John Deere Gator 835M Problems (360 Guidelines)

Who doesn’t know about the amazing features of the John Deere Gator series? But people who genuinely use this tractor often have to face a few common issues.

Again this is not something unusual. Every vehicle has its own issues and solution to those problems. 

So what are the common John Deere Gator 835M problems?

The most common issues one might face with John Deere Gator 835M are:

  • System overheating
  • Engine starting problems
  • Lift and windshield mechanism problems
  • Throttle problems
  • Front axle seal leaking
  • Rear box won’t lift
  • Spark plug blown out of head
  • Front CV shaft failed
  • Clutch problems
  • Flickering dash lights.

    However, most of these issues can be solved without consulting experts. All you need to do is detect the source of the problem properly before jumping into fixing it. 

    These are the heads-ups only. To know details on these, follow along. 

    John Deere Gator 835M Engine Problems

    Starting problemBad or loose ground wire.
    Wrong electricity connection.
    Closed circuit.
    Dead battery.
    Fix or replace the ground wire.
    Fix the electricity connection.
    Charge the battery fully before starting. 
    Starter Motor Fails to Start Engine
    Faulty fuse.
    Rusty battery terminal.
    Loose ground wire. 
    Detecting faulty wire.
    If the fuse is dysfunctional, replace it. 
    Scrub the battery terminals.
    Fix the loose wiring. 
    System overheatingDirty engine interior. 
    The oil level is not up to the mark.
    Faulty fuel pump. 
    Faulty fuel tank tube. 
    Clean the engine sections carefully.
    Make sure the oil level is correct. 
    Fix the fuel pump.
    Fix the faulty fuel tube. 

    Problem 1: Starting Problem 

    Sometimes, your vehicle might seem fine. Having enough fuel and everything correctly placed, there can be a starting issue. Now the issue can arise for various reasons. 

    John Deere Gator 835M Engine Problems

    Sometimes it may be due to faulty ground wire, or wrong electric connection. Sometimes dead batteries or rusted battery terminals can also cause starting problems in vehicles. It is essential to solve these problems with proper inspection. 


    When you notice the vehicle becomes hard to start or the cranking seems sluggish, or the starting is inconsistent, these are the clear symptoms of the engine not starting problem. Moreover, you won’t hear any noise or see any interior light as well. 

    One should take immediate steps as soon as one notices such a problem in their vehicle. 


    These are the possible solution for the engine not starting problem:

    • Firstly, use an ammeter to check the charge of the battery. If the charge is not enough, charge it until it’s full.
    • Use a cable to jump-start the UTV.
    • If your charger’s charge level is appropriate, then use the battery charger by taking out the battery for jump-starting.
    • If you have a loose ground wire, set it to its original position manually.
    • Inspect carefully to detect any faulty wire, and fix it if there is any faulty wire.

    Problem 2: Starter Motor Fails to Start Engine

    If the starter motor cannot support the engine properly and fails to operate, that can fail to start the engine. This issue takes place quite often in John Deere gator 835M. In fact, some users have given their feedback on how difficult it is to make it function again. 

    Such a situation may occur due to a blown fuse, rust in the battery terminal, or a drained battery. Sometimes a bad ignition switch or broken starter can also trigger starter motor problems.

    Before jumping into fixing, you need to observe the symptoms of this problem carefully. 


    The symptoms of starter motor failing are pretty straightforward. Whenever you would notice when turning the key doesn’t start the engine, overall it gets very difficult to turn on the engine. Or sometimes the engine doesn’t turn on at all. 

    But before you jump into fixing the issue, make sure you know the source of this problem and possible solutions in detail. 


    Here is the solution to the starter motor fails to start engine problem:

    • First, you need to check if the fuse is faulty or not. If defective, replace it.
    • Examine the battery terminals to figure out the corrosion or rust. 
    • If you find the terminals rusty, scrub them and clean the edges properly. 
    • If the battery is totally drained, change the battery. 
    • If none of these is the issue, then the problem is in the switch. 
    • If nothing works, look on the starter or ignition switch. And solve the issue immediately. 

    Problem 3: System Overheating

    Sometimes during the hot summer days, the engine becomes overheated. That creates difficulty for most John Deere users. But it is not only the temperature but also a few other factors that cause the engine to reach that heat. 

