Engine is backfiring Quickly decelerating the engine.

Damaged spark plug or carburetor.

Sheared flywheel. 

Accelerate the engine at a very slow speed rate.

Use the correct gasoline for the engine.

Check the spark plug and replace it if damaged.

Adjust the carburetor. 

Problem 1: Engine Cycling Down

During the rainy season, you might face problems with the engine. It becomes hard to cut the grass as the engine cycles down. 


The main reason John Deere F725 engine cycles down is damaged plugs. If the plug wires loosen or get corroded, the engine can’t function properly.


You can solve this issue by removing the faulty plug wire using an insulated plier. Install a new plug wire. Again, if the wires are loose, you should make the connection tight.

Problem 2: Engine Stalling Issue

Sometimes you’ll notice that the engine stalls out suddenly when you’re riding the tractor. It’s a common engine problem of the John Deere F725.


This happens when the spark plugs and carburetors become dirty. Also, when the air filter and fuel filter is filled with dust, you’ll notice engine stalling issues. 

If the spark plugs or the carburetors aren’t the issue, you should check the cylinders. It’s a possibility that the cylinder connection is off and one of them is not firing.


The first thing you have to do is inspect the spark plugs. Clean them thoroughly so that there’s no dust or debris. Then, ensure that the air filter, fuel filter, and carburetor are completely cleaned. 

If the problem is still prevalent, you should check the cylinders. You might find a plug pulled out in one of the cylinders. In this case, you should fix the connections and check if the engine is working. 

Problem 3: Backfiring Engine

Another common issue with the John Deere F725 engine is it backfires sometimes. This happens due to several reasons but they are easy to solve. 


The John Deere F725 engine backfires mostly when you decelerate the engine very quickly. But if this isn’t the case, the sparks plugs are at fault then.

Damaged spark plugs are the reason why the engine backfires. Again, if the flywheel is sheared, you’ll notice this issue.


To solve this problem, you have to slowly accelerate the engine. Then, check the spark plug to see if there are any damaged components. If it’s damaged, replace them and clean the spark plugs in and out.

After that, adjust the carburetor to the appropriate level so that it doesn’t run too rich or lean. 

I want to leave a tip here. Make sure you’re using the manufacturer-recommended type of gasoline in the John Deere F725. Otherwise, the engine will backfire.      

John Deere F725 Blade Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Blade doesn’t engage The PTO switch is off.

Wrongly positioned blade engagement lever.

Broken or damaged belt and wiring. 

Poor bearing in the clutch.

Turn on the PTO switch.

Adjust the blade engagement lever.

Change the belt if damaged.

Replace the clutch. 

Problem 1: Blade isn’t Engaging

Having a blade issue in the John Deere F725 generally means that the blade isn’t engaging. You can’t operate the tractor properly. 


The blade issue happens due to 4 reasons. The first issue might be the PTO switch is OFF. If the PTO switch is ON, the problem can be with the blade engagement lever. In case the lever is mispositioned, the blades won’t engage.

Again, broken wiring or belt is a common reason why you see blade issues in the John Deere F725. It also happens due to bad bearing in the clutch. 


So, you have to follow a series of instructions to fix this issue. If one doesn’t work, you should try the other. Here are the instructions you should follow:

  • Power on the PTO switch.
  • Change the blade engagement lever to the correct position.
  • Replace the wiring if there’s any defect.
  • Replace the clutch if you find any poor bearings. 

John Deere F725 Shifting Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Tractor doesn’t move Transmission is in the wrong position.

Damaged transmission. 

Defective drive belt.

Adjust the transmission level.

Inspect the driving belt and replace it if it’s damaged.

Problem 1: The Mower Isn’t Moving

What happens here is that when you start the mower, the engine starts like normally it does. But while riding the mower, you’ll see it’s not moving or shifting properly. 


The main cause of the John Deere F725 shifting issue is a problematic transmission. Either the transmission is defective or it is positioned incorrectly. If the transmission is fine, it might happen due to a damaged drive belt.


To fix this issue, you should check the transmission first. If the transmission is broken, replace it immediately. But if you notice that it’s mispositioned, then try moving the transmission to its appropriate level. 

Again, check the driving belt. Change it if it’s defective. 

John Deere F725 Performance Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
The mower vibrates Unbalanced blades.

Loose wheels.

Damaged engine mounts.

Balance the blades.

Tighten the wheels.

Change the engine mounts. 

Problem 1: The Lawn Mower Vibrates While Driving

Sometimes the John Deere F725 lawn mower vibrates when you drive the mower. It’s a serious indication that the internal components may have worn out.


The main reason the lawn mower vibrates is when the blade isn’t balanced properly. If the wheels are also loose, the mower will vibrate.

But if you don’t have any issue with these components, possibly the engine mounts are damaged. 


So, you have to start fixing this issue by bringing back the balance of the blades. Then, check if the wheels are tightened enough.

Make sure they are not connected. Then, check the engine mounts and replace them if they are damaged.  

John Deere F725 Blowout Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Mower is not capable of creating quality cuts Negative deck pitch running.

Using incorrect blades.

Accurately measure the deck pitch.

Use appropriate blades for the mower. 

Problem 1: Mower Can’t Produce Quality Cuts

When riding the John Deere F725 lawn mower, sometimes you might notice that the mower isn’t cutting the grass properly. The grass is uneven and it’s completely destroying the grass’s shape.


This type of problem arises when the deck pitch is in the wrong position. When the negative pitch is running along with the front lower it disperses the grass poorly.

