Takeuchi TL12 Won’t Start (6 Causes and Solutions)

Do not panic when Takeuchi TL12 won’t start. There are some problems like fuel deficiency, oil leakage, error codes due to engine or machine problems, the buildup of dust and Debris, or faulty switches.

These problems are very easy to deal with. You can just use your toolbox.

Quick Overview of Takeuchi TL12 Problems and Easy Fixes

Reasons Solutions
Fuel Deficiency Fill at least up to 65%
Oil Leakage Mend the pipe and tank
Error Code Appearing On The Screen Use a code reader and take step accordingly
Accumulation Of Dust And Debris  Need proper maintenance 
Battery Down Recharge it
Broken Switch Reconnect the wiring

Takeuchi TL12 Engine Won’t Start and Troubleshooting

1. Fuel Deficiency

The most common problem that your Takeuchi TL12 is not starting is the deficiency of fuel. Without this, there is no way you can start the engine.

Every engine has the capacity of holding fuel. Whenever there is less than 65% of the total fuel capacity it will not start. 


Every vehicle has an indicator of the capacity of fuel. Turning the key on will turn on the engine, without starting it.

You will see on the screen the indicator telling about the fuel capacity. The total capacity of the engine is 32.7 gallons

The engine consumes about 3.8 gallons per hour. Whenever the fuel will get low the indicator will start beeping and let you know that it’s time to refill it.

In case the indicator is not working properly or you missed it, there are two other ways to look for it. 

1. Sound of the Engine

The sound of the engine while you are trying to start it will seem different if there is no fuel. The sound will catch and then lose once you try to push the accelerator. That means the engine will try to start but fail to catch the friction.  

2. Check Stick

The existence of fuel in the tank can also be detected with the help of a stick. For this, you will need to put a clean stick into the fuel tank.

This will help you to determine the level of fuel in the tank. If the stick doesn’t get wet properly when there is no fuel in the tank. 


The solution to filling deficiencies is to put fuel in the tank. You must have 65% of the total capacity to run the machine properly and to keep it healthy.  

Also, you can try and keep some extra fuel if you are working in a remote area. This way in an emergency you don’t have to run to the nearest gas station.  

2. Oil Leakage

Oil leakage is actually a problem that can lead to oil deficiency even if you have just filled your tank. There can be several reasons for oil leakage.  

Sometimes due to heavy work, the pipelines get detached from the tank. Even if the pipes are a bit loose, they will drain the tank, even slowly. In case of complete detachment, there will be no supply of fuel to the engine. 

This also happens when there is a leak in the pipe like anything torn or cut. This will bring the first slowly and shut the engine all of a sudden. There will be trouble starting the engine afterward. 


The basic way to identify any fuel leakage is to look for oil splits. If the pipes are detached from the tank then you will find oil traces in the ground. 

The other symptom of oil leakage is the sudden change of oil level in the indicator. Even if the change is slow, try to trace if it is consuming more than it should in general. 


Fuel leakage is actually a very dangerous phenomenon. It will not only cause a problem in starting the machine but it can cause serious damage to the engine. You can even lead to fire ignition. 

To solve this problem as a precautionary measure, always check the fuel tank and the pipes before starting the machine.

If there is any leakage in the tank or the pipe, change the pipes. Always replace them with a good product so that they sustain for a long time.  

If it gets leaked in the pipe all of a sudden, then as a primary measure try to wrap it with scotch tape. But turn off the engine and try to take it to the mechanic or change it with the spare one in your Toolbox as soon as possible.

If the tank is broken or leaked then it needs to get changed. There is no shortcut to mending it even for a while. 

3. Error Code Appearing on the Screen

Error codes on Takeuchi TL12  are quite helpful to detect problems on the machine. Especially in the case of Takeuchi TL12 error codes can identify both machine problems and engine problems.

In the manual, you will find all the given codes and what they indicate. 

Whenever there will be a mechanical problem that is detected by the operating system, it can be identified with the error code. This function is not very common among heavy pieces of machinery.  


In case the machine is not starting, and there is an error code that is beeping on the screen, you need to identify the code. Here is the process of identifying the codes.

Step 1: 

Put the key in the power switch and keep it in the off-engine opposition. It will just enable the LED screen and the battery of the vehicle. 

Step 2: 

Now press the right button and turn on the engine at the same time. Once the system is on the Run, release the button. 

Step 3:

Now with the down error go to the ‘Maintenance’ option.  

