John Deere Z930M Problems (Symptoms + Solution)

Who doesn’t know about the John Deere tractors and how amazing they perform? But as we all know, there is no vehicle without problems.

John Deere has a lot of models and each model has different benefits and problems as well. So what are the most common John Deere Z930M Problems?

The most common problems one might face with john deere are:

  • Engine making noise
  • Engine not starting
  • Engine shutting off
  • Transaxle
  • Battery
  • Leaking transmission
  • Rear discharge
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Mower blade stopping.

These might sound intimidating but these are very basic problems. All these issues can either be solved by the owner or very simply by an expert. 

This is not the end of the discussion. To know more in-depth, follow the article below.  

John Deere Z930M Engine Problems

Engine making noiseProblematic PTO 
Problematic air filter
Problematic fuel system
Resolve the PTO issue for better power supply in the engine.
Check and clean the air filter.
Fix the fuel system issue.
Engine not startingFaulty PTO
Damaged PTO switch
Damager or clogged air filter  
Problem in PTO.
Broken vent in the gas cap.
Problem in the battery or solenoid.
Engine sputteringProblem in PTO
Broken vent in the gas cap
Problem in battery or solenoid
Use a multimeter to check the PTO switch functionality.
Replace the damaged belts.
Replace the gas cap.
Check the fuel time and the fuel filter. 

Problem 1: Engine Making Noise

Engine noise is the most common issue one might face with John Deere Z930m. This particular model of John Deere faces lots of sputtering and backfiring, which is one of the main reasons for the noise.

john deere z930m engine making noise

But there can be other reasons as well for which engine doesn’t work properly and causes the noise. 

In most cases, the John Deere Z930M faces a PTO problem that prevents the engine from functioning appropriately. That can be another reason behind this noise issue.

Air filters can also be a reason for engine noise in the John Deere Z930 M.

Reason 1: PTO Problem

Sometimes problematic PTO causes noise issues as it directly affects the engine performance. If PTO is the issue, it needs to be solved as soon as possible and for that, you need to observe your system carefully.

Once you figure out the root of the problem, the solution is simple. 


If PTO is the issue, it will steal the power from the engine. So you can easily detect it by some easy inspection.

PTO won’t engage is the primary problem that one might face with PTO. The reasons behind this problem can be low oil or air level.


Here is the solution to PTO problems:

  • Check if there are bad electrical connections in the PTO. 
  • If there is any defective wire, replace them to make the connection right. 
  • Clean the corroded terminals of PTO.
  • Check the hoses of the electric setup to find any kind of system obstruction. 
  • Check whether the PTO shaft is getting enough voltage with a multimeter. 
  • If there is a lack of voltage in the PTO you have to change the battery. 

Reason 2: Damaged Air Filter

Another reason for engine noise is the problem with the air filter. There can be several reasons behind a damaged air filter. But the main reason is clogged or damaged air filters. 

Damaged air filters not only cause engine noise but also lead to other issues in functionality. Here are the symptoms of a bad air filter.


When the air filter is clogged you will see clear indications of the bad performance of your vehicle. Along with that, you will find smoke in the exhaust, the smell of petrol, more need for oil in the system, and a few more.

All these issues eventually lead to engine-making noise problems.

However, if you take the symptoms into consideration earlier, you can take the necessary steps as soon as possible. 


In most cases, it is suggested to replace the air filter. Here are the steps of air filter replacement:

  • Firstly, it’s important to determine whether the primary air filter went wrong or secondary.
  • After detecting, let the engine cool before starting the replacement. 
  • Next, raise the hood and remove the strap over the filter. 
  • Remove the filter canister cover. 
  • Remove the primary and secondary air filters inside the canister cover. 
  • Insert new secondary and primary air filters. 
  • Piston canister set on the previous position.

Problem 2: Engine Not Starting

There are several reasons that may cause the engine to not start. But the most common reasons are either the cut-off in the carburetor valve or the issue in the fuel pump.

First of all, it’s very important to inspect the system and find the root of the problem and then take action accordingly. 


The symptoms of an engine not starting is pretty straightforward. You would notice that your Z930m engine suddenly stops and won’t start. Sometimes if your vehicle is sitting idle for a while, it doesn’t start right away. 


If the problem is with the fuel pump, here are the solutions:

  • Check your fuel tank is filled with fresh fuel.
  • Check the clogged fuel line and change it if required. 
  • Check that the fuel filter is clean. 
  • If the weather is rainy, check if the fuel got mixed with water or not. 

Problem 3: Engine Sputtering

Engine sputtering is one of the most common issues that John Deere Z930m users have to deal with. A lot of sputtering, and spatting takes place in this particular model. And the worst part is, it steals a lot of power from the engine. 

