Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader Settings (360 Guide)

It can be tiring to spread fertilizers, grass seeds, or other products on lawn manually and it is not always the best way to get the job done perfectly.

That is why, many people are choosing to use automatic spreaders, such as the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader as it is more convenient and offers a number of settings that can help you with your preference.

But if you are new to this and struggling with the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader settings, you should check out this article.

What Can You Spread With The Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader?

Not all spreaders work in the same way or spread all kinds of materials. Here are the materials that you can spread with the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader.

Grass Seeds

If you are looking for a convenient way to fill the empty spots of your lawn or fill them up with more grass, you can rely on the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader. With the right spreading setting and flow control, you will achieve even coverage.


For good lawn health, you need to apply fertilizer from time to time. The Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader offers multiple adjustment settings to ensure that.

Insect Control

To save your lawn from pest or insect attacks, you can apply insect control. And the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader is very reliable for that.


The frozen lawn during the winter needs to be thawed. The best way to do it is spreading salt using the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader as its settings ensure you do not overdo applying salt.

Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader Settings

Before I go into the settings, here are the details you need to know about the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader.

Settings Options
Spread Width 5-12 feet
Spread Rate (per 1,000 sq.ft.) Up to 6 pounds
Control Type Handheld lever/thumb control
Hopper Capacity (max) 50 pounds
Tire Type Pneumatic
Wheel Size 10-inch
Handle Material Plastic
Frame Material Steel
Weight (when empty) 12.5 pounds

Now, the settings vary based on what brand or material you are spreading with this Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader. And here is what we found after testing the broadcast settings:

Brand & Particle Size Pounds (per sq.ft.) Broadcast Setting
Scotts Diazin Lawn Insect Control 3.2 3
Scotts Moss Control 0-0-16 3.6 3.5
Forever Green Crabgrass Preventer 22-3-5 3.6 4
Forever Green Fall Weed & Feed 18-5-10 3.6 4
5% Diazinonn Granules 2 4
SGN 200-230 2.7 4
Best Golden Turf Supreme 27-3-7 4 4.5
SGN 230-250 2.7 5
Best Turf Supreme 16-6-8 5 5

How To Set Up The Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader

Once you learn about the settings, you need to know how to set up the spreader accurately to apply something to your lawn or nursery. And here is a step-by-step guide to help you with that:

Step 1: Mow The Lawn

When applying something on your lawn, especially fertilizer, you would want it to reach the soil properly and evenly. But having an overgrown lawn can make it impossible. So it is best to mow the lawn before you spread anything.

Step 2: Fill The Spreader

Then fill the spreader with your chosen fertilizer, pest control, or grass seed. To ensure you spread them evenly with the spreader, fill with the right amount only. This also depends on what type of lawn or garden you have and how big or small it is. 

Step 3: Set The Volume

Talking about how big or small the garden is, after filling the spreader, you need to set its volume. And it depends on your garden or lawn size and how much of the area you need to cover. The main thing to consider here is the type of your lawn or garden. So keep that in mind too.

Step 4: Adjust The Coverage

Once again, you have to consider the size and type of your garden or lawn. And then set the spreader’s coverage accordingly.

Step 5: Set The Speed

As for the final part of the setup, you need to set the spreader’s speed. It will depend on how fast or slowly you want to spread the product.

There are a few things that need to be considered to ensure even spreading. I have discussed more on that in the next section of the article.

Step 6: Apply The Product

Now apply the product maintaining a steady pace. That way you will be able to distribute fertilizer or seed evenly. Because walking faster when spreading product can make you miss certain spots.

Step 7: Store The Spreader

Most of the products you put in the spreader’s hopper contain various ingredients and chemicals. And they can cause corrosion issues if the spreader is left unclean. So even though it seems hectic, you should clean the spreader and its hopper after each use.

How To Select The Right Spreader Settings

Here are some tips to help you select the right spreader settings:

  • Different types of products require different spreader settings. So make sure you have checked the chart I have mentioned above.
  • Choose a slow or medium speed to ensure you spread the product evenly.
  • Explore various setting options in a small area at first, this way you can find the suitable setting for your lawn. This can also help you with choosing the right setting in the future.

Bonus Tips:

  • When taking turns around the lawn, it is best to turn off the spreader. This way you can prevent overdoing the application and save some of the product.
  • If it is a windy or rainy day, it can be tough to maintain an even spreading and you end up missing spots. That is why, it is best not to spread on lawn or garden on such days.

Final Words

Remember that an old spreader will not give you the same performance as a new one. So sometimes, the Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader settings can vary based on the spreader’s usage, efficiency, and condition.

Nevertheless, now that you know what settings work best for which material, you can adjust it accordingly.

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