6 New Holland Lx665 Problems And Easy Solutions

There are some basic problems with New Holland Lx665 like an error code on display, the engine not starting, problems with the hydraulic power, making noise while starting, engine turning off for oil leakage. 

The problems are no different than any other machinery that you might have. In this article, we will get to know the indication of each problem and their easy solutions.

With the help of your Toolbox that comes with New Holland Lx665, you can take care of the problem.

Quick Overview of New Holland Lx665 Will Not Start and Solutions

Problems  Solutions 
Error Codes On Display Repair the fuel solenoid
Will Not Start Check the fuse, fuel and repair the switch
Problem In The Hydraulic Power Replace the spline shaft
Making Noise While Turning On  Change brake pads and discs
Engine Turns Off  Adjust the pressure and change the switch
Oil Leakage From The Engine  Change the pipeline and fuel tank

New Holland Lx665 Problems: Reasons and Solutions

1. Error Codes on Display

Err 02 is the New Holland lx665 error code. This code is not very common. It represents a role in the electrical system or a bug in the display system. 

It is important to check the error code. The code specifically indicates fuel shut-off solenoid problems. This means your engine would be getting proper will or having a fuel leakage which can permanently harm the engine. 

On the other hand, if the problem is dealt with and still the error code is showing, then there is a problem with the indicator.

In such a situation it is not the problem of the engine, but rather the software issue. 


If you have already identified that there is a problem with the full shut-off solenoid then repair it with the help of a mechanic. 

In case you are still seeing the code then use a code reader that comes in the toolbox, and read the code to identify what the problem is.

If it is a problem with the code indicator then take your vehicle to the repair center and they will take proper care of the error code. 

Until you find the real reason for the error code, do not leave it unattended. Otherwise, it can cause Irreversible damage to your New Holland Lx665.

2. New Holland Lx665 Will Not Start

New Holland Lx665 works in dust and mud which makes it often rigid and it doesn’t start.

Whenever the engine is not starting then there can be several reasons. In such a case you see that the belt is not rotating and so, are the wheels.

To identify why the engine is not starting first take a look at the belts. The belt might have rust on it or an accumulation of debris.

In case the belt is ok, take a look at the engine oil. The engine will not start due to the deficiency of engine oil. 

Issues with the fuse or instrument cluster can fail to create enough friction for the engine to start. On the other hand, if the engine has no indication, then it must be a wiring problem that needs the attention of a mechanic.

Faulty wiring is often found in New Holland Lx665. As these are heavy-duty machines, they accumulate dust and Debris creating resistance.


There are some basic solutions that will help you to start the engine of the New Holland Lx665.

First, try to remove the rust from the rotating belt. If the rust is too much then you will need to buy a new rotating belt from customer service of the perfect size.

Try to repair the ignition light and fill up your tank. Having a full tank of fuel ensures that you don’t have any interruptions during your work.

In case the engine is not showing any indication, then repair the seat switches. With the help of a mechanic try to look at the wearing system of the machine.

This is also the solution for any sort of New Holland Lx665 electrical problems.

3. Problem in the Hydraulic Power

In case of a Hydraulic power problem, it needs a quick solution. The main works of heavy lifting or brake pads are fully dependent on hydraulic power.

This means you will not be able to perform any work with the New Holland Lx665.

There can be several reasons behind these, mainly broken flex plates, issues with the hydraulic pumps, or problems in the splines.

No matter what is the reason to identify them you will need to open up the machine and take a closer look. 


To resolve your problem with hydraulic power, first, you’ll need to open up the machine. If you are an expert then you can do it yourself otherwise if the machine is new take it to a care center.

The flex plates can be repaired or in severe cases, they might need to be replaced. If the splines have issues then it is wise to change the entire assembly. 

In case of problems with hydraulic pumps, you might need to change the hydraulic pump depending on how much damage they are. Sometimes just changing the valves goes a long way.  

4. Making Noise While Turning On

Sometimes the shaft makes a noise when you turn it on. The noise exists in a persistent amount until you turn off the shaft. This happens especially when the discs get softer than the splines. 

If you have replaced the original disc with a low-quality disc then it will easily build under flight pressure. Also if the bearings are corrosion among themselves then the noise can happen. 

Problems with splines due to decay and break pads decay can also create noise whenever you turn on the shaft. These are some of the basic reasons for the noise created every time you turn on the engine.


If the problem is with the spline and the discs then it is wise to change them as soon as possible. Do not try to save money and buy cheap discs.

Rather invest in some high quality just made of steel. This will save you money and time in the future. 

The solution is the same for broken brake pads. Try to buy the original brake pads for New Holland Lx665. This is very important for safety reasons and longevity. 

5. The Engine Turns Off

If you have a full tank of fuel, and still the engine stops all of a sudden then it is worth a check. As a symptom, you will find that the pressure light, fluid light, or filter light is blinking out of blue and the engine has told several times. 

There can be several reasons but some of these are faulty pressure on the switch which is under the seat of the transmission.

Also if the engine fluid is of low quality the same problem can arise. You should also look for pressure mismanagement in the machine and the engine. 


When it comes to the problems with engines, they need to be fixed right away. But to put that check if there is any faulty pressure on the switch.

Try to remove the pressure immediately. If the switch is faulty in itself, then change the switch.

Ensure that the fluids and fuels that are used in the engine are of high quality. They must not have any impurities or residues.

Also, adjust the pressure manually to carry any equipment on New Holland Lx665. 

6. Oil Leakage from the Engine

Oil leakage not only increases the expense of using New Holland Lx665 but also can cause severe accidents due to fire from the residual fuel. 

The first indication of oil leakage is the consumption of oil over the average requirement. Also, the surroundings and the engine parts will smell like engine oil. 

Leakage on the pipeline, damaged fuel tank, or faulty plugging, can cause oil leakage. Using low-quality pipelines during maintenance is one of the main reasons for the leaking. 

After every maintenance, it is important that the drain plug is adjusted properly. Someone with a pleasant experience can cause this issue.


If the pipeline is leaking then change it with the best quality pipeline you can find. This way you won’t have to worry about changing them frequently. A similar solution goes for the fuel tank damage. 

To avoid faulty plugging, try to do your maintenance work with an expert.

If you have a good hand on the maintenance of the machine, then try to check the plugging system before putting oil in them. This way dangerous accidents can be avoided along with saving money.


How do I know if my New Holland skid steer is high flow?

You can compute this by duplicating the stream in GPM by the tension in PSI. Partition the subsequent number by 1714. This last number lets you know the proportion of assistant water power efficiency. For extreme efficiency, you should have the greatest connection pull.

What does ISO mean on a skid steer?

In the ISO design, the left joystick controls drive capabilities, while the right joystick controls lift and slant capabilities. In the H-design, forward and reverse the development of the left joystick controls the loader’s left-side drive, while side-to-side development controls lift.

How much can a New Holland lx665 lift?

US Metric
Lifting Capacity (%50 Tipping) 1700 lbs 770 kg
Lifting Capacity (%35 Tipping) 1190 lbs 540 kg
Bucket Width 72 in. 183 cm
Bucket Capacity 16.3 cu ft. 461l

Final Words

New Holland Lx665 problems are very easy to deal with. If you are new to this and having problems executing the solution then the manual that comes with the machine will guide you.

In case you have absolutely no idea, then take help from an expert and follow his work for the future. 

Once you have read the post, grab your Toolbox and get to work.

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