    But the intimidating part is, if you continuously let your engine overheat, there is a high chance of that parts getting damaged or burnt out. So diagnose as soon as you face overheating issues in your vehicle. 


    Here are the symptoms that would indicate that your system is going through overheating problems. These are- dashboard lights indicating excessive heat, clicking or cranking noise, smoke, vapor, or unusual burning smell from the engine. 

    Although the symptoms are simple, it makes a huge difference in the tractor’s performance. 


    Here is the solution for the system overheating issue:

    • Clean the interior of the engine using the brush that came for your UTV.
    • Use a brush of soft fibers for cleaning for better air passing.
    • Make sure the oil tank is neither too full nor empty. 
    • Before refilling the oil in the engine, let the system cool down. 
    • Inspect the tank tubes and fuel filters for any kind of fault. 
    • Replace or block the fuel filter.

    John Deere Gator 835M Manufacturer Problem

    Windows & doors problemDue to excess humidity or rain.
    Careless use of doors and windows.
    Unnecessary movement of doors and windows.
    Inconsistent temperature inside and out. 
    Try not to have a temperature balance inside and out.
    Be careful with the use of it.
    Do not use these for long after fixing them with a rubber seal. 
    Windshield problemRock, stones, or other particles stuck to the windshield. 
    Displacement of the shield Stiff shield. 
    Open the latch and pull it further. 
    Ensure the tang is over the outer shield. 
    Positioning should be forward during the summer.
    Lift mechanism problemReplace the motor clutch.
    Fix the loose connecting wires.
    Replace motor clutch.
    Fix the loose connecting wires.

    Problem 1: Windows & Doors Problem

    There are a few technical problems that have no particular reason and so no particular solution to those. Windows and doors problems are those kinds of problems.

    Sometimes while moving the window you will get a cranking noise and also see differences in functionality. 

    Although it seems like a simple problem, it indicates a functional defect in the overall design. The same kind of issues can be seen for doors as well. 

    Since these problems don’t make any difference in driving, people have often unseen them. But these problems are equally important and should be fixed immediately to avoid unwanted circumstances. 


    If you hear cracking noise while the window is shutting or opening, then there might be some defect in the system design. Apart from noise from the window, you might also face a door issue where the door doesn’t close the way it should be closed. 


    Although the window and door problem have no specific solution to it, here are a few precautionary steps that you can follow:

    • Make sure the hinge is not facing excess airflow. 
    • If you notice a significant amount of airflow through the hinge, consult an expert as soon as possible.
    • Use rubber seal cream for temporary sealing. But do not leave it like that without permanent fixing.

    Problem 2: Windshield Problem

    Again an unusual yet troublesome problem may occur with the windshield of your John Deere gator 835M. In most cases, if you install a glass windshield on your gator, you would face such a problem. 

    It gets difficult to engage the windshield the right way and easier to engage it the wrong way. And you must not want to create any mess if your vehicle is brand new. But don’t worry, there are a few tricks for handling the windshield. 


    The symptoms are quite obvious. You would find it difficult to latch the windshield closed. In fact, the windshield won’t close tightly or seal properly against ROPS. Overall you will face difficulties while using the windshield and want to place it correctly. 


    Here is the solutions to the windshield problem in John Deere 835M:

    • Firstly, open the latch.
    • Pull it further over the outer piece.
    • While pulling it, make sure the tang is over the outer piece.
    • During summer, keep it in the forward position for going through the air.  

    Problem 3: Lift Mechanism Problem

    John Deere Gator 835M comes with an amazing feature of cargo box lifting. But the problem is sometimes it causes difficulty in lifting the rear box. The reduced capacity comes to zero when there is any weight on the cargo bed.

    Most of the time, it gets difficult to lift the rear box without any heavy load. Although it’s not that such problems can arise on a regular basis, if you face these, you need to fix this as soon as possible. 


    If your lift mechanism is not right, you would simply find it impossible to lift the cargo box. Even without any heavy load, you would find it impossible to lift the rear box even without any kind of heavy load. 


    Here is the solutions to the lift mechanism problem in John Deere 835M:

    • Replace the motor clutch.
    • Fix the loose connection in the lift mechanism.
    • If the clutch is the issue and you are planning for replacement, check if the seals are reusable or not.
    • If you fail with the mentioned steps, do not delay consulting experts. 