Step 4:

From the options on the LED screen, choose ‘Failure Recode’ and then choose the ‘Active’ option. This will give you the 1st set of error codes. These error codes will tell you what’s wrong with your engine. 

Step 5:

Press the enter button. Another set of error codes will appear. They will indicate the machine fault that was possible to detect. 


The solution to the error code is only possible once you identify what the problem is. In the manual book, there are several error codes available that possibly appear on the LED screen.

Depending on the problem will have to take action.

If the problem is severe, especially in case of an engine problem you might need to take your Takeuchi TL12 to the  Mechanic or servicing center.

Some of the problems like fuel issues or connectivity problems can be resolved by you. 

If you are buying a second-hand product, then visiting the past error code will also help you to identify if a similar problem happened in the past and take action likewise. 

4. Accumulation Of Dust and Debris on the Engine

Takeuchi TL12 is used in heavy-duty work. It runs through mud, dust, Woods, etc. These all are tough places that have lots of elements that get into the fire ignition part of the engine.

As a result, they can cause resistance in starting the engine. 

Also if too much dust and Debris get accumulated in the engine or the machinery parts that help in running the machine, then they will hinder the starting mechanism.

Even in the presence of full fuel, the choke won’t ignite enough to start the machine. 


If your machine is not taking a start then it is wise to take a look at the pipes and the wires. If there is too much build-up of oil, dust, and Debris then it might be the reason why the engine is not starting. 

Especially if you have worked in a mud field the day before, or any other rough environment like that then it is the possible reason. In some cases, the engine will Ignite for a few seconds and then shut down.  


Accumulation of dust and Debris is an indication that your machine needs proper maintenance. Especially after each heavy-duty work, it is wise to clean up the machine.  

If there is dust and Debris is accumulated in the engine or the fuel tank, then it will harm the engine in the long run.

It will also affect the wire and total connectivity. As a result, you might not even get an error code for your problem in the code reader.

Even if you are not using your machine for a long time then try to keep it clean as much as possible. Otherwise, it won’t start when you try to run it in an emergency.     

5. Battery Down

If Takeuchi TL12 hasn’t been used in a long time, then there is the probability that the battery in the machine is not charged enough. Therefore there will be no ignition to start the engine.

This also happens when the machine is kept outside on a cold winter night with snowfall. It powers down the battery. Also if the battery water is not refilled for a long time, the issue can arise. 


If the engine is not starting due to battery issues then it doesn’t even enable the LED screen or the headlights. Even if the lights and the screen are on, they will be very dimmed. 

Also, the sound of the engine is a clear indication that the battery is down. It will make low pitched noise.  


Unless the battery is not severely damaged you don’t need to change it for a new one. You can consult with an expert and recharge the battery. 

Before seeking help from an expert try to tighten up the knobs of a battery and see the connection is well established.

In regular maintenance, feel the battery with ion liquid. Try to do this even if you are not using the machine for a long time. 

6. Broken Switch

If the start switch is broken then also you can not get the engine to start. Two major reasons for the switch to break are, the faulty wiring or the switch has decayed to establish a connection. 

Also if something has got into the switch, then it can cause disruption for the key to work. Thus naturally the engine won’t start up, and even in some cases, the key won’t move. 


Symptoms of a broken switch are basically it doesn’t respond even when you’re pushing it. Also sometimes the ignition will happen but in the next second, it will lose the connection. 

If the wares are disconnected then there will be zero response when you are trying to use the switch. You don’t even catch any bit of force.

If there is something in the keyhole then you will not be able to put the key properly into the socket. 


In this case, the solution is to reconnect the wire if there is any issue. If the key is damaged, then you will have to replace the key. That’s the only solution.   

In case any debris got inside it, then with the help of a tweezer take the debris out. This should resolve the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can a Takeuchi TL12 lift?

Operating Weight – Cab 13,190 lbs (5,985 kg)
Tipping Load 11,737 lbs (5,324 kg)
Rated Operating Capacity @ 35%* 4,107 lbs (1,863 kg)
Operating Load @ 50% of Tip Load 5,868 lbs (2,662 kg)

What’s the Biggest Takeuchi Skid Steer?

“The TL12V2 is the biggest, most proficient track loader in the business and a welcome expansion to the Takeuchi product offering,” said David Caldwell, Item Director at Takeuchi-US.

Final Words

Once you identify why Takeuchi TL12 Won’t Start, you can take action by yourself. All of these issues are quite easy to deal with and the symptoms mentioned here will help you to identify them. 

Unfortunately, sometimes two or three reasons can happen at a time which needs to be dealt with simultaneously.

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