You need to figure out if this problem started from the PTO or not. Sometimes the vent inside the gas cap can also be the reason. 


After starting the engine, you will see sputtering if you remove the gas cap. Other than that there will be splitting noise. You will hear a soft explosive sound while running the vehicle. 

The sound can take place at low RPM, or while starting the vehicle. You can even hear the noise during hard acceleration. So as soon as you hear the noise, you know where the problem is. 


Here is the solution to the engine sputtering problem:

  • If the problem is with PTO, cut the blade right after hearing the noise.
  • If you find faulty PTO, check the switches to know the functionality and power.
  • For checking the PTO power, use a multimeter. If the voltage is low, you have to replace the battery. 
  • Replace damaged belts, breaks, or wires. 
  • When the PTO is off, check if the pulley rotates freely. If not, find the obstacle that is causing the problem. 
  • Checking the fuel quality is a must. If it is contaminated, replace it. 
  • Finally check the air filter condition and clean it with a cotton pad if it is dirty. 

John Deere Z930M Fuel Problems

Fuel filter problemClogged fuel filter
Overheating the mower
Replace the fuel filter.

Problem 1: Fuel Filter Problem

Fuel filter issue is nothing uncommon for a John Deere user. Sometimes due to wrong fuel in the filter, sometimes for clogged fuel filters, or overheating of the engine, problems may arise in your vehicle.

It might sound simple but it actually causes trouble for the user. Let’s see what are the symptoms and how you can solve the issue. 


If anything is stuck in your air filter or it is clogged with dirt, dust, or anything unwanted, such issues might arise that you never want. You will get a clear indication of problematic fuel filters through sputtering, stalling, and overheating issues. 

After detecting the problem, one needs to solve it as soon as possible. 


These are the solution to the fuel filter problem in John Deere z930m:

  • Try to clear the clogged fuel filter.
  • You should clean the fuel filter with cotton balls.
  • In most cases, temporary cleaning doesn’t help. So you need to replace the filter for those cases.

Steps of replacing fuel filter:

Step 1: Start by lifting the seat hood and [place a bowl under the fuel filter. Now take your plier and slide the hose camp away from the fuel filter. 

Step 2: After disconnecting the hose from the filter, raise the fuel line vertically to prevent fuel draining. 

Step 3: Now, take the new fuel filter and place it on the hose while the arrow has to be pointing toward the fuel flow coming in front of the tank. 

Step 4: Finally, reinstall the clamps and check for leakage before closing the hood. It is very important to place the filter appropriately to save the engine from damage. 

John Deere Z930M Transmission Problems

Transaxle problemLeaking of the hydrostatic transaxle
Contaminated fluid
Repair the leaking.
Replace the contaminated oil. 
Transmission problemDamaged seal under the fan shaft
Leaking due to wear and tear
Contaminated fluid
Replace the transmission.

Problem 1: Transaxle Problem

Transaxle leaking is a familiar issue for any John Deere users. Especially the z930m is more leaking-prone in terms of the transaxle. But the worst part is, there is no significant sign of leaking so the user won’t be sure of the issue at the beginning. 


The transaxle problem is difficult to identify or detect which is the biggest drawback of this problem. However, there are some evident symptoms of transmission problems by which you need to know the transaxle might be faulty.

A sudden stuck gear or sudden stopping of the vehicle or not engaging problem is a clear indication of the transaxle problem. 


Here is the solution to the transaxle problem:

  • Turn off the engine and remove the transmission key. Remove and unplug the battery.
  • Ensure the brake is engaged. 
  • To catch any leaks, place drain pans under both sides of the transmission. 
  • Using a socket wrench, remove the caps of each side of the transmission. 
  • Any excess liquid should be drained. If needed change the filters and replace the fluid and refill the reservoir. 

Problem 2: Transmission Problem

Transmission leaking or noise from the transmission is a very common John Deere issue. Users of John Deere are very much aware of this problem. The symptoms are also very evident so you can work on this immediately. 


You might notice your transmission is making an unusual noise or leaking in the transmission. Sometimes even without any damage, your transmission may leak. The owner should fix such issues without causing any delay after detecting them. 


If you have the necessary tools, you can remove the transmission by yourself. If you are not very expert on this then it is recommended to take the expert’s help so that the situation doesn’t get worse. 

John Deere Z930M Electrical Problems

Fuse problem Vehicle unused for a while
Low voltage in the battery 
Check ignition power
Change the battery if it is less than 10.5V.
Set a 20 amp fuse if replacement is required.
Bad ignition coilWorn out spark plug ignition cable
Vibration in the ignition coil
Damages in secondary windings
Excessive heat to the ignition coil   
Try to fix the issue, otherwise the coil needs replacement. 

