Who Makes Rural King Tractors (Behind the Scenes)

Rural King is a dependable name in the agricultural equipment business, and the Illinois-based company is particularly famous for its tractors.

American farmers have been using Rural King tractors for more than 70 years, but do you know who makes Rural King tractors?

Do they come from the Prairie State, or does Rural King outsource the manufacturing process? 

Where Are RK Tractors Made?

South Korean agricultural machinery manufacturing giant TYM manufactures makes the Rural King tractors.

The assembly process, however, takes place in the US, across RK’s own tractor assembly facilities in Waverly, Ohio, and Williston, Florida.

TYM has been a frontrunner in agricultural technology since the company’s inception in 1951.

The Seoul-based company specializes in producing cutting-edge agricultural machinery and has cast its web of operations in more than 40 countries around the globe. It started its journey as Tong Yang Moolsan before rebranding as TYM in 2020.

TSM entered the US tractor market in 2004, and since then, it has been manufacturing for some of the best tractor brands in the country.

The company’s tractor manufacturing factories are ISO 9001 certified, which means TSM factories meet the most widely accepted Quality Management System (QMS) standards.

What Tractors Does TYM Make?

Series 1 Tractors

These are sub-compact tractors designed for minimal to medium-grade workloads. Thanks to their compact size, these tractors are easy to maneuver.

Therefore, they are perfect for jobs like moving stuff around your property and lawn maintenance. The engine power varies from 21.5HP to 24.5 HP and the hitch lift capacity range is 1100-1534 lbs

Series 2 Tractors

These tractors are more powerful but still have a smaller build. The engine power range is 24-48.3HP and the hitch lift capacity is 2639-3306 lbs. 

Series 3 Tractors

These are compact tractors that can be used for medium-grade construction work and farming. You can expect engine power between 35-58 HP and hitch lift capacity around 3306-4409 lbs. 

Series 4 Tractors

These are compact utility tractors. The engine power is rated between 67-74HP and the hitch lift capacity varies from 4270 lbs to 5154 lbs. 

Series 5 Tractors

These are workhorses designed to handle the toughest of challenges. Comes at 111 HP and the hitch lift capacity is 6860 lbs. 

Who Makes RK Tractor Parts?

Rural King does not manufacture its tractor parts in-house. It relies on other providers to make the production process faster and more cost-effective.

The strategy also allows Rural King to utilize the specialized expertise of other companies in manufacturing certain components. As a result of their collaboration, consumers get better quality and performance.  

Rural King sources their tractor parts from the following contractors: 


Rural King uses YANMAR engines for its 19HP-55HP tractors. The company started producing diesel engines in 1933 and has hitherto shipped more than 15 million units.

YANMAR’s production range is spread across the 4.5 to 5000HP bracket. From construction machinery to generators, YANMAR engines are powering countless pieces of equipment in the US. 

Titan International

Rural King turns to Titan International for tires and wheels. Titan happens to be the largest tire and wheels producer in North America.

The company manufactures its tires in its factories located in Illinois, Iowa, and Ohio. Titan markets its tires under the Titan and Good Year brands, both are consumer favorites in the US for their durability and performance. 

King Kutter

The three-point linkage in Rural King tractors comes from King Kutter. Headquartered in Winfield, Alabama, King Kutter has been a top player in the tractor attachment market for the past three decades.

Other than its own brand, King Kutter also manufactures the Taylor-Pittsburgh line of tractor attachments. 


Rural King teamed up with RIM GUARD so that it can use eco-friendly tire ballast by RIM GUARD’s for its tractor line.

RK tractors come equipped with the Original Beet Juice Ballast by RIM GUARD, which is the ultimate ballast solution for maximizing pulling power and reducing the risk of tipping. 

What makes this an even sweeter deal is the fact that the Original Beet Juice Ballast puts up a nearly impregnable defense against rust.

Original Beet Juice Ballast boasts a trademark RIM GUARD formulation that has been sourced from sugar beet byproducts. Since it’s biodegradable, it poses no threat to the environment.

Final Words

If you did not know earlier who makes Rural King tractors, it might come to you as a surprise that Rural King tractors are not made in the US.

However, TYM has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and handles manufacturing with the best professionals in the business. Rest assured, Rural King tractors are manufactured in the best possible way.

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