    John Deere Gator 835M Throttle Problem

    Throttle not working properlyRPM is not up to the mark. 
    Incorrect fuel-air filter. 
    Know the right RPM and maintain that.
    Make the correct fuel-air ratio. 

    Problem 1: Throttle Not Working Properly

    Sometimes it gets intimidating when it is your first drive with a John Deere Gator. It has been stated by the users that if they don’t push the throttle at low RPM, the vehicle won’t start. The low RPM is between 1700-1900 RPM.

    If the throttle is pushed to a lower RPM, you won’t be able to move your vehicle at all. But one thing a driver should keep in mind is that this vehicle starts earlier than other gas-powered vehicles. 


    If your John Deere Gator is having throttle problems, then the vehicle would refuse to start. Even if you will find everything in functioning condition, you won’t be able to start it.

    Even below the RPM level, one won’t be able to move the vehicle in the reverse position.  


    This is not particularly a problem for John Deere Gator-type vehicles but it works under a particular range of RPM. So if you want to avoid such issues, you need to know the RPM and maintain that every time you are starting the vehicle. 

    John Deere Gator 835M Axle Problem

    Front axle problemIncorrectly installed axle.
    Worn axle.
    Driving at the wrong speed.
    Damaged axle.
    Re-install the axle correctly.
    Replace the axle.
    Make sure you drive at a safe speed.

    Problem 1: Front Axle Problem

    Although the front axle problem is not a frequent problem for John Deere gators, some users have reported this problem. They find a leaky seal on the front axle. Most of the time, the leaking takes place due to wear and tear. 


    The most evident and clear indication of axle leaking is when you notice oil leaking under your vehicle. Other than that, you would notice the transmission slipping while you are on the highways or driving at a high speed or maybe hear a popping noise. 


    Here is the solution for axle leaking for the john deere gator:

    • Replace the leaking components.
    • Place the axle appropriately. 
    • Check the transmission fluid level and adjust it accordingly. 

    It is so dangerous to drive with a defective front axle. And most cases you need experts’ help to solve such issues. It is recommended by the experts not to drive too long with a faulty front axle and fix it as soon as possible. 

    John Deere Gator 835M Fluid Problem

    Fluid Leaking problemDamaged UTV.
    Severe damage to the vehicle.
    Damaged axle sealLoose rubber seal.
    Detecting and fixing the UTV issue.
    Repair the damage first before further driving.
    Seal the rubber properly or change it. 

    Problem 1: Fluid Leaking Problem

    Leaking fluid is always a matter of concern as it is very difficult to identify exactly from where the leaking is situated. But in most cases, it’s the UTV who is behind it. Sometimes leaking can also happen from any kind of damage to the vehicle. 

    For detecting the leaking, you need to check the fuel tank and radiator at the very beginning. Sometimes you would notice due to the axle seal coming off, leaking can take place. 


    If you notice you are having difficulty while starting the vehicle, misfiring or rough idling, noise from the fuel pump, excessive use of fuel for the vehicle, fuel system failure, and a few more symptoms like this, then you would know this is due to fluid leaking. 


    Here is the easy troubleshooting for fluid leaking problems:

    • Detecting the place and size of the leak is the first thing to do during such problems.
    • Check if there is any loose rubber seal around and tighten it.
    • If the rubber is fully damaged, replace it.
    • If you detect the leak in a pump or radiator, seal the leak using additives.
    • After you seal the leak, you can refill the fluid tank for further use. 


    What engine is in the 835m Gator?

    The John Deere Gator 835M has a 54 horsepower, 812cc, three-cylinder, 4-cycle gas engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI). It can tow up to 2,000 pounds and haul up to 1,000 pounds in the bed.

    Which of the John Deere gators is the fastest? 

    The highest speed you can get from a John Deere gator is 60 mph and the model that provides that speed is the RSX Model. Other Gator series by John Deere also perform really well according to the user’s feedback.

    How fast can John Deere Gator 835M run?

    Usually, the highest speed of John Deere Gator 835M is 45 mph. But if you are driving on a really steep hill, the speed goes on a low range. That way the vehicle clubs better and extends the life of the CVT belt. 


    Hope we could provide you with enough details on John Deere Gator 835M Problems and the solution to them. But if your vehicle is still under warranty, you should take the advantage of it rather than fixing it on your own. 

    That is it for now. Hope your John Deere Gator 835M doesn’t disappoint you with its performance.

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