Troy Bilt Mower Oil Type (Which One Should You Use)

Your Troy Bilt lawn mower is not working as well as it did before. You are guessing the overused engine oil might be the problem.

Troy Bilt Mowers can use three types of engine oils. They are SAE 10W-30, SAE30, and SAE 5W-30. Use the 10W-30 grade if the temperature is between 0°F and 100°F. For a temperature range of 40°F to 100°F, use SAE30 engine oil. The 5W-30 grade is for the -20°F to 100°F temperature range.

This article elaborately discusses all engine oil types recommended for Troy Bilt Mowers. It aims to help you choose the right engine oil for the mower depending on your environment.

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Oil Types: Details Overview

Among the five basic engine oil types, Troy Bilt Mowers uses SAE 10W-30, SAE30, and SAE 5W-30 only. The Society of Automotive Engineers SAE defines the oil types depending on their density or viscosity. 

Type 1: SAE 10W-30

The most common engine oil for Troy Bilt lawn mower is 10W-30. It is a multigrade oil to work both in hot and cold environments.

However, the temperature range of this type of oil also depends on the formulation of the oil. 

The name 10W-30 denotes that the engine oil has a viscosity of 10 in a cold atmosphere. And the viscosity can vary up to 30 in hot conditions.

This flexibility made it famous for Troy Bilt mowers in most parts of the USA. 

Use 10W-30 engine oils if the temperature of your region varies between 0°F-100°F.

Type 2: SAE 30

Engine oils with SAE30 viscosity are not for use in cold weather. It can save the Troy Bilt mower engine only in hot conditions.

To be precise, SAE30 is fully functional around the temperature range of 40°F to 100°F. However, this oil type cannot perform in cold temperatures because of its relatively thicker density.

In freezing conditions, this does not allow the oil to move around the Troy Bilt engine quickly. 

Use SAE30 oil without hesitation, where the temperature remains between 40°F to 100°F throughout the year. 

Type 3: SAE 5W-30

As the name implies, 5W-30 oils are multi-graded and work in hot and cold conditions. Its capability to work in freezing temperatures is two times more than 10W-30.

Precisely, the temperature range of 5W-30 engine oil is -20°F to 40°F. Use this oil type with your Troy Bilt mower in a region that matches the temperature range.

So, this oil works well in the cold but won’t help the engine in a high-temperature atmosphere.

Apart from the base oil, 5W-30 oils have additives like detergents, anti-wear agents, etc. Troy Bilt Bronco riding mower oil type is SAE 5W-30

Use 5W-30 oils if you live in a region with a temperature range of -20°F to 40°F.

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Which Oil is Good for Your Weather Condition?

The critical factor for engine oil to work in different weather is the temperature. Different temperatures change the thickness of any fluid and its pour point.

The pour point of any liquid is the temperature at which it will not flow anymore. The lower the viscosity of a fluid, the lower its pour point.

Temperature Range Recommended Oil
0°F to 100°F 10W-30
40°F to 100°F SAE 30
-20°F to 100°F 5W-30

If you are using a synthetic type of engine oil, the flexibility of using them in different temperatures enhances.

I have discussed the issue elaborately in the later part of this article. The following graphical presentation shows the flexibility of different engine oils to work in different temperatures.

engine oils temperatures
[Graph showing temperature ranges for the use of different oil types] Source:

What is the Best Oil for Your Troy Bilt Mower?

The best oil for your Troy Bilt mower is what the manufacturer has recommended for it. Read the user manual or look under the mower’s hood to know the proper engine oil grade.

Remember that the right engine oil saves your engine from corrosion and wear. On the contrary, the wrong engine oil will shorten your engine’s lifespan. 

More importantly, the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void if you do not use the correct lubricant. The table below lists a few popular Troy Bilt lawn mowers and tells you their recommended oil type.

Popular Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers Recommended Oil
Troy-Bilt Mustang 50  10W-30
TB100 Push  10W-30
Super Bronco 50 XP  10W-30
TB210 Self-Propelled 5W30
TB105B Push 10W-30
Troy-Bilt Pony  10W-30
TB280ES 5W-30
TB42 Riding Mower 10W-20
Troy-Bilt Pony 13WM77KS011 10W-30

You can see that most of the Troy Bilt mowers use 10W-30 oil. However, a few of them use SAE30 and 5W-30 oil too.

A big issue with engine oil is the frequency of changing them. Every oil loses its capability to keep the engine clean and safe after a certain period. 

How Often Should You Change Troy Bilt Mower Oil?

You should change your mower’s engine oil and oil filters once or twice a year. Troy Bilt suggests doing this at the beginning or the end of each mowing season.

In addition, change the engine oil after a certain period of mowing. The interval can vary from 50-100 hours. It depends on the formation of the oil and the type of mower. 

  • Walk-Behind Mowers: Change the oil once a season or after every 50 hours of use. 
  • Riding Mowers: Change the oil once a season or after every 100 hours of use.

Surprisingly, some Troy Bilt mowers don’t need an oil change at all!

Which Troy Bilt Mower Models Don’t Require Oil Change?

Some recent models of Troy Bilt, including TB230, need no engine oil at all! They have the Troy-Bilt Check, Don’t Change™ engines. So, you only need to check if the engine needs an oil top-up before you use it.

Check the user manual to know if your Troy Bilt mower uses these new-generation engines.

What Happens if You Use the Wrong Oil Type?

There is a high risk that you may damage the engine by using the wrong oil. An engine accumulates dirt and wears out quickly when it doesn’t have the right oil.

Chances of friction among engine components also rise with the wrong oil. 

While producing power for the vehicle, engines generate immense heat in the combustion chamber. The right engine oil helps to contain the temperature by transferring the heat to the oil pan.

If you don’t use the right oil, the engine will have higher friction and wear. Eventually, these can lead to engine failure.  


How Much Oil Does a Troy-Bilt Mower Hold?

Generally, a walk-behind Troy Bilt Mower holds 15-18 Oz of engine oil. On the other hand, a riding lawn mower can contain 48-64 Oz of oil. The exact capacity differs for different models of Troy Bilt mowers. You can be sure of your Troy Brit mower’s oil capacity from the user manual.

Can You Use Regular Car Oil in A Lawn Mower?

You can use regular car oil in a lawn mower if the oil type matches. Check the SAE grade and other qualities of the car oil before using it. However, if the mower is old and has a two-stroke engine, you should not use car oil.

Can You Mix SAE 30 And 10W30 in A Lawn Mower?

You can mix SAE30 and 10W-30 oils in a lawn mower in a warm climate. However, it is not a recommended procedure. But you cannot mix SAE30 with 10W-30 oil in a cold atmosphere since it may affect the engine performance. 

Bottom Line

Did you get your answer about the Troy Bilt mower oil type in this article?

I hope this article was enough for you to make you understand the right type of oil for the Troy Bilt mower.

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