Problem 1: Fuse Problem 

Fuse problem is a familiar issue with John Deere Z930m. Although the symptoms are pretty much the same as a battery issues or starter issues, if you observe it thoroughly, you can detect if it’s a fuse problem or not. 

john deere z930m fuse problem

Since the fuse problem can lead your system to some other problems as well, that is why you need to solve this issue as early as possible. But if you keep your vehicle unused for a while, both the fuse and main stator can go wrong. 


Faulty fuse, faulty battery, or starter can cause issues like the engine not starting or noise in John Deere Z930m. For problematic battery jump-start, the battery works. But if you find the problem still there, then the problem might be in the fuse.


Here are the solutions to fuse problems in John Deere Z930m:

  • For fuse problems, set the fuse folders in line instead of bypassing two fuse blocks.
  • Check whether the ignition is powering a minimum of 12V.
  • Splicing wires is required if your machine is an older one. For the new, this is not required. 
  • Replace the 20amp fuse. The fuse replacement is very simple, just follow the fuse box guide. 
  • You need to monitor how long the new fuse lasts.
  • While replacing the fuse, make sure you order the fuse from John Deere for extra safety. 

Problem 2: Bad Ignition Coil

Damaged ignition coils sometimes can cause trouble for John Deere Z930m users. There are several reasons that can cause ignition coil issues. Sometimes overheating, excessive vibration, and worn or damaged spark plugs can cause such trouble. 

However, the symptoms are very evident for a bad ignition coil so you can easily detect the issue. 


When you are having trouble starting your vehicle, the performance of the vehicle falls drastically, and it runs only when you make changes in the plug wire, then the problem might be in the ignition coil.

When the ignition coil goes bad, such issues can be seen in the John Deere Z930M. 


Here are the stepwise solution to the bag ignition coil problem:

Step 1: Replace the spark tester’s boot with the boot from the spark plug. 

Step 2: Connect the original spark plug boot to the free end of the tester’s boot. And now start the vehicle from the cool engine and observe through the window of the taster. You should see sparks occurring there. 

Step 3: Replace the boot of the spark plug with the original one. After starting the engine, replace the tester also. 

Step 4: Start the mower and wait till it gets some temperature. When the mower stops automatically, use the inline spark tester to replace the old one. 

Step 5: If you notice no spark, then look for the same spark level when the engine is cold. 

Step 6: If you notice no spark at all, then the coil itself is faulty. And you need to replace it. For that take, experts help or follow How to diagnose and replace the ignition coil with no spark on your mower.

John Deere Z930M Blade Problems

Mower blade stoppingPTO clutch disengaging
An issue in the blade
Tripped switches
Replace the seat switch.
Don’t turn on the safety switch. 

Problem 1: Mower Blade Stopping

While there is a problem with the safety switch under the seat, it can cause the mower blade to stop. It is difficult to have a smooth ride while the motor blade is stopping repeatedly.

However, this is not an uncommon problem and we have a simple solution for this as well. 


If you notice, the mower blade of your vehicle is not starting or it is starting and stopping continuously, it’s the blade issue. Usually, the same kind of symptoms can be seen for some other issues like battery issues or safety switch problems as well.

But if the issue is with the mower blade, it would start and stop very fast. The start-stop problem takes place when it takes more power than the capacity of the battery. 


The solutions for mower blade stopping are:

  • Replace the seat switch if it can’t engage the blades. 
  • Never turn off the safety switch. It will stop the blade from turning on. 

It’s always a wise decision to take experts’ help while replacing the safety switch located under the seat. But if you have done this before, you can do it by yourself. 


What engine is in the John Deere 930m?

The John Deere Z930M zero-turn mower has a 25.5-hp (19.0-kW) commercial-grade engine.  It is an air-cooled, vertical shaft engine that runs on gasoline. 

How much oil does a John Deere Z930M take?

The John Deere Z930M zero-turn mower has a crankcase capacity of 2.4 quarts with the filter. It takes 10W30 oil for gas engines and 15W40 oil for diesel engines.

For how long does the John Deere Z930M zero term last?

Usually, the zero term lasts for 2000 hours in a John Deere Z930M without repair. But in most cases, the time zone would depend on the maintenance of the vehicle. 


We hope you got enough insight into John Deere Z930M problems. To avoid any kind of unwanted issue it is very important for an owner to make sure the vehicle is getting its regular maintenance. 

That’s all for now. May you recover from the problem you are facing with your John Deere through this.

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