Who Makes John Deere Oil (The Story of John Deere Oil)

Any John Deere equipment owner would know the importance of using the right oil to bring the best out of their machines.

Who makes John Deere oil, and how do John Deere-specific oil differ from regular oil?

If you are considering buying John Deere equipment for gardening, farming, landscaping, or other heavy uses, this article could be a useful read for you. 

Who Makes John Deere Oil?

Mobil, Exxon, Chevron, and Northland Oil are the usual manufacturers of John Deere oil.

There is a catch, however. John Deere frequently changes oil manufacturers to minimize cost and maintain the quality of the product. Manufacturers could differ from location to location as well.

In Canada, for instance, the John Deere oil you would buy would come from Northland Oil. In the US, Mobil and Exxon are the main John Deere oil manufacturers.

At first glance, regularly changing oil manufacturers might come off as an odd choice. In reality, however, it’s a pretty smart strategy to keep the prices competitive without making significant sacrifices in quality.

Big players like Mobil and Exxon place their bids for the chance to manufacture John Deere’s oil. The lowest bidder is expected to win.

The price, however, is not the only benchmark John Deere takes into consideration. The bidder must also ensure John Deere that it’s capable of maintaining the quality of the oil.

John Deere representatives scrutinize the production standards of the aspiring manufacturer. Once they give the go-ahead, John Deere authorizes the company to produce oils for its products. 

For over two decades, John Deere has been partnering with some of the biggest oil manufacturers in the world to create their own line of exclusive lubricants.

John Deere is always looking for ways to improve their equipment and make it more efficient and effective. The same goes for their lubricants – they’ve worked with the best to offer their users the best. 

John Deere vs Regular Oil: What’s The Difference?

What makes John Deere oil special? That’s the question I myself had in the past, and now I see many people asking on forums.

The base oil is more or less the same. For industrial, commercial, and agricultural use, manufacturers rely on either mineral oils or synthetic oils as base oil. So, is it just mineral vs. synthetic?

It’s not just the base oil that matters. It’s the additives that manufacturers use to give it that extra edge.

These additives are what make the difference in performance, protecting engines and other components from wear and tear.

The ideal additives can give the oil superior viscosity and thermal stability. 

How Do Additives Change Performance?

The perfect John Deere oil is all about finding the right balance between multiple fuel factors to optimize the performance of a piece of John Deere equipment.

As we mentioned above, the additives present in John Deere oils make the true difference. Let’s elaborate on that and find out what these additives can do. 


The additives present in John Deere oils helps them to exhibit multi-viscosity. In simpler terms, multi-viscosity refers to the oil’s ability to retain consistency across a range of temperature.

Therefore, John Deere oils are largely immune to temperature fluctuations. If you use regular oil, you might not get the same level of multi-viscosity. 

Why is this important? Temperature manipulates the thickness of a fluid. When the oil gets too thick or too thin, it cannot lubricate the engine properly.

The additives in John Deere oils help them to resist these changes in consistency and maintain optimum functionality when the temperature drops or rises. 

Corrosion Inhibitors

John Deere oils come with corrosion inhibitors that form a protective barrier over the engine to shield it from oxidization.

The engine is highly susceptible to rusting because it gets continuous moisture and heat exposure. So, using John Deere oils can help prolong your John Deere machine’s lifespan.

Detergents And Dispersants

The John Deere oil additives also contain detergents and dispersants. They clear up the deposits and sludge that accumulate on the engine over time.

Without intervention, these buildups can compromise engine performance and cause permanent damage. 

Final Words

Ultimately, deciding which oil you should use on your John Deere machinery is up to you.

But now that you know who makes John Deere oil and how important it is to use oil that meets John Deere’s specs, we believe you will make the right choice.

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