It is a result of an improper difference between the height of the front deck and back blades. 

Again, using the wrong type of blade hampers the cut quality. Especially, the double-blade combos usually worsen the blowout situation. 


You should remember to keep the height difference of the front deck and back blades between ⅛ and ¼. Also, by ensuring the correct type of blade will help you to solve blowout issues in John Deere F725.

John Deere F725 Mower Deck Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Deck coming off Defective deck belt.

Loose sieve bolts.

Unbalanced blades.

Check the damaged belt.

Tighten the sieve bolts.

Adjust the blades. 

Problem 1: The Mower’s Deck is Coming Off

Many John Deere F725 owners complain about the deck coming off. This is a serious problem which needs much attention.


If the deck belt breaks or gets damaged, the mower deck will come off. Moreover, loose bolts on the sieve and unbalanced blades are also responsible for this issue. 


So, in this case, what you have to do is inspect the belt properly. Fix or replace the damaged parts. Then, tighten the sieve bolts if you find them loose.

Again, you must adjust the imbalance blades and balance them in the correct position.

John Deere F725 Starting Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Mower not starting Not enough gas.

Clogged vent.

Motor issue.

Refill the tank.

Loosen the vent cap.

Repair motor cam or gears.

Problem 1: The Tractor is not Starting 

Sometimes you might see that the John Deere F725 is unable to start. The battery is also draining very quickly. This indicates several internal issues.


The major reasons behind John Deere F725 are poor amount of gas, clogged up vent, and motor problems in the gears and cap. 


The first step to solving this problem is to check the gas. If there’s a shortage, you must refill the tank. But if you still notice the battery is draining, you should follow the instructions below.

You can loosen the cap of the vacuum in the tank. This will solve the issue of a clogged vent. Then, check the Kawasaki motor of the John Deere F725. You need to check the gears and cam and repair it if they are damaged. 

John Deere F725 Shut Down Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
The mower shuts down abruptly Vapor locking.

Clogged up tank.

Fuel line problems.

Loosen the fuel cap.

Clean the dust and debris from the tank.

Check the connection of the fuel line.

Problem 1: Mower Ceases to Work

This is a serious problem when you see your lawn mower stops working all of a sudden. It’s a sign that your John Deere F725 has internally damaged components.


Well, much of this problem arise when there is a problem with the tank vent. It’s unable to vent the vapor.

Also, dirt and debris inside the tank can block the whole venting area. A damaged fuel filter is another cause the mower shuts down working.


To fix this issue, you should check the venting area first. Lose the cap of the vent hose so that the vapor can pass. But if this doesn’t work, clean the inside of the tank. Dirt or oil grease may have blocked the vent. 

Then, run the lawn mower till it starts to sputter. You’ll see the issue is solved immediately. 

John Deere F725 Mower Smoking Problems

Problems  Reasons Solutions
Mower smoking too much Excessive amount of fuel in the engine.

Dirty air filter.

Damaged spark plugs.

Engine problems

Reduce the amount of engine oil.

Clean the air filter.

Replace the spark plugs.

Seek professional help for advanced engine problems. 

Problem 1: The Mower is Smoking Excessively

Finally, you might notice that the John Deere F725 is smoking a huge block of blue smoke. It happens randomly and it’s an indication there’s a problem with the engine.   


If you see such smoke, the first possible case is that the engine is taking too much fuel. It’s having a combustion failure. Again, dirt and debris also block the engine air filters. This makes the engine smoke excessively.

Worth mentioning, if the engine oil is dirty and of low quality it’ll cause smoke. Moreover, broken spark plugs make it hard for the engine to function properly. 


The first thing you should do is check the engine fuel level. Make sure it’s at the required level. Then, check the air filters. Clean them if they are dirty. 

You should also inspect the oil quality. If it’s old, throw it away and pour some fresh high-quality engine oil. If these aren’t the issue, you should look for any damaged spark plugs. Replace them immediately. 

However, if you still face the same issue, you should contact a professional and see what’s the problem in your engine. 

Most Common Issue with John Deere F725: According to the Users

Majority of the John Deere F725 users don’t actually complain much about this tractor. According to the users. It’s a decent model for cutting grass in wide areas.

But the most common issue many users found is mowing in straight lines. According to them, the back end sticks out farther than their preference. And it’s a bit tough to move it in reverse. 

So, you should be aware of these matters while using the John Deere F725. 

Precautionary Measures to Avoid John Deere F725 Problems

Though I’ve discussed plenty of John Deere F725 problems here, the tractor isn’t that problematic. Like any other good-quality tractor, if you maintain it every once in a while, you’ll face lesser issues:

  • You must always read the user manual first before you start using the tractor. Make sure you follow all their instructions and meet every requirement.
  • Always keep the filters and deck clean so that the components can function properly.
  • Make sure to use high-quality oil and change it regularly.
  • Always keep the tires in check and maintain them as needed.  


How much oil does a John Deere F725 need?

The John Deere F725 needs 2.0 qts*1.9 L of oil. It uses the Kawasaki FD590V engine which also has 12 volts. 

What is the life expectancy of a John Deere riding lawn mower?

The life expectancy of a John Deere riding lawn mower is around 8 to 10 years, Basically, it loses its lifetime after 4500 to 5000 hours of mowing. But this range is only possible when the engine doesn’t have any defects. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you’re aware of the John Deere F725 problems now. By following this article from first to last, you’ll be able to solve each problem yourself. 

Make sure you are maintaining the tractor every once in a while. By taking care of the lawn mower, you’ll see fewer problems in the future.

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