John Deere 5101e Problems (All You Need to Know)

John Deere tractors are the first choice for many customers because of their superior quality and great performance. Despite their high performance, these tractors still face some common problems.

The most common John Deere 5101e tractor problems are low engine power, hitch-lowering issues, and engine overheating. You might sometimes face steering problems as well. Some other problems include low battery charge, transmission noise, etc.

These problems are hardly permanent and easy to fix. Every problem has its own solution. It’s important for you to know about the reasons and solutions to the problems if you own a tractor.

John Deere 5101e Engine Problems

Engine problems are prevalent in every vehicle, even your tractor. Regular engine problems are usually easy to fix for tractor owners. Even as a beginner, you can learn to fix these problems in no time.

Problem Reason Solution
Engine is having starting issues The fuel filter is dirty Change the filter elements
Engine is stalling while running  Fuel injection pump timing is incorrect Adjust the timing
Engine is overheating The coolant is insufficient in the cooling system Fill the coolant to a proper level
Engine has low power There is a compression leak Change the head gaskets

Problem 1: Engine is Having Starting Issues

John Deere 5101e Engine Problems

If your engine is taking too much time to start or making too much crank noise, chances are you have a dirty fuel filter.


Follow these simple steps to replace your fuel filter:

Necessary Tools: Wrench, drain pan, and new fuel filter.

  • Close the fuel shutoff valve.
  • Use the drain pan to catch excess fuel.
  • Loosen the filter by twisting it in the left direction.
  • Apply some clean fuel to the new filter.
  • Install the new filter to the filter head.
  •  Check for leaks. If there is no leak, let it flow.

Problem 2: Engine is Stalling While Running 

If your engine keeps stalling while you’re driving the tractor, you should try adjusting the fuel injection pump timing. In some cases, the timing is adjusted beforehand. If not, you have to adjust it manually.


This solution is really short and easy:

  • Take off the fuel valve.
  • Put a rod inside the piston.
  • Turn the crank till the rod reaches the desired point.

Problem 3: Engine is Overheating

Engine overheating is mostly caused by a lack of coolant in your tractor’s cooling system. If the cooling system isn’t functioning properly, it can’t regulate the engine’s temperature.

However, this is another easily fixable problem.


Just follow these two steps to prevent engine overheating:

  • Open up the coolant system’s cap.
  • Add coolant to the container up to the necessary level.

Problem 4: Engine is Low in Power

Your tractor’s engine might be showing poor performance due to low power after some time. This is usually because of compression leaks. You have to replace the gaskets to solve this.


After reading the tractor’s manual and identifying the parts, just simply follow these steps:

  • Replace the head gaskets of the engine.
  • Tighten the screws properly after you’re done

John Deere 5101e Hydraulic Problems

Problem Reason Solution
3-point hitch isn’t lowering The control valve’s knob is closed all the way Adjust the control valve correctly
Hitch is being jerky while lowering or lifting The hydraulic oil has been contaminated Polish cylinder to prevent rust
Hitch isn’t lifting The hydraulic cylinder is defective. Replace the cylinder

Problem 1: 3-Point Hitch Isn’t Lowering

If you’re having trouble lowering the hitch of your tractor, chances are your hydraulic flow speed control valve is incorrectly adjusted. You’ll find the valve under your seat. You need to adjust it properly to fix the issue.


Adjusting the control valve isn’t a difficult process. Follow these processes t adjust it:

  • Look for a knob under your seat.
  • Turn the knob till the hitch can be lowered.

Problem 2: Hitch is Being Jerky While Lowering or Lifting

You’ll face some difficulties moving your hitch up and down if the hydraulic oil has been contaminated. Such contaminants cause the cylinder to become corrode quickly.


The solution to this problem is very simple. Just use an inert and durable anti-corrosion coating on all the cylinder surfaces. This will prevent any more rust on the cylinder.

Problem 4: Hitch Isn’t Lifting

If your tractor’s hitch isn’t lifting at all or lifting too slowly to operate, you have a bad cylinder. A good cylinder is essential for smoothly operating the hitch.


Again, this is a very obvious and easy solution. You just have to replace the faulty cylinder with a new one.

John Deere 5101e Transmission Problems

Problem Reason Solution
Transmission noise There isn’t enough transmission oil Add oil to fill it up to the proper levels
Transmission fluid is leaking Seals are damaged Replace the bad seals

Problem 1: Transmission Noise

John Deere 5101e Transmission Problems

If you’re hearing more than usual transmission noise, it’s highly likely that your tractor is lacking sufficient transmission oil.

You’ll usually hear a gurgling noise when this happens. Avoid driving before you solve this issue, or it can get dangerous.


If you don’t have enough transmission oil, just add more oil to fill it up to the required levels.

Problem 3: Transmission Fluid is Leaking

If your tractor’s transmission fluid is leaking, the obvious reason would be some kind of seal damage.

There are seals and gaskets in place to prevent any kind of fluid leakage. So, you must ensure the seals are working properly to solve this problem.


This problem has an obvious solution: to replace faulty or damaged seals. Just check for the damaged seals, take them out and put new ones in place.

John Deere 5101e Electrical Problems

Problem Reason Solution
Battery isn’t charging The battery or the alternator is bad Replace the bad battery or the alternator
Starter motor isn’t turning The battery has a low charge Recharge the battery and make sure it has no charging problem

Problem 1: Battery Isn’t Charging

Another very common issue vehicle owners face is the battery not holding a charge. This usually means two things; either the battery or the alternator is bad. Or if you’re unlucky enough, both are bad.


If the battery or the alternator is bad, you simply have to replace them. In most cases, they aren’t fixable. So, just install a new one instead.

Problem 2: Starter Motor Isn’t Turning

Your tractor’s starter motor won’t run if it does not get enough power from the battery. A low-charge battery can’t power the motor. You need to recharge the battery for it to run.


Now, if the battery is working but on a low charge. Just let it run for a few hours to recharge. However, if it’s completely dead, you’ll have to jump-start it first.

Follow these steps to jump-start your tractor’s battery:

Necessary Tools: Jumper cables, and a charged battery.

  • Put the low-charge and charged batteries side by side.
  • Connect the positive jumper cables to the positive terminals on both batteries.
  • Next, connect the negative cable to the negative terminal on the charged battery.
  • Connect the other negative cable to the metal ground of the recipient battery’s tractor.
  • Start your tractor after a few minutes.
  • When you’re done jumping, remove the negative ones from the ground and the assisting battery. Next, the positive cables. First, disconnect from the assisting battery and then the dead battery.

John Deere 5101e Steering Problems

Problem Reason Solution
Steering wheel has excessive free play  Steering linkage components are damaged or loose Change or tighten necessary components
Steering wheel is hard to turn There is air inside the steering system Bleed the air out of the system
Tractor pulls left to right Front wheel bearings are not adjusted properly Adjust or replace the front wheel bearings

Problem 1: Steering Wheel Has Excessive Free Play

A steering wheel should have up to a quarter of an inch free play at most. It becomes hard to control if there’s too much free play. This usually happens if the linking components are loosely connected or too damaged.


You can easily fix this problem within a few minutes. Follow these steps to fix the Freeplay:

Necessary Tools: A screwdriver or a wrench

  • Carefully check the steering wheel’s components to see if there are any loose connections.
  • Tighten any component that may seem too loose.
  • If this doesn’t fix the issue, most likely, some parts are damaged. Look for any corroded or bad components.
  • Replace any bad components.

Problem 2: Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn

You might sometimes have difficulties turning the steering wheel. This generally happens if there is air stuck inside the steering system. You have to bleed the air out to fix this issue.


Follow these steps to bleed out the steering system:

  • Assess the power steering fluid by turning the steering wheel several times.
  • Add more fluid if the level is low.
  • Put a little penetrating oil on the bleed valve. Put a long clear vinyl tubing on it.
  • Put the other end of the tubing into the drain container and start the engine.
  • Slightly open the valve now. Keep turning the steering wheel.
  • Again, close the valve and add more fluid. Keep repeating these steps till the fluid becomes free of any air.

Problem 3: Tractor Pulls Left to Right

Not being able to steer the tractor in the right direction means there’s something wrong with the front wheel bearings. You need to fix those bearings to be able to control the tractor’s steering.


A simple solution for this is to adjust the wheel bearing with a wrench. If they appear to be defective or corroded, replace them with new ones.


How Much Horsepower is a 5101e John Deere Tractor?

A 5101e John Deere tractor has 101 horsepower. The model number of this series of tractors is 5101 because of the 101 horsepower.

How Much Does a John Deere 5101e Weigh?

A John Deere 5101e tractor weighs a total of 7,320 lbs or 3,320 kg. It has a wheelbase of 85.8 inches and a length of 147.6 inches. Its fuel capacity is 33.5 gallons.

What John Deere Tractor Has the Most Horsepower?

The 9RX 640 is the most powerful John Deere tractor produced till now with a horsepower of a maximum of 691. Even the weight of this tractor is 56,981 lbs, which is really high. 


That’s all for troubleshooting all the different John Deere 5101e problems. Hope you got the answer to your problems in this article.

Always remember to take precautionary measures before working with mechanical components.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for any more queries. Take care!

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