Kubota Svl95-2s DEF Problems (3 Problems + Solutions)

Kubota SVL 95- 2s has some common def issues like engine-related problems, emission-related problems & air conditioning-related problems. There are also many issues that can cause these problems to happen. 

But the good news is most of these problems can be fixed easily without even having to send your track loader for major repairs if you know where to look for the problems. 

And this article is going to help you understand how to distinguish the problems with particular engine symptoms and how to fix them easily.

Quick Overview of Kubota Svl95-2s DEF Problems and Fixes

Problems  Fixes
Engine related problems
  • Find the error code meaning and fix it according to the manual
  • Check the battery condition and replace it if it’s too damaged
  • Check the radiator condition, clean it, and replace the fans 
Emission related problems
  • Check the fuel system and patch if there is any leakage
  • Replace the NOX sensors
Air conditioning-related problems
  • Clean out the condenser thoroughly
  • Clean the air filters and replace them every year
  • Find out if there is any fuse blown

Now that we have seen most of the common def problems it’s time to have a look at them in detail:

Reasons and Troubleshooting for Kubota Svl95-2s Issues

1. Engine-Related Problems

Signs of Trouble:

If your track loader is having engine issues then your Kubota svl 95- 2s will face the following problems:

  • Your engine will face power loss or it won’t even start
  • There will be knocking or clicking noises
  • The engine will abnormally vibrate
  • There will be too much exhaust smoke
  • The engine will overheat
  • The engine will stall
  • Check engine lights will be turned on.


Solve the Error Codes

One of the major problems of this track loader is when the wiring is not done accordingly, it keeps showing error codes on the dashboard.

Basically, it indicates that you need to check for the problem and see what is wrong with the engine.

There are many error codes and each of them indicates a different problem. You will find all the error codes in the manual that comes with your loader truck. According to that manual, you have to navigate the problems.

The most common error codes usually code for any kind of bad wiring or loose connector pins that prevents the machine from starting.

When that happens, there will also be a check engine light on if it has a direct issue with running the engine.

For example, the error code 9302 can mean your engine is going low on fuel and you need to check the fuel system as soon as you can.

Check the  Battery Condition

When the engine is not starting, the first thing that comes to mind is a dead battery. Sometimes the battery may be good but if the cables are chewed by rodents then there will be poor or even no connection. 

You have to check all the cables and its connectivity thoroughly and figure out where it’s damaged. Either you can replace the cables or tape out the chewed part if the damage is not very severe. 

But if there is something wrong with the battery you have to measure the voltage just after charging. If it’s below 12.6 then your battery needs to be replaced.

But if it’s above this mark then let the battery sit for 12 hours and then check the voltage again. If it still shows above 12.6 then the battery is perfectly alright.

Another thing you need to consider is if the charging system of your Kubota is working correctly. Otherwise, the problem will continue even after replacing the battery.

If the voltmeter shows there is no power then it might be a bad wiring condition. You have to make sure all the cables are tightly connected.

An important thing you need to keep in mind is the time of disconnecting the battery. You have to let the battery stay connected at least for 10-15 minutes after turning the engine off. 

Because this will let the DEF pumps let the injector cool down. Otherwise, the injector will remain heated and damage the engine.

Replace the Radiator

The overheating of the engine is another problem of Kubota svl 95-2s. When the cooling system or radiator is not working the heat does not escape the engine.

In this case, you have to take the radiator out and get it checked in a repair shop. If the radiator fan is not working then it can be replaced and it’s not that expensive either.

Again, if the radiator is okay but the coolant hose is clogged, the water will not circulate properly to cool down the engine. In this case, you can just clean it out and the problem will be solved.

2. Emission-Related Problems

Signs of Trouble:

If your engine has emission issues then your Kubota svl 95- 2s will face the following problems:

  • The engine will jerk while running
  • It will lose power during acceleration
  • The engine won’t fire
  • It will suddenly stop while running up a slope


Check the Fuel System

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) issues are very common fuel problems in Kubota. You see, the DEF has an expiration time. Usually, in hot and humid areas it deteriorates faster.

Also, it may surprise you but if your truck is sitting idle it will consume more fluid and cause problems with the engine system.

Since the fuel filter removes impure particles from the fuel, if it gets clogged then your engine will get contaminated and as a result, it will lose its power. So, remember that you always have to keep the DEF tank clean.

If there is any water or fuel leakage, you have to find out the source and stop the leakage as soon as possible otherwise it will corrode the engine. After cleaning, fill the fluid tank with good fuel to the top.

Also, don’t let the machine stay idle excessively, and make sure you run it at a certain interval even if you don’t need to run it, just enough to keep the exhaust temperature up.

If you follow this section carefully then your emission system will last much longer than the warranty period.

Fix the NOX Sensors

If your engine is not getting good quality exhaust fluid injection then it might be due to poor fluid condition or maybe the NOX sensors are damaged.

You can drain out the contaminated fuel from the tank and refill it with good-quality fuel. If the fuel consumption drastically increases then you have to replace the NOX sensors.

If you notice the injector is leaking then you have to replace it too.

3. Air Conditioning Related Problems

Signs of Trouble:

The air conditioning in your skid steer won’t work and make unusual noises if –

  • The condenser is clogged
  • There is a fuse 
  • The air filters are dusty


Clean Out the Condenser

First, you have to clean the condenser from all the dirt and mud. This clogging will happen more if the engine works in dust environments regularly. That means you have to clean it more frequently. 

There are two spring slips on the condenser. You have to slide them and lift the cover of the condenser up and you will also find the radiator there. So, start cleaning both the condenser and radiator fan. 

Check the Air Filters

Check your air filters as often as possible. They are right above the left of the suspension seat. You need to remove the screws and look for debris.

The thing is, the interior air filters get more dirt than the exterior ones. You can use an air compressor and blow air in the filter to remove the dust.

We recommend changing the air filters every year but if you are constantly running the engine in a dusty environment then you might have to change them more often.

Find Out the Blown Fuse

When you have cleaned the condenser and changed the filters and are still having air conditioning troubles then there might have been a fuse blown somewhere.

In this case, you have to toggle the air conditioning speed at three different levels. If the air conditioning increases with the speed then everything is okay with it.

But if not then you have to install a new motor for air conditioning your skid steer.

You can also use a multimeter to figure out if there’s any fuse blown. They are located in the control board that is behind the access panel on the unit’s lower compartment.

You have to touch the two probes together with the multimeter. If there is no audible sound and no initial reading then this means the fuses are blown.

Replace them with the right fuse rating otherwise, if the fuse rate is too low, it will blow again right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high will a Kubota svl 95-2s skid steer lift?

It has been designed to vertically lift an exceptionally wider reach of around 40 inches. Besides the arm is specially shaped for a height of 128.5 inches which facilitates easy dumping into the truck.

What kind of hydraulic fluid goes in a Kubota skid steer?

The fluid it uses is Kubota UDT multipurpose and all-weather tractor fluid, This one is specifically recommended for the hydraulic, weight brake, and transmission systems of Kubota svl 95-2s.

Can you delete the DEF system on Kubota tractors?

Yes. You can delete the DEF system or disable or remove the particulate filter system in the svl 95-2s. DPF delete will definitely help you to increase the power of the engine.


Kubota svl 95-2s is super comfortable to use with exceptional breakdown force and outstanding lifting capacity, However, like all the other machines it has some DEF problems. 

In this article, I have tried to include all the common problems and tried to discuss how you can fix them at the earliest stage so that you don’t have to go through more expensive restoration. 

I hope now you are able to solve most of the common problems on